He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



"For christ's sake Raymond! Why do you have to bring Tara here with you?!" Ashley said the morning of halloween. 

The two of them were making breakfast at the main resort house, Raymond's girlfriend Denise and her best friend Tara were fixing their things at the guest house which Isaac reserved for them, it was the first house from the main building, four houses away from Ashley and Paige's place.

"Dude, the two of them are best friends," Raymond said. "And Tara had been wanting to see you after that night you had sex with her at the pub."

"You know that I have a girlfriend Raymond."

Raymond looked at him and laughed. "You always have a girlfriend every month Ashley. We're used to it. Give it weeks more, you will break up with Paige."

"That's not true," Ashley said composing himself. Sometimes Raymond can be such an ass. Well he loves sleeping with different girls, he's got no plans of falling in love at all. "Paige is different from the other girls I've known."

"Alright, given that. I don't think Tara would come between the two of you and throw herself on you once she finds out you've got a girlfriend right?"

He was right, but Ashley felt that taking Tara there was a bad idea. He was not comfortable with her around.

"Hey good morning boys!" Isaac joined them, he was wearing only his green board shorts, hair crumpled.

"Good morning," Ashley and Raymond replied.

"What's for breakfast?" Isaac asked.

"Toasts and scrambled eggs," Raymond answered.

Ashley poured himself coffee, and poured on two more glasses for his friends. His head was aching like hell. He's got a lot of booze last night, and so did Paige. They went back to their house at two in the morning, he's got plans of making love to her but that didn't happen because he was so drunk and Paige had snored off after her shower.

"Tara's here," he told Isaac.

Isaac who sipped his coffee looked at Raymond. "Dude I told you not to bring Tara with you!" Isaac knows Ashley more. And he sensed that the thing between Ashley and Paige was serious.

"Really Isaac," Raymond looked at him. "I couldn't say no to Denise. They're best friends just in case you forgot."

"Just make sure Tara doesn't make a scene," Isaac warned him. "You know what type of girl she is."

Raymond nodded his head. "I'll make sure about that."

"So what's our activity today?" Ashley asked changing the subject.

The three of them were sitting on a stool at the island of the kitchen, eating breakfast.

"Trick or treat for the kids start at ten," Isaac said.

Yesterday, everyone who was at the resort helped each other decorating the place for halloween. The front gate got cob webs, tombstones made of carton boxes lined the drive way from the main road going into the resort. There were a few skeletons standing on either side of the street, there was this wax life size of Jason and Freddie (thanks to the Lambard brothers who really love halloween season) standing at the main road. A halloween photo booth with zombie art was standing beside the main gate. The front door of the resort got carved pumpkins, by the swimming pool was a large cauldron with light effects beneath it and dry ice flowing from within, to make it look like it was hot. There was also a wax life size witch, with a huge mole on her beak-like nose, nastiest pair of red eyes and crooked teeth peering down the cauldron with a huge ladle, she looked like she was stirring something from in it. She wore a hat on her messy hair, she wore an all black dress.

Standing by the boundary of the grass and tiles by the pool side were little zombies lined up all the way to the boundary where the tiles ended kissing the sands. Skull lights circled the palm trees that gave shade to the pool. Each of the guest houses were wrapped with cobwebs with a huge spider on top and little spiders hanging on the webs. There were limbs light posts standing by the doorway. 

They finished decoration just before dinner last night, then Ashley, Paige, Isaac and Selena went to buy lots and lots of candies, chocolates and other junk food for the kids who were visiting that day.

"Do you guys have your costumes?" Raymond asked.

"Yeah," Ashley answered. "Paige is going as the killer on Scream, I'm going as the doll on saw."

"Cool!" Raymond grinned. "Denise and I are going as Hansel and Gretel. Tara's coming as a witch."

"Selena and I are going as zombies," Isaac told them. 

"Hey this is the first time all of us are having halloween with girlfriends," Ashley noticed. Every halloween, the three of them usually goes, as soldiers: Halo, Call of Duty, Star Craft, Jedi. Or if they decide to go dress the opposite sex: nurses, power puff girls (they actually pulled it),  and whatever they come up with as long as it was the three of them.

"Yeah," Isaac agreed. "I'm glad Selena decided to come with me." Selena was scared of crossing to the island, Ashley didn't know why.

"Is your parents coming?" Raymond asked Isaac.

Isaac shook his head. "They have their own party at the company."

Ashley finished up his food and took the last sip of his coffee. "What else are the activities today?", he referred to the children's activities.

Ever since the Lambards resort had been built (Isaac and his brother's were still kids), their parents always has this games for the kids, and of course there was a prize. They also play horror movies at the mini theater in the main house, and people could come in watch and eat. It was always an open house. Now that the brothers are old enough to hold the activities, what was added was the party at night for the adults.

"The usual, we've got mummy wrap, read the cursed text, haunted halloween word search and skeleton scavenger hunt."

Raymond checked his watch. "We've got an hour and thirty minutes to prepare for the open house and get dressed."

"You're right about that, I'm checking up Paige see if she's awake. I'll see you guys later," Ashley said and exited to the back door of the kitchen.

"Ashley! Oh my Ashley!" it was Tara screaming from the window of their house.

It was really a bad idea for Raymond to bring her there. He waved at him. There was no way to get to his place, it was the only passage way so he braced himself as he walked and Tara came out running towards him. She threw her arms around his waist and gave him a tight hug, pressing her breast intentionally. She was wearing a low cut sleeveless shirt with a very short pink board shorts.

"I missed you Ashley!" she purred.

After he embraced her back he rested his hands at the back pockets of his jeans.

"What do you say we go to the showers and you know play?" she said seductively.

Taking a deep breath he spoke, "Tara, what happened the last time will never happen again. I apologize. I have a girlfriend now, and I don't think what we're doing here is acceptable to her."

"Oh," she slowly pulled her arms away from him. Ashley saw a flick of anger on her face but she automatically smiled at him. "So you're into serious now?" she crossed her arms across her chest.

He didn't spoke but just stared at her.

"It's true what they say-"

"That I'm a heart breaker I know," he interrupted.

"How dare you!" she said through clenched teeth. "I do have feelings for you Ashley! And I only said that I was playing because you told me you never do relationships!"

"Tara I'm really sorry,"

She shook her head. "Don't be. I know that you'll break her heart too." She walked back into the house and slammed the door behind her.

Sighing, Ashley went to the house he and Paige shared. He went to their room and found Paige still asleep, snoring lightly. He carefully lay beside her. Paige stirred and turned to her side to face him, half asleep.

"Hey," she whispered, moving closer to him wanting an embrace.

"Hey gorgeous," he said in a whisper and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her forehead and rubbed her back. 

"Where have you been?" she asked still eyes closed.

"Breakfast with the boys. You wanna have breakfast now?" He planted kisses on her forehead, her eyes, nose, lips and cheeks.

Paige smiled. "What time will the open house start?" she asked her hands playing circles on his chest.

"In about an hour," he answered.

"Oh, that means I can't get more sleep."

"You don't have to be awake for the open house babes. It's our job, us guys, to tend today's activity. You can sleep here for how long you want. I'll come to check on you from time to time."

"Where are you assigned?"

"At the theater," he answered.

"Nice! I'll come with you then, I can sleep at the theater."

"You sure about that?" he asked looking at her.

Her eyes were open now. "Of course I am sure!"

Ashley kissed her on the lips. "Good morning."

Paige straddled on top of him and took off his shirt exposing her beautiful breast and taut nipples. "I was wondering if I get a morning sex?"

Smiling, Ashley gently run his hands on her thigh, to her hips, her waist going up to her breasts and rubbed them. "I'll make love with you anytime you want babes."

Smiling, Paige bent down to kiss him, her hair falling on either sides as she made a rotating motion of her hip, making him hard.






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