He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.


3. ONE

Six-foot-two inches tall, surfer body, short-spiky brown hair, brandeis blue droopy eyes with long lashes, light pink lips surrounded with a goatie... That's 18-yr-old ASHLEY WALKER. The heartthrob, the heartbreaker and the rockstar. Ladies who don't know him call him a heartthrob, his ex-girlfriends call him the heartbreaker (but would still want to hook up with him), and the millions of people listening to his songs, call him the rockstar. But on the other side of popularity, he is a straight A student ever since he started school, he is a guy who is looking for true love, and a good son who gets everything he wants.

He didn't like being called a heartbreaker. It was not his fault if he broke up with girls who are only after his popularity (which he will continue doing if popularity is all they ever want), and don't even care about how he truly feels. He wants a girl whom he can talk to on regular basis who doesn't have to ask for free tickets to his concerts. He wants a girl who understands that lots of female are attracted to him of course, because he is such a handsome guy with a deep-melting-rockstar voice, but she should know that he is not interested in any of them but her alone (if ever he gets a chance to meet that kind of girl). He needs a girl, who isn't looking forward for financial donors as he is not a fund raiser himself. Can't anyone understand that he is just an ordinary guy if striped off that popularity?

Ashley was sitting at the balcony of his room, enjoying a nice saturday afternoon while reading a book by one of his favorite authors when Caleb Bennington's black sports car pulled out in front of his apartment. He and Caleb Bennington had attended the same high school, while he was the rockstar, Caleb was the popular quarterback. When he started university last week, he found out that Caleb was taking up aeronautics just like him. They aren't close, but they talk from time to time. 

He continue reading, but was distracted when a curvy girl wearing a red cap with long brown-blonde hair that run down her waist, came out of the passenger side. Ashley couldn't see her face from her cap. She was wearing a black dress paired with a black sneakers. She went to the back of the car and opened the trunk, Caleb went to help her with her things then closed the trunk and he followed her into his apartment.

Must be his girlfriend, Ashley thought and went on reading. But again was distracted when the girl who's room was right across Ashley came out to her balcony and studied the garden in the middle of Harmont's student compound 2. There was a lake in the garden, with a bridge which had been resting under the shade of a huge tree. He still couldn't see her face, he wished she'd look at him but she didn't, instead she went back inside leaving the glass sliding door open and Ashley went on reading.

Thirty minutes later, his mobile phone rang. It was his band mate and one of his best friends, Isaac Lambard who was also taking up aeronautics in Harmont University. 

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"You wanna do some gig tonight?" Isaac, drummer of their band, Shadow Angels, asked.

"What do you have in mind?" Ashley asked. He is the band's vocalist and lead guitarist.

"One of the arts teacher's celebrating his birthday, and Selena thought we could play maybe five songs tonight?" Selena Cabanis, arts student, was Isaac's girlfriend since senior, and they are lucky to attend the same university.

"Sure," Ashley answered closing his book. "Where is Raymond?" 

Raymond Webber was their best friend and  their bassist.

"Isn't he there?" Isaac asked.

The three of them lives together in an apartment at the student compound, and the guys usually spend friday nights with their girlfriends.

"No he isn't," Ashley answered.

"Maybe he and Denise finally patched things up," Isaac said. "I'll see you in an hour."


Denise and Raymond had been dating for a week now.

Ashley had been single two months ago.


***     ***     ***


He was singing their third song when he noticed Caleb came in with the girl he was with earlier. She was not wearing a cap anymore, her hair was tied into a bun at the back of her head with her bangs softly resting  just above her eyes. It was dark in the crowd, but he clearly see what she was wearing. A black jeans that hugged that curvy lower body she got, paired with a three-fourths black sleeved white shirt, she still had that black sneakers on.

The arts teacher celebrant, celebrated his birthday outside campus, in one of the local pub near the area. So the crowd were mostly arts faculty and arts students. Ashley didn't know why Caleb and his girlfriend was there. Oh, the pub wasn't exclusive for the birthday celebrant. 

Shadow Angels is an indie rock alternative band. The only people who sang and cheered were the students, the faculty clapped after every song, but usually would go on talking with their colleagues when he starts singing. After five songs, a reggae band took over. Ashley and his friends went to sit where Selena, Denise their female friend were waiting for them, just two tables ahead of Caleb.

"Ashley," Denise began with a huge smile. "I'd like you to meet our friend, Tara Finn."

Tara Finn, a girl with bright blond hair wearing thick make up, smiled at him widely. Ashley extended his hand for her to shake, but to his surprise, well not so surprised since it's what most females do once introduced to him, threw her arms around his neck like they've known each other a long time. She was wearing a short tube aztec print dress, and her huge breast pressed against his chest. She intentionally rubbed her body against him, like a cat waiting to be pet.

"I so love your music Ashley!" she purred on his hear.

"Thanks," Ashley answered and pulled away lightly from her.

"So what are you doing later tonight?" Tara asked her.

Ashley glanced at Isaac and Raymond who shrugged. "Probably work on some new songs," he answered hoping that would turn her off.

Tara clapped her hands. "Oh wonderful! Can I hang out with you then? I want to see how my favorite rockstar writes his songs."

Ashley, isn't the type who turns down once a girl offers companionship. And it was hard to refuse Tara who was looking really great with those huge boobs in a very short fitted dress."Sure you can," he answered smiling.

She kissed him on the cheek and sat back down beside Denise, pulling Ashley to sit beside her.

They ordered beer, and Ashley took his first sip with Tara running her hands up and down his thigh while she was talking to the girls. Ashley had been on this situation too many times ever since their band went popular way back two years ago. Girls claiming they had made out with him, girls fighting over him, girls wanting to go out with him, girls molesting him. And yes he went out with them, he solved girls fight by talking them into dating the other first and the other one on the next day, and it was not really molesting because he gradually allow these girls to touch him as he touched them too. Of course they all agree. From these girls, he'd dated some of them for a month or two. The longest was two months. When he was about to get serious, that's when their colors come out in the open. They'd like to be seen with him because they want to be popular themselves, some would discuss with him that they would do a perfect couple when he's a rockstar and she's a teen star. He never met a girl who was pure at heart, who wants to date him for who he was behind that rockstar image. He thought it was easy to find true love when he is popular, but he learned his lessons earlier and he's thankful for that. The problem now was, there doesn't seem to be a girl out there who doesn't care about popularity. 

An hour later, Ashley and Tara went to the ladies toilet and had sex. "Please don't get me wrong," Ashley said when they were done and he was zipping his pants. "I hope you  know that I don't do serious relationships."

"Playing is my game rockstar," Tara said kissing him on the lips.

"Good," he said squeezing her boobs. "It's much easier that way. I'll see you outside."

Tara nodded his head and Ashley went out the cubicle. He washed his hands, he didn't care if girls saw him in there, he can charm his way out of the situation if by chance someone comes in. He washed his face and wiped it dry with a tissue paper then went out of the ladies room. He had no plans to hang out with Tara at their place that night, so instead of going back to their table Ashley went back to campus. Good thing he secured his guitar in his car earlier.

Fifteen minutes later, his mobile rang just in time he parked his car outside the apartment. “Isaac, what is it?”

“Tara's looking for you dude!” Isaac told him. He must be outside because Ashley couldn't hear any music playing on the background.

“Tell her you don't know where I am,” Ashley said. Isaac knows the drill when there was a situation like that. When Ashley didn't want to hang out with a girl, he usually disappears and the girls would keep pushing his best friends to tell them where he was. So far, the guys was always on his side.

“Done, she said she wants to check the apartment. Can you not stay in the apartment right now if you really don't want to see her?”

“Okay I'll do that,” When they hanged up, Ashley pulled out of the drive way then drove ahead on the curb and parked in front of Calebs apartment. Luckily the lights inside the house was turned on, they must have went home early, surely Caleb won't refuse a favor because he needed one. Ashley turned off his engine, went out of his car and walked towards the door. Someone was watching television, a cartoon channel. He pressed the doorbell, minutes later the door opened.

“How can I help you?” it was the girl.

Ashley's mouth dropped open. Standing at five feet- two inches, was a pretty girl. She was wearing tattered shorts that run down her knees, she was still wearing the shirt she wore at the pub earlier. Her hair flowed freely down her back. It was Caleb's twin, Paige Bennington.

“Can I help you?” she asked sounding irritated.

“I uh, need a little help,” he said unsure of himself.

“What is it?” she asked looking at him.

“I'm kind of avoiding someone I just met at the pub tonight,” he began. “I was thinking if I could hang out here at your place for awhile and I'll head back to my apartment across when my friend calls me clear.”

“Let me tell my brother,” she said and went to the stairs. “Caleb, Walker's hanging out for while, can you come down?” she called.

So she knows him. But why did she act like she didn't know him at all? Her reaction compared to the reaction of the girls way back in high school was different. For a moment he thought she didn't recognize him, but he doubted it because they have all classes together, he, Paige and her twin Caleb. Yet she knows him after all. Of course she knows him, she'd been to all of his concerts except for the international shows.

“Caleb's coming down, come on in,” she opened the door wide for him.

“Thanks,” he said then closed the door behind him. He watched as she lay down on the sofa bed that was sprawled with pillows and comforter. Ashley sat on the sofa across her. She went on watching cartoons.

“Hey Ash,” Caleb came down, he was wearing only his boxer shorts. If you look at the two of them, they don't look like twins, because Caleb was a very tall guy. He was six-foot-three inches, well built since he was a football player in high school and at the university. “What's up?” he asked and sad on the couch.

Ashley explained everything and Caleb nodded his head that he can hang out there that night if he want to.

"Must be hard to be popular?" Caleb asked who was popular himself, but was too humble to accept it.

Paige stood up from where she was lying and handed her twin the remote. She gathered her pillows and comforter then said, "Good night you guys," then walked up the stairs towards her room.

The boys called good night.

"So Paige is studying in this university?" Ashley asked Caleb who changed the channels.

"Yes," he answered. "Taking up aeronautics."

"Really?" he couldn't believe it. Remembering Paige back in high school, the girl who's got her own set of friends, mixed from the popular ones, to the straight A's, to the nerds, and the cool, which was Paige herself, Ashley thought she'd taken up accountancy, or business development. But aeronautics?! Well she rocks!

"Both of us dreamed of being a pilot just like our father," Caleb spoke. "Paige almost didn't enrolled here because mom wanted her to take up medicine like our older sister, but Paige hates the smell of hospital and passes out when she sees blood."

"Being a pilot is the coolest job, as for my point of view." Ashley shared. "And your sister taking up the course is way more cooler than the course! Which block is she?"

"She's block B." Caleb answered. 

Ashley and Caleb were both block A, Isaac and Raymond were block B, they will surely be surprised when Paige shows up at their class on monday. He and the guys knows Paige, but they never talked to her because she was different. She's got her own world, it's not that her friends don't have any other friends, but whoever was in her circle those are the only people she talked to or laugh with and joke with. Ashley couldn't even remember if she was dating someone back in high school.

"So why did she start late in her class?" Ashley asked.

"She went on a pilot beginners course in Udrea,"

"Wow, she's' really serious about it."

Caleb nodded his head then looked out the window past Ashley's head. "The one you're avoiding has arrived."

Ashley quickly stood up behind the door, and peered behind the curtains. Isaac went in the apartment, followed by Tara and Selena. They went up to his room, turned the lights on to check if Ashley was there. Minutes later the three of them went out of the house with Tara pouting as she hopped into the back of the car. When Isaac pulled out of the drive way, he watched till they were out of the compound. "I think I'm safe now," he told Caleb.

Caleb stood up and they shook hands. "Anytime you need an escape, our place is always welcome for you. Just don't let them know what you're driving."

"Thanks a lot pal," Ashley opened the door. "If you need anything, I'm just across the street okay? Anything."

"I'll keep that in mind." Caleb nodded his head.

He started the engine as he hopped in his car then drove into his drive way. Once inside his room, he went out to the balcony and checked if Paige's lights was on, it wasn't but there was a faint glow in her room telling him that she's awake and may be using her laptop. Ashley wished she'd come out so he stood there for about five minutes, but she didn't, so he retreated back inside then went for a hot shower instead.







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