He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.


11. NINE

The weeks passed with both Ashley and Paige comfortable and used to each other's company. On school days, Ashley, his friends, Paige and her brother would have group study on either of their apartments. As they go deeper into their course, the more complex their subject became and the more their attention and focus was required. So it means changes in their band gigs, instead of playing on a weekdays, they decided to do it the weekends. Ashley and his friends are serious in their studies, being a band was always there but it was not what the three of them wants for a future career. 

Ashley's feelings towards Paige had significantly grown each day. He'd spent the weekends with her family, or she with his family, and he was happy that both sides accepted them with open arms. Having her in the center of his life, he's gone as far as making a song for her titled Paige. Never in his music life had he made a song for a girl, he's so caught on her that actions don't seem to be enough for him to show her how he truly felt. And the song for Paige said it all, but she doesn't know about it yet. He decided to include the song in the next album they will be releasing which hopefully will be soon.

The two of them spent most of their time together, Ashley had made it a priority. After an hour and a half for group study, the two of them would sometimes go for a swim at the pool, wall climbing, night walks at the amphitheater, movie nights at her place or his place, dinner at the cafeteria or restaurant in campus. On the weekends, they'd go kayaking at the river from Falcon Keep to Castlelea, saturday breakfast at the Bennington's, sunday brunch at the Walkers. Yes that's how close they've become. There hadn't been time for parachute simulator courses, but Ashley had made a mental note for the two of them to visit the hunters.

The embrace and kiss on the cheek have now leveled up to holding hands and a kiss on the lips, but just a simple pressing of their lips together, because Paige usually backs away. Whenever the two of them are alone in his room at his family mansion, Ashley always initiates a move to bring their relationship to the next level, he could see it in her eyes that she wanted to kiss him too, but she would pull back and the moment would crumble. Ashley didn't know why she never give in to what they obviously want, it confuses him each day. But if she was not ready even for a real kiss he wouldn't force her to. He isn't Matthew.


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