He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



"Bye mom! Bye dad!" Paige waved at her parents from inside Ashley's car on Saturday morning. The two of them were off to Eastshade Island for the rest of the week, Halloween break. When classes resume next week it will be their finals. They were staying at Isaac Lambards family resort, which Ashley and Raymond had been doing every other year. The Lambards always hold the best halloween party every year at their resort, there was always a live band (Ashley and the guys palys every year even before they became Shadow Angels), lots of booze, women and the coolest costume party! That's what party is to six guys!

When Ashley invited Paige to come with him to the island, she asked him to tell her parents because she was sure they won't allow her to go for the halloween holidays. It had been their tradition to celebrate halloween in Sela, a country where it snows all year round, it was where her mother's hometown was. Ashley and Paige drove up to her home so he could personally ask her parents, he didn't expect them to say yes and he already decided to stay for that holidays if Paige's parents says no. To his surprise, her parents agreed. 

"Both of you are eighteen, and you can do whatever you want," Ashley remembered her father told him that night. "Besides, Paige had never been into vacations without us. You should be honored to have that opportunity to take her with you."

"Always pack your bags with contraceptives," Mrs. Bennington added with a smile.

"Mother," Paige said.

"I will keep that in mind sir, ma'am."

The whole drive, Paige had argued with him to play his songs (he made more than a dozen songs okay, but it was not him to listen to his musics! he still loves listening to his favorite bands!). He let her have her way though, while music was playing, Paige sung all his songs a pitch higher from his originals and was delighted. His songs were nice to listen if a girl sings them, particularly Paige. He couldn't believe that she memorized all his songs, he was impressed and thought she could be a rockstar herself - aside from being the girlfriend of a rockstar.

Thirty minutes later the two of them were boarded on a ferry boat headed for Eastshade Island, it will take them another thirty minutes, so they decided to get out of the car and stretch. 

"Thanks a lot for taking me out with you this week," she said looking up at him. She was leaning against the railings, Ashley was facing her his hands resting on the railings on either her sides. "Just like dad say, it's my first time on vacation away from them."

"It's really a privilege sweetheart," he told her with honesty. "It's a privilege to be the second guy who made love to you, though I'd love it if I was the first."

Paige jabbed his rib. "We weren't friends back then." She laughed. Paige decided to lose her virginity when she turned seventeen last year, with a guy she met during her vacation in Sela. He found it funny because the guy, as what Paige said was still a virgin that time and was seventeen. He lost his virginity when he was thirteen years old!

"I still can't believe he's seventeen and had his first time, are you sure he wasn't lying?" he asked smiling at her.

Paige laughed. "Yes I'm sure. We were really clumsy! But as nights went by, we got the hang of it, and experimented."

"Should be fun. Didn't you have feelings for him? He was your first."

She shook her head. "Does it make a difference?" 

"It does," he answered. Because he felt so different making love with her. It wasn't just like having sex with the girls he slept with before. 

"The guy who hadn't been in love is talking."

"Just saying."

"Tell me about your first time. Was it with a girlfriend?"

Ashley laughed remembering that summer night at the Hunter's cabin. "Well it was not with a girlfriend. She was sixteen I was thirteen-"

"No way!"

He nodded his head. "She was in the same neighborhood with the Hunter's and their cabins were close by in the woods. I spent a month summer vacation with my cousins and the rest of the month with my best friends. I was crushing on her ever since I knew anything about crushes and getting a hard on when I see her. The idiot Kyle told her about it because she had been having a crush on me too. It was not her first time though so she knows what she was doing to me that night in the woods."

"That's super! You get to lose your virginity to someone with experience!" Paige exclaimed.

"Aren't you supposed to be jealous?" he raised an eyebrow.

Paige rolled her eyes. "What for? We can't alter our past."

From all the girls he'd had short relationships with, Ashley learned not to talk about his ex's because it sends them off. But Paige was so open about it and somehow accepts it. She's just one of a kind. Ashley glanced at some high school kids climbing the stairs, then he heard a shutter of a camera. He turned back to Paige who was smiling on her phone, Ashley glanced down and saw that she made the picture she took her wallpaper. 

"It's perfect," she said staring at her phone.

"You are perfect," he kissed her, and Paige circled her arms around his waist to pull him close.


***     ***     ***

"Hey! Glad you made it Paige!" Isaac said when he opened the door of the white washed resort. 

"Thank you Isaac," Paige replied. "It's really nice to be here! I'm excited!"

"You will never forget halloween ever again!" Isaac said with a smile. Turning to Ashley he said, "You two wanna stay in one room or separate rooms?"

"Why how many rooms do you have here?" Paige asked as they entered the house.

"Fifteen," Isaac answered.

"It's massive! But it doesn't look like there are fifteen rooms here from outside!" Paige said.

"That's because there are only nine rooms in the house, the six rooms are actually guest houses facing the ocean," Ashley answered.


"So which rooms are you taking? One room slash guest house or separate?" Isaac asked.

"You decide Paige," Ashley told her as they reached the back of the house, with a huge oblong shaped pool tiled with black, and in the middle was a bar hut. Isaac's brother were already there, with their girlfriends who waved when they saw him. Ashley waved back.

Isaac was looking at her waiting for an answer.

"The guest house should be cool," she answered in a whisper glancing at Ashley.

"Are you staying alone or with Ashley?"

"You've got lots of visitors at this holiday and you expect me to leave my girlfriend staying alone in one of your guest houses? You're kidding right?" Ashley asked his friend in disbelief.

Isaac shrugged and grinned. "I'll take you to your house," 

Paige took Ashley's hands as they walked by the pool. 

"Looking good Ashley!" Aloysius, 23-yrs-old the eldest, called to him.

"You look pretty yourself!" he called back. 

"You and your chic join us after you get to your rooms!" Luis, 20-yr-old the third son called.

"She's my girlfriend not just my chic!" he called back.

"For real?!" The fifth, 22-yr-old Maddox, added.

Ashley didn't reply as they headed to the far end of the guest houses.

"Here's your key," Isaac handed him the house key. "Join us when you've unpacked."

"We will," Ashley opened the house and motioned Paige to go in ahead.

"This is grand!" she exclaimed. "It's really a guest house! Complete with living room, a kitchen! Don't tell me one of those rooms is a laundry room?!" she asked pointing to two doors beside the fridge.

He nodded his head. "As a matter of fact it is," he opened the door far from the fridge and revealed a room with a washing machine.

"This resort is for rent right?" she asked.

"Yes it is," he answered. "Come on lets take our things up our room."

Paige excitedly went up the stairs to the second floor, there was a sofa set on the porch that was looking down at the living room. She opened the only door there was and entered. "King size bed!"

Ashley placed his bag down, and took Paige's bag too. She turned to look at him and smiled. "Would you like to try the bed?" he asked in a husky voice pulling her to him.

"Would you?" she asked and kissed him.

That was a yes. 

He swept her on her feet, walked towards the bed and slowly lay her down. "Are you sure about this?" he asked kissing her neck, running his arms on her bare legs.

"We've been having sex for a week now and you keep asking me that," she said in a dreamy voice.

"I just want to be sure," 

She gasped when he gently sucked her breast. "You know I'd tell you to stop if I didn't want to."

"You never tell me to stop ever since we've started making love," he trailed kisses down her tummy after giving both of her breast what they need making them swell and pucker for more.

"That's because you never want me to tell you to stop," she arched her body to him.

Ashley stopped and lay beside her. 

"What's wrong?" she asked looking at him.

"Paige, I want you to know that making love to you is the best thing, and the one thing I will never get tired of." He said. "If you don't feel like it you can always tell me. You've been telling me to stop those times we were making out. I don't want you to give in to me because I am forcing you to. I want you to make love to me because it's what you want and what you feel."

To his surprise, Paige straddled herself on top of him. "I never tell you to stop because I like and I want what you're doing to me. I love having sex with you," she kissed him on his ear then slowly trailed kisses down his neck.

Ashley shut his eyes, what she did made gave him a hard on.

"Don't think I never like what you're doing to me," she pushed his shirt revealing his abs, he took off his shirt as she run her tongue in the middle of his chest down to his navel then went back up to lick his nipples.

That's it! With both arms he pushed Paige to her back and kissed her. She have no right to make him beg for her. He was the guy and he was the only one between them who should give to make her want.











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