He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.


8. SIX

"Hey, how are you?" Ashley asked Paige around eleven in the morning on Tuesday.  After that skydiving adventure, he asked for her number and she had given it to him without thinking twice. They didn't hang out for the rest of the weekend, when they went back home after skydiving Paige told him that she was driving to their family house in Falcon Keep, so Ashley offered to drive her as he was headed home to Castlelea too. On sunday Shadow Angels got a gig for a wedding reception, where they met a guy named Stefan Harris who asked them to play for his sister's 20th birthday in Landow next month, the place was five hours drive from Castlelea. Stefan was a cousin of the groom, and he himself and the rest of his family and relatives are a fan of Shadwo Angels, so Ashley agreed to play. 

"Exhausted from structural mechanics exam," her voice was low. "What about you? How are you?"

"I wanna go for lunch, and I was wondering if you'd like to come with me?" he asked. Ashley was standing outside by his car outside the aeronautics building. He just finished unified engineering class and decided to wait for Paige.

"I'd love that," She answered. "Where will I meet you?"

"I'm waiting for you outside the building."

"Great I'll be there in a minute."

They hanged up and Ashley started his engine to cool his car.

Caleb came down the stairs and nodded at him. "I heard you took her skydiving."

"I did," Ashley answered as Caleb stood beside him. "She had fun."

"I know." Caleb took a deep breath. "Hey Walker," he began.

Ashley looked at Caleb sideways. "What is it pal,"

"Don't break her heart," Caleb looked at him. There wasn't a threat in his voice or anger, but it was clear that he meant what he said. "You may see her smiling and all, because that's what she wants you to see. But you wouldn't know that she's hurting until it's too late."

He don't get it. "Caleb, I've only been with your sister how many times it's too early for this chat. But if ever something flourishes between me and your twin along the road, I promise you I will never break her heart."

Caleb nodded his head. "I just want you to know ahead. Just be true to your words, I don't want to see Paige break her heart twice. No offense Walker, but we know your reputation, what you are to the girls how you break their hearts and such things. The only reason why I agree that you hang out with my sister is because you came to me and asked. I admire your courage for talking to me asking my permission, and that time I thought you were sincere. So please don't break my trust. Don't break her heart."

"Hey you two!" Paige called.

Ashley and Caleb looked up to Paige wearing a denim skinny jeans, paired with a black shirt and black sneakers her hair flowing freely around her. She threw her arms around their necks and pulled them together into a hug. Both guys patted her back and she pulled away from them. "Are you coming to lunch with us Caleb?"

Her twin shook his head. "You two go ahead. I'll see you later." Caleb walked away from them.

"Where do you want to have lunch?" Ashley asked opening the passenger door for her.

Paige settled in and Ashley closed the door. "Are you on for lunch outside the university?" she asked when he came to the driver's side.

"Well yes of course, what do you have in mind?" he asked revving the engine.

"I'd like a burrito. That exam drained the energy out of me."

"Then burrito it is."

Fifteen minutes later the two of them were seated on a restaurant who serves burritos just outside the university. At first they were seated on a table for two under a huge tree, then decided to have a seat inside the restaurant after a couple of cars stopped by and four girls came out to ask for his autograph. A few people who walked past, took their photos.

"I don't think I can go on hang out with you if situations such as what happened earlier would happen again, which will likely happen." Paige told them as their food were served.

"You can't do that," he told her quickly. He didn't want to not see her!

"Walker, I don't want to be one of your list of girls you dated." she reasoned. "As much as I don't want to think of it, this between us will go on tabloids! I don't want to be a part of your stardom."

This was not getting good. "Alright, we can still hang out but not in public. You can't shut me out Paige, I like being with you. I like the way you lose your temper and regain it back, you're funny and it's never boring to talk to you."

Paige was silent. She was looking down at her burrito.

"Paige talk to me."

"I like you too," she looked into his eyes, his heart just went somersault . "But..."

"But what," he asked searching her face.

"It's too much."

Ashley's stomach boiled of hunger. "Paige, let's have lunch first then we'll talk about it later okay?"

"Yeah, we should do that. I think I'm saying the wrong things out of hunger."


***     ***     ***

Just a few minutes left from their break prevented them from discussing about what has happened. Ashley drove up to their department building, kissed Paige on the cheek to prove to her that he didn't want to end things, then they went their separate ways to their class. But Ashley couldn't concentrate for the rest of his two subjects that afternoon. It was difficult to concentrate when Paige just told him that she liked him and at the same time she want to put an end to their friendship because she couldn't take his popularity. Isn't she something?

After his math sciences class, he quickly went to Paige's classroom peered inside and saw her. Her head resting on her palm looking at their professor with a bored expression. She glanced at the door and he waved at her. She smiled briefly and concentrated on the discussion. 

Five minutes later, their class ended. Isaac and Raymond came out ahead of Paige and saw him.

"Picking up your girlfriend?" Isaac asked winking at him.

"Yeah," Ashley answered.

"Tara kept looking for you," Raymond told him.

"I'm not interested with her okay?" Ashley said warning. 

The guys didn't spoke when Paige came out last.

"Hey classmate," Raymond said.

"Hey you two," Paige said briefly.

"Raymond and I should better get going," he pulled Raymond away from them.

Ashley watched as his friends disappeared into the double doors leading to a stairs outside the building.

"Do we still have to discuss about it?" she asked him.

He nodded his head. "Yes we do."

"Some place private?"

"My room,"

Inside his room five minutes later, Paige peered out his window and quickly closed the curtain. "My brother's going to kill me if he sees me in your room with you!"

"Then don't stay by the window," he spoke and turned on his radio. 

Paige sat on the edge of his bed.

Ashley opened his closet and heard Paige gasped.

"Is that all your books?" she asked coming to stand beside him looking up at the upper deck of his closet stacked with books he hadn't read. 

Last summer, he made sure to buy new books so he could read during his spare time at the university. "Yes. I haven't read them yet but I've started with one." He watched as she took a stool sitting on one of the corners of his room, brought it beside him and stepped on top of it. She was as tall as he was now, he couldn't help but smile once more.

"Harlan Coben, Simon Kernick, Jeff Lindsay- oh my God! I have their books too!" she covered her mouth with her hands in awe.

"I've got a library full of my book collections at home." He announced proudly and held his breath.

"Really?!" she asked looking at him.

"Yes," she was the only girl who got excited when he spoke about his book collections. The girls he had been with find it boring and gay for him to be reading books.

"I've got a room full of my book collections too. It's not a library though. It's a room separating my room from Caleb, and we stuff our favorite things on there. I collect books, Caleb collects CD's. from movies, to series and musics."

"Nice hobby."

"I know,"

"So are we discussing the issue?" he asked her just in case she forgot, because it was important to him.

"Yeah, we need to discuss things," Paige jumped down from the stool returned where she took it and sat on the edge of his bed.

Ashley took a shirt from a pile in his closet and changed the shirt he was wearing now. Paige looked away. "So, I'd like you to know that I refuse to stop seeing you and I am not taking any of your reasons at all." he said and sat next to her on the edge of his bed. He saw a flash of image in his head with the two of them sprawled on his bed naked, he clenched his fist and the image disappeared like dust.

"Then we should do something about it. I don't know with you, but to me I find you really interesting. I've never met a guy in my life, except my father, who reads books and takes a girl sky diving just to hang out with her."

Ashley smiled at her. "I've been interested with you Paige since that first time I saw you arrive in your apartment."

This made her smile. He badly want to reach out to her and kiss those lovely lips, he had been wondering how soft it felt against his. 

"I've thought that we could still hang out but in private," he offered. "In Castlelea, everyone knows each other. There aren't any people stopping by to ask for my autograph or photograph, so it's safer if we hang out at my territory or your territory if you want."

"You talk like you own the place," she giggled. "We can hang out at our house, my family wouldn't mind at all."

"I'd love to meet your family!" he told her. "I heard your older brother and sister are twins too."

She nodded her head. "They are. And my sister is as tall as her twin. Compared to me and Caleb, I only stand halfway your waist line."

"You should wear high heels if you want to be taller."

Paige shook her head. "I'm not a high-heels type Walker. I'm not like the girls you've known."

"I know, and I like you that way. Simple with an attitude."

"Thanks Walker... I've never thought that I'd be spending time with you." 

"Why is that? Will you cut the Walker and just call me by my first name?"

She grinned. "Okay, Ashley. We all know how you guys are popular right? And how girls go crazy over you."

"But those who go crazy over me, are the girls I've never known before. I have lots of female friends, really good friends and it's really wonderful to keep a friendly relationship with them. The girls you see with me posted on tabloids are those I've met after concerts, when me and the guys would hang out before heading back home to Inor. I've dated girls in Eastshade but it never worked out."

"Why is that?"

"It just never did. When I am ready to give my love to them, that's when things fail. Maybe it really works that way for me."

"I'm sorry to hear that." she said in a low voice.

"Don't worry, I'm used to it. I'm the popular rockstar heartbreaker right?"

Paige laughed. "I doubt that. You don't seem so bad yourself."

It was his turn to laugh. Having her in his room was all he needed now. He wished that the nights were longer so she doesn't have to go back to her apartment. If he could just ask her to sleep in his room without any malice at all from Caleb or his friends, and of course if she'd say yes, it will make him happier than what he was feeling at the moment. But he shouldn't rush things with her if he wants to build a nice relationship with Paige. He should take it one step at a time, and he should be very careful not to break her heart or else he will have to pay Caleb for breaking his promise to him.

An hour later, Ashley walked Paige to her apartment, kissed her on the cheek and went back to his place. Life was good. 

Back in his room, Ashley remembered what Caleb told him about Paige being broken hearted. Could it be that Matthew was the reason for that? He needs to find out soon.










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