He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



"Could I possibly have my own parachute?" Paige asked him the following day.

The two of them were standing beside an aircraft used for skydiving in Brightloch Center for Skydiving in Fairtown City, two hours drive away from Eastshade. Ashley had been sky diving since he was fifteen. His uncle Glen, brother of his mother owns Brightloch center, and had been encouraging his nieces and nephews to make sky diving a hobby. 

"No you can't have your own parachute because it's your first time." Ashley answered looking at her. She looked really cool wearing a fitted gray cargo pants, blue shirt and a blue sneakers. Her hair was braided at the back of her head.

"Are we going to have training first?" she asked.

"Nope we aren't," he answered still looking at her.

"Why not?"

"Because I only booked for a first experience jump."

"And what does that mean?" she looked at him.

"It means, you're jumping with an experienced and trained instructor."

"Do you know them?"

"Yeah, my uncle owns this place and his sons are mostly the experienced instructors."


The two of them fell silent.

Ashley checked his watch. It was ten thirty, Michael 23, Brian 22 and Kyle 21, were supposed to be there thirty minutes ago. He was embarrassed to wake Paige early just so they could arrive on time! His cousin's was unbelievably ruining his image from this wonderful girl he was with now. Paige sat on the floor beside the front wheel of the aircraft, she was doing something on her mobile and Ashley took the time to capture a photo of her. He smiled to himself as he studied her picture. At last, when he missed her, which he always did after that first night he went to her apartment, all he's got to do is look at her picture in his phone.

"Are you jumping with an experienced and trained instructor too?" she suddenly asked not taking her eyes away from her phone.

"No," he answered peering at the office to check if the guys had arrived.

"Why not?"

"I've been skydiving when I was only fifteen," he walked to the back of the aircraft, where there were plastic crates. He took an empty one and walked back to where Paige was and laid the crate down for her to sit on.

"Thanks," she answered. Instead of sitting on it, she rested both her foot on the crate.

Ashley smiled and shook his head. Everything she does surprises him.

"Why weren't we friends when we were fifteen?" she asked still focused on her phone. "If we were, I'd probably come with you skydiving. Dad wouldn't know because we're hours away from Eastshade."

Ashley burst out laughing.

Paige looked at him with raised eyebrow. "What are you laughing at?"

Before he could answer, a black land cruiser cruised from the runway into the hanger. It pulled to a stop on the other side of the aircraft and his three cousins came out, all well built, with broad shoulders looking handsome as ever.

"Ashley!" Michael grinned at him when he climbed out from the drive way and gave him a brief hug. Brian and Kyle did the same.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet Paige Bennington," Ashley introduced Paige who was now standing on top of the crate, she now stood shoulder length with all four of them. "Paige, my cousins the Hunter brothers, Michael, Brian and Kyle."

They shook Paige's hands as she smiled and nodded at them. The brothers were silent. Ashley knew what was running in their brains now. She was a beauty they'd never seen before, it was clearly written in their astonished faces that Paige was breathtaking. Even when Michael discussed the basics of skydiving to Paige, he deliberately glanced down at her body, which Paige mostly failed to catch.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Brian asked.

The three of them, Ashley, Brian and Kyle, readied the parachutes, double checking all them and another extra. They hauled eight parachutes into the aircraft and readied the eye protectors as well. His cousins father had strictly impose to put on an extra parachute just in case something wrong happens on the jump. 

"No she isn't," Ashley answered. "But who knows?"

"Confident much?" Kyle snickered.

"I'm not being confident," Ashley hates it when people think he gets girls because he was popular. So if he wasn't then he never gets a girl at all? "We're just hanging out. But you can never tell what happens as we go further."

"I agree," Brian spoke. "But she's different from those girls you dated right?"

"She really is," Ashley agreed.

"One, she's not so glued to you," Brian sited. "Compared to those girls you had before who were like seashells at the bottom of a ship that are difficult to remove. Second, she doesn't wear skimpy clothes-"

"Third she's got the most wonderful body I've seen," Kyle interrupted. "That's what I've been telling you before, get a girl who's curvy, not those sticks because they aren't really nice to have in your arms." Kyle was so fond of curvy girls, Ashley has got to keep an eye on him.

"Fourth," Brian went on. "The first time I saw her I find her really cool."

"She is," Ashley agreed.

"Fifth, she's undeniably gorgeous." Brian got his dream face on. "Lovely face, kissable lips, and her skin, ivory white without little skin blotches!"

"Talk about perfect," Kyle chimed.

"So why did you want to hang out with her?" Brian asked him.

"Because she's cool," Ashley answered, denying that he was attracted to her the very first day he saw her but she doesn't seem to be attracted to him at all. "And like you said, she's different from the girls I've been with." 

"I hope she isn't like the others who just want to be with you because you're popular and rich..." Brian trailed off.

His cousins had been witnesses to a many failed relationships Ashley had. He'd been trying his best to work out a relationship, but why would they always mention money and getting popular themselves once with him? That's when Ashley calls the relationship off.

Brian, who was the pilot for that dive sat himself on the cockpit. Ashley and Kyle had their parachutes strapped on them, Kyle who was best in taking videos had a go pro attached to his helmet.

"Hey Ash!" Michael called from the office.

"Yeah," Ashley walked towards the office where his cousin was holding a jumpsuit.

"Do you wanna help your girlfriend with this jumpsuit?" Michael asked grinning.

"No problem at all. Where is she?"

"At the ladies room,"

Ashley walked towards the ladies room on the right of the office, before he could knock Paige came out her red lips were white and she was sweating. "What's wrong Paige?" he asked placing an arm around her and sat her on a chair.

"I'm nervous." she answered squeezing her hands eyes darting to any directions as if looking for escape.

"Paige," Ashley called her attention. "Look at me, Paige." He cupped her face with both hands so she was looking directly into his eyes. "Take a deep breath," she did still looking into his eyes. "Good, you're doing good hon." Ashley held her hands tight, it was cold and sweaty. "You can still say no Paige. We can skydive some other time." She was still taking deep breaths, looking at him worriedly.

Kyle came to them. "Is she alright?" he asked.

"Panick attack," Ashley answered. "Can you get me a water Kyle,"

"Sure," Kyle hurried into the office and must have told his brothers about Paige, because the three of them circled Paige and Ashley now.

Ashley gave her the glass of water and she took a sip from it, his hands rested on both her knees. The color on her lips was now back and her breathing steadied. "If you don't want to do it now it's really fine with us."

"Yeah," Brian agreed. "You won't enjoy your first time if you don't feel okay."

Ashley nodded his head. "First times should always have that long lasting effect. I want you to enjoy your first time Paige."

She looked at Ashley then to his cousins. "I'm not backing out," she spoke.

"Are you sure sweetheart?" Michael asked.

"If you're thinking of all the hassle for us coming here, it really doesn't matter at all," Kyle said. "We want our customers- especially Ashley's friends to enjoy their first time skydiving."

Paige smiled at them. "I appreciate that all of you are concerned. But then I will be diving with Michael right? And he's experienced so I have nothing to worry about. I just panicked because it's the first time I'm jumping out of a plane from the sky."

The guys laughed.

"Alright Ashley will help you with your jumpsuit," Michael said and together with his brothers they headed for the aircraft.

Paige put on the black and gray jumpsuit and Ashley zipped it from the back. "Walker," she spoke.


She turned to look at him. "Thanks a lot."

Ashley raised an eyebrow. "For what?"


Smiling at her he said, "It's an honor to take you on your first skydiving." He would actually do anything for her.


***     ***     ***


Since it was Paige's first jump, the Michael decided to take the smaller aircraft which Brian has to man. At almost thirteen thousand feet, Ashley, Kyle and Michael with Paige strapped back against him, were ready to jump and waited for Brian's signal.

"You're sure about this?" Ashley asked Paige one more time. She was wearing her helmet and eye gear.

Paige nodded her head. 

"Ready guys," Brian shouted.

"Ready!" they all shouted back.

Michael and Paige walked towards the open door on the side of the aircraft. Paige's hands opened and closed as Michael held on the side of the door to steady them getting ready for the jump.

"You will be fine Paige," Michael said.

"He's the best instructor," Ashley told her.

"Ashley," she looked to the left where he stood. "It was really nice hanging out with you!"

"Alright were ready!" Kyle called.

"We will still hang out more," he told her.

Paige didn't answer anymore as Michael took that dive with Paige screaming for dear life. 

"See you down there cuz," Kyle slapped his back and jumped out back facing ahead.

"See you down Brian!" Ashley called and he went to dive. He loves the adrenalin rush, although his stomach churned whenever he went skydiving. He's got exactly one minute to deploy his parachute, thirty more seconds. Ahead of him, he could see Michael and Kyle's parachute deployed. Michael had been convincing him to join the skydiving competition, because he was good at the sport already but Ashley didn't love the sport at heart. Skydiving or not it was okay with him. He'd rather make new songs and practice with his friends. Ashley checked his watch, exactly one minute, he pulled the cord to his side and his parachute deployed. He reached for the toggles and began steering his aim on the drop zone which was a huge white paint with red paint in the middle not far away from the runway of Brightloch. Ashley watched as Michael and Paige landed first, minutes later Kyle followed and minutes more later he landed as smoothly as his cousins did.

"Good job!" Kyle called to him. 

Ashley gave his cousin a thumbs up as he bent forward and pulled his parachute.

"Ashley!" Paige called.

He stood up straight and turned to look at her. She was running towards him with a huge smile on her face. "Hey!" he managed to say as Paige hit him with her embrace. Ashley embraced her back pulling her feet away from the ground. God, her breast felt so good against his chest! And that mesmerizing strawberry smell working their way into his nose as he inhaled all that he can, taking her scent into his system hoping it won't disappear until he went to bed that night.

"I made it!" she squealed still her arms around him.

"Yes you did, I'm proud of you!" he answered not letting her go but setting her back down on the ground.

"Thanks a lot. I owe you one." She pulled away from him standing straight still a smile pasted on her face.

"Hey, I did all these because I want to. I don't need to be repaid, really."

"But this is all too much. No one ever took me skydiving, and then you."

"I want to make you happy. I don't want you to get bored around me and ditch me all of a sudden"

Paige laughed. "I'm not that rude Walker."

Ashley shrugged. "You didn't seem to approve of my company for the past days as I remember."

"There's always a reason to that."

"So we're still hanging out?"

"Of course we are!"







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