He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



"Sweetheart wake up," a faint voice said.

Ashley groaned and pulled his blanket to his head. He didn't want to get up yet, his head was throbbing so hard from the party last night at the pub in Garia city with Isaac's and Raymond's brothers. 

"Come on Ashley, breakfast is ready." His mother said in a stern voice.

"I'm not hungry mom!" he groaned moving to the other side of his bed.

"You are getting out of your bed young man! Don't make me tell you one more time!"

Sighing, Ashley threw his comforter to his side and sat up. Running his hands on his crumpled hair he looked up at his mother and said, "Good morning mom."

Mrs. Walker shook her head in disgust. "Look at you! You look like a cave man! And you slept with the clothes you were wearing last night?!"

"I know mom," he stood up walked to his bathroom.

"You have to stop acting like you lost big time Ashley," his mother followed him to the bathroom and opened the door.

He was washing his face. "What do you want me to do? Act like everything is okay? If I'd known having a broken heart is shitty then I wouldn't have fallen in love at all."

"But you did," Mrs. Bennington said softly leaning on the door looking at her son in the mirror. "Sulking and getting drunk will never help Ashley."

"Then tell me what to do?" he sighed and rested his palms on the sink head bent down.

"Accept the fact that you're hurt. Let it penetrate you, feel the pain. It is the only way to help you and make you a little less bitter in life. Because if you continue being stubborn and convincing yourself that you're fine without her it will only worsen what your feeling now."

"That sounds really lame mom," he told his mother. "Besides it's not my loss at all. I wanted her back but she threw away what I offered. I will be fine with or without love. Love is bullshit! I was happier way back when I was playing with girls."

Mrs. Bennington swatted his head with a hand towel. "Your father and I never taught you to play and hurt girls. You thought we never read the tabloids? Those things you and your best friends do when you're on tour? People seeing you with different girls?! And you're proud of that?!"

"Yes!" he shouted angrily. "Because way back then I never had fallen in love!"

His mother pulled him into his arms and he broke down. He never cried on his mother's shoulder over a broken heart. He did cry maybe when he was a kid, when he stumbled and get wounds. But at least those wounds heal faster, the wound he was having now- well he didn't know how long it will take to heal.


***     ***     ***


That day, somehow Ashley managed to forget Paige just for a little while when he and his friends went to buy some gifts for their families. It was snowing heavily in in Garia and they have to wear double clothes just to keep them warm. 

After that night he talked to Paige, he was still able to catch his flight but he didn't feel like talking to Isaac and Raymond at all. When they arrived in Garia early morning the following day, Ashley told the guys they were boarding. He snow boarded whole day, until he was exhausted but didn't stop. Isaac and Raymonds brothers, has to pull him out of the snow and drag him back to their ski resort. Once there Ashley burst out crying. Then at night, he and the boys go to the club and Ashley would drink himself drunk. He did that for two nights and he will still be doing that this Christmas eve at the Grand Hotel before and after they will perform.

"You okay pal?" Raymond asked him while the three of them were having lunch at the food court of the mall.

Ashley took a bite of his burger. "By okay you mean, eating, drinking, sleeping? Well yes I am."

"It will take time Ash," Isaac said.

"I know," he answered and looked away. He felt a knife stabbed into his heart once more. Oh Paige if you only knew what I'm going through now you would never think that I was only playing with you the whole time, he thought silently.

"There are lots of girls out there," Raymond offered.

"You're not helping dude," Isaac said.

"He's right," Ashley said. "I sound so pathetic, crying over a girl? A girl? Come on, you guys know me better than that."

Isaac and Raymond exchanged looks.

"You know what," Ashley looked at his friends. "I've decided to stop mourning about this. I am not that Ashley you knew."

"You're right," Raymond said with a smile.

"But it's really okay to feel the pain," Isaac added.

"Whatever Isaac." Ashley sighed and finished his burger.

The rest of the day was spent having their gifts wrapped by one of the stores in the mall who does gift wrapping, then they went back home to practice for an hour.

"Hey guys," Ashley called their attention. Isaac and Raymond who were tuning their instruments looked to him.

"What?" Isaac asked.

"I thought," he began but stopped.

"What tell us," Raymond urged.

"I'm letting Paige go..." he said. "If what mom told me to embrace and accept that it is over between me and Paige, then I want to sing that song for her as a part of letting her go."

Isaac and Raymond nodded their heads. 

"We understand Ash," Raymond said.

"Raymond and I are always here for you." Isaac added.

Ashley smiled at his best friends. "I wanted to kiss you both now!"

"I'm cool with that!" Raymond chimed.

"As long as you don't touch my ass!" Isaac laughed.

And the three of them practiced the songs they will be singing that night.



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