He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



It was the end of the third school week of September. Ashley had been busy with assignments and researches, when he comes home in the afternoon from his last subject he was all worn out and tired. Aeronautics was a tough course and he was only on his first year not even halfway yet, he wondered if he will be able to graduate from that course, maybe it was not too late to shift to business ad which his parents wanted him to study.

There was no class on the third Friday of September, it was the Official Welcoming Party of the freshmen, held at the university amphitheater. Student groups/clubs, fraternities, sororities, departments, teams and faculty were all gathered in the evening for free food and drinks after a welcoming speech from the Chief Academic and Executive Officer.

Shadow Angels, as the faculty proudly announced that they were attending the university, performed for an hour. It was really nice performing in front of a huge crowd, who sings along with him, claps their hands and shouts for more songs. But Ashley was searching for Paige in the crowd and when he didn't saw her he told himself silently to check out where she was after their performance.

Nine thirty when they finished their last song, Ashley placed his guitar in its case and asked his friends to bring it home for him. He didn't want the crowd to see him walk out the backstage because it will be difficult to escape them, he was thankful the university police had baricade the whole stage and prohibited students to come near the perimeter. Ashley made his way as farther back of the amphitheater into the woods where he could see the swimming pool across the street lying silently. No one was going that way because it was dark and it was not the center of the party. How the fuck will I find her?, he thought silently as he crossed the street and was now on the side walk of the pool. Ashley noticed someone swimming. He walked on ahead headed to their apartment still looking at the person on the pool.

"Paige?" Ashley called when she pulled herself up on the poolside wearing a pair of green bikinis. God, the sight of her body was heavenly. She is a fair and full grown woman, wide hips narrowing to her waist, and a pair of full breast that blew his brains away! He was starting to feel himself hard, he thought of disgusting things such as huge open wounds on the skull, or a severed diabetic leg from a patient which he'd seen in one of the tv channels he was glad it helped.

"What are you doing out here?" she asked as she walked towards her towel lying on a chair.

Ashley walked towards her. The swimming pools in their university doesn't have a wall structure. Everyone can come and go from different sides since it was open, no one has to get through a door, except when going to the showers. "Looking for you," he answered.

She wiped her hair with the towel. "Why?"

"I didn't see you at the crowd. You don't like my songs?" he studied her from head to foot, but decided to focus on her face before he gets embarrassed.

"I like your songs of course," She put on a light pink shirt and a black shorts. "But I've seen you perform a hundred times, so I gave the crowd the honor to sing with you while I take a swim. So what are you up to now?"

Was she being friendly? Or sarcastic? Nevertheless, he smiled when she asked that. "I don't know yet. Maybe have seem beer outside."

"Come with me," she said and walked towards the parking area.

Was this Paige Bennington he met two weeks ago who barely spoke to him and obviously didn't want to be his friend. But there she was now, driving her dark blue jeep with him on the passenger side.

She turned on the radio and one of his songs blasted from the speakers. "Sorry," she apologize. So she was telling the truth. He smiled to himself. 

"We're going home?" Ashley asked as she turned to a road headed for their compound.

"I just need to change my clothes. You sure don't want to get embarrassed seen with me wearing wet clothes right?"

"It's really not a problem with me," he answered truthfully.

Paige just smiled and parked her car in front of her apartment. "Give me five minutes. You can go ahead and change into a comfortable shorts and a running shoes." 

She opened the door and was about to go out but Ashley caught her wrist. The first time he touched her. And there was that electric feeling as he felt her pulse. "Tell me, where are we going?"

She leaned forward and pulled her arms lightly. "Don't worry Walker, you're safe with me. I promise I won't make a public act claiming you as my boyfriend."

He watched as she walked away. How much did she know about him? Following what Paige advice him to do, Ashley headed to his apartment.


***     ***     ***


Reaching the very top, Ashley pushed himself from the wall and descended to the ground with a rope attached to his harness. Paige took him wall climbing at Climb and Grip in Deepwald, a good thirty minutes drive from the university. Climb and Grip was a wall climbing place, which has indoor walls and outdoor walls. The tallest outdoor wall was over one hundred feet and the tallest indoor was over seventy feet. Paige challenged him that they try the outdoor wall, he told her not that night maybe some other time. She grinned deviously, and Ashley knew what that was all about. She now thinks that he's a pussy.

They climbed for an hour, Ashley was again impressed at how light Paige was as she climbed up the wall, using a route with white color grips that was so narrow to climb on. There were other color paths, which was wider with a variety of grips to choose, but Paige took that unbelievable path, which he himself was sure he'd drop off if he climbed around five feet. She was halfway now, when she stopped. Ashley looked up, the next grip was impossible. It was a wide grip where two hands of a guy could perfectly fit on there, but the thing was, from where Paige was positioned was a gap without a grip about three feet high. The only way she can get there was to relax herself and jump as high as she can to reach that grip.

"You can do it Paige!" one of the guys working there called to her. 

Ashley glanced, it was the guy who kissed Paige on the cheek when they arrive. He was as tall and well muscled like him only broader and wider, from the looks of the guy he seemed to have broken so many hearts. 

The other climbers stopped to look at her and shouted encouragement. Ashley went back to look at Paige. She pulled herself down with two hands on a wide grip, then sprang out and almost reached the next grip, but failed. As she descended cursing, the guy quickly went to catch her grabbing her waist with both his hands to slow her down. Ashley watched as a disappointed Paige looked up at Mr. Handsome who was giving her some advice, made her smile and embrace him. They pulled apart and she was nodding her head, then she untied her harness from the rope and walked towards where he was standing, while the guy went to attend to some of the climbers.

"Hey," she said casually.

"You did great out there," he said with a smile.

"Thanks. I've been working on that grip but I can never make it! Did you enjoy climbing?" she asked.

Ashley nodded his head with a smile. "Yeah, it's a really nice exercise. But I'm sure my muscles are all busted up tomorrow, I can feel them being stretched to their limits."

"It's normal for a first time," she answered. "When you're used to it, you can climb up without a harness and rope."

He looked at her with raised eyebrows. "You climbed without a rope?"

She nodded her head. "Used to, but then Julian scolded me about it. He said he didn't want any accidents in his climbing gym and threatened to ban me here if I don't follow his rules."

"That guy you were talking with earlier?" he was curious.

"Yeah, he's the owner." She nodded her head at Julian who was tying a rope to the harness of a female newbie.

A while later, the two of them decided to leave. Paige went to Julian talked something then he embraced her and she embraced him back then walked towards Ashley. He wondered what it felt like to embrace her, because Julian seemed to be enjoying it. He wondered what it felt to have his arms circling on that narrow waist, while he inhaled her strawberry-sugar scent.

"Where do you want to go next?" she asked.

Ashley was staring blindly past her, past Julian when she asked him. "Anywhere you want," he answered.

"You wanna go for a beer?"

"Fine with me," he answered.

Five minutes later, they were inside her car with his music playing softly this time. "So tell me Paige... Why this seems to me like you just took me on a wall climbing date and drinks later?"

She glanced at him and smiled. "You want to get to know me right? And you want to be friends," she took  a deep breath.

"Of course," he answered.

"I went on a self assessment about my attitude towards you," she went on. "And I realized I was being hard on you. Hey, this has nothing to do with skydiving tomorrow."

"So you're saying yes on our skydiving date tomorrow?" he asked smiling widely.

"Will you stop saying 'date'?" she told him. 

"Okay, so we're on a skydiving hang-out tomorrow?"

"Yes we are," she answered smiling.

"I'm glad you changed your mind about me," he said sincerely.

Paige smiled at him and focused back on the road.






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