He's A Rockstar... She Doesn't Care

Ashley Walker, heartthrob, heartbreaker and popular rockstar thought he always gets what he wants... But winning Paige Bennington's heart was not easy.



Ashley had been looking out the window just to see Paige ever since he broke up with her last week. She should be doing good, because she seemed to be always talking to someone over the phone, he was sure it was Matt. Congratulations to the two of them, while he tries to act like everything's fine and he can handle things. But he wasn't doing well in that getting over with, it affected his class, his friends, their band.

On friday, last day of their class and start of winter break Ashley and his friends packed their things getting ready for the holidays at the Walker's ski resort in Garia. A vacation and winter concert was what Ashley needed to kill his feelings for Paige. His father's descendants were locals in Garia, and every winter break Ashley and his friends including their family always spent winter holidays at their ski resort. This year, the Lambards and Webber will also be there.

Ashley's father had informed him last week that he booked Shadow Angel for a show on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve at the Garia Grand Hotel. Upon hearing this, Ashley and the band got excited. They had never performed in Garia, thanks to his father for being such a supportive person.

He went down the stairs carrying his back pack when Caleb came in the apartment. Ashley and Paige may have broken up but he and Caleb were still friends.

"Vacation?" Caleb asked. 

"Yeah. What about you and... Paige?" he found it hard to say her name, a bitter taste came to his mouth when he did.

"Yeah we're going on vacation too flying tomorrow with the family." Caleb answered.

"Good to hear that." He said trying to smile. It hurt him to see Caleb, because he was Paige's brother. It hurts because he could easily talk to Caleb while he and Paige weren't talking to each other.

Caleb sighed. "I really don't have any business with you and my sister whatever you're going through now. But maybe if you can talk to her just once?"

"What else should I talk to her about Caleb?" he asked angrily. "I loved her in all those days I spent with her. She was capable of making me feel so strongly for her. She was the girl I have been waiting for, but then she is still in love with Matthew."

"You got it all wrong dude," Caleb said shaking his head. "You have to talk to her one more time and settle things between the two of you before you both continue hurting yourselves for the wrong reasons."

Ashley furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't understand."

A car honked.

The two of them looked at the other apartment. Paige was raising her eyebrow at them.

"I have to go," Caleb said hurrying out. "Fuck she's not supposed to see me!"

"Caleb wait!" Ashley called.

"Just do as I say!" Caleb called back.

"What was that about?" Raymond asked watching Caleb jumped into the driver's seat of his car and speed off away from the compound.

"I don't know," Ashley shrugged. "Are we ready?"

"Hell yes we are!" Isaac said.

They packed all their bags into Raymonds car, because it was bigger, and they drove to the airport for their eleven p.m. flight to Garia.


***     ***     ***     


At the airport while waiting for their flight, Ashley dialed Paige's number. He wanted to know what Caleb was talking about and why was he terrified when his twin saw him talking with Ashley. It took about twenty missed calls before Paige finally answered her phone.

"What do you want?" she asked in a cold tone.

"I just want to say hi" what an idiot way to start a conversation with someone he broke up with.

"Nice try Walker. I'm sorry but I don't have time-"

"Talk to me Paige please." he begged.

"Nothing more to talk about Ashley, goodbye." she cut the line.

Ashley tried her number once more but it was now turned off. He checked his watch it was only seven in the evening. He still have time to go to Paige's place and talk to her then come back for his flight, because he will never be still if he leaves that night without knowing what Caleb had been trying to tell him.

"Hey guys," he said standing up. Isaac was playing on his ipad and Raymond was talking to Denise on his phone. "I'm going to Paige's house."

"What?" Raymond asked, he told Denise he was calling her back.

Isaac just looked at him.

"We have a plane to catch in four hours Ashley," Raymond reminded him.

"I know," he answered. "But there is something I need to know. It's really bothering me. So if you don't want me to jump from a plane let me go okay? If I can't make it at eleven I'll take the earliest flight at dawn."

"Go ahead Ash," Isaac said nodding his head.

"Is he in love?"

Ashley heard Raymond asked Isaac, as he rushed away.

"Looks like it," Isaac answered and Ashley heard a faint hi fives from his friends.

He normally never put back on what he took off, but Paige was Paige. She was not like anyone else and it was really hard to deny that he was still in love with her. As he rode on a cab headed for Paige's home, he couldn't help but imagine kissing and making love to her. Her smile when he tells him that she's gorgeous, the way she smiles when she sees him, the way she smiles over the phone when talking to him, the way they cuddle every time they watched movies in his room or at the apartment she shared with her brother. The way her eyes lit up whenever she was excited or whenever he was telling her something she finds exciting. Just everything about her. She was the most amazing girl he'd met, and if the result that night wasn't good, he has to tell her that he loves her even if she didn't want to get back with him anymore.

The cab stopped in the middle of the road since the side of the Bennington's street were filled with cars, there were cars on the driveway too. Ashley paid the driver and went carrying his backpack. There was a party. Faint disco music played from within the house. He pressed on the doorbell and waited for the door to open. 

"Ashley," it was Caleb who opened the door. 

"Hey pal," he said smiling.

"I thought you were leaving?" Caleb asked and motioned him inside the house.

"Flight's at eleven. I kept thinking about what you said so I decided to come and talk to Paige."

Caleb nodded his head. "It's Parker's birthday. Come on to the back of the house-"

"I'll wait here for Paige," Ashley interrupted.

"Okay, I'll call her."

Ten minutes later, Caleb was literally dragging Paige to the living room. She was wearing a a short black dress and her hair was styled like the sixties hairstyle. She looked gorgeous, Ashley's heart went to his throat.

"Paige," Ashley spoke.

She stopped from pulling herself away from her brother who was holding her elbow. "What the fuck are you doing here Walker?"

"Please let's talk," he begged.

"If you two can talk in Paige's room to avoid attention from the visitors?" Caleb suggested.

Paige slapped Caleb's arm. She looked like she'd had a lot to drink. "I really hate you for doing this Caleb! I sometimes wish you were not my twin!"

"Too bad I am!"

"Paige let's go to your room," Ashley said holding her hands and pulling her up the stairs.

"Talk to him one last time!" Caleb scolded her.

Paige pulled her hands away from Ashley and walked ahead of him. "You have no right to touch me anymore Ashley!"

He watched her curvy body climbing the stairs ahead of him. When they reached the top, they turned to the left hallway, then at the very end they turned left again. He'd been to the Bennington's house but he had never been in her room. There was a door at the very end of the hallway, and Paige opened it then went inside.

The floor of her room was thickly carpeted, the wallpaper was a mini modern darjeeling blue seventies revival. The bed structure was black, with  black bed cover, white bed sheets and black and white pillows. There were black night stands on the side of her bed with a white lampshade. A heavily ceiling to floor black curtain  was on the far side, covering probably a wide window or a door. There was an LED six meters away from the foot of her bed, with three speakers on each sides, the latest XBOX, and a whole lot of game CD's. He never knew she was a gamer! 

"Talk Walker," she said sitting on a white rectangular love seat at the corner of the window. 

"Caleb wants us to talk."

"Oh it's Caleb? Then go talk to him!"

He walked towards her.

"Don't you come near me!" she shouted.

Sighing Ashley sat on her bed facing her. "I really don't know what Caleb knows. But he told me to settle things with you before we go on hurting each other. To me it sounds like there is hope for us to be back together if we could just talk about this-"

"Oh so now you wanted to talk about what had happened?" she raised an eyebrow at him. "You must have thought about it before you broke up with me you arrogant asshole!"

He was silent. "Then can we please talk?" he begged looking at her with sad eyes. He wanted to cry, but he stopped his tears from falling.

"Do you want to start from the beginning?" she asked coldly.

He nodded his head.

"Eastshade Island, Tara."

"What did she do to you? I thought you were fine about that one night stand-"

"I was." She interrupted. "I had warned myself and live by that warning the first time you talked to me at the university. I know who you were even back in high school. Breaking every girls hearts, getting who you want. But I was so mesmerized by how handsome you fuckin' look and how sweet you were to me, so I let my guard down!"

"Paige everything that I showed you was who I really am," he explained.

"Except that you didn't told me you were never into relationships and that you were only in for the game."

"What?" he was confused. Then it hit him. That was what he told Tara after their one night stand, that he wasn't into relationships. 

"Tara told me to beware of you, because you really are a heart breaker. She warned me not for us to break up but because she didn't want me to have a heartbreak, in fact you were the one who broke up with me. I should have listened to her instead, then maybe I was the one who broke your heart!"

"Paige I don't love her! All the girls that came to my life, that I slept with, remember when I told you I never loved anyone?"

"That's why you have to lie to me? That you aren't capable of loving? And just when I was sure of myself about how I felt for you that's when you broke up with me?"

He looked into his eyes in disbelief. Did he heard right? Did she just say she was in love with him? "You're in love with me?" he asked. "Was it all the reason why you changed?"

"Was," she stared into his eyes angrily. 

"But it's you who started seeing Matt! You think you didn't hurt me?" he shot back remembering those days when they were together and she'd answer Matt's call. "You hurt me too Paige! You are the only person who hurt me all this time!"

She looked at him in disgust. "Is that the reason why you broke up with me? Lucky me then to penetrate on that cold heart of yours!"

"Yes, because you were obviously still in love with Matthew! And congratulations for the first girl to break my heart!"

Paige laughed. "What an idiot you really are! Remember that first time at the beach when I asked you if you had been in love? I was fishing how you really felt towards me you stupid fuck!"

"Stop cursing at me!" he shouted back.

"You deserve it asshole!" she shouted.

He wanted to go near her and kiss her. "When you asked me that, I thought you were talking about Matthew."

Paige shook her head. "All this time... I've given myself to you with no hesitations, and all this time you thought I was still in love with Matthew! Think Ashley!  How will I ever get back with the guy who broke my heart?"

"Then explain the phone calls? Explain that day why you went with him instead of talking to me?"

"Because I needed closure with him before I come out and tell you that I love you! That I don't care how many girls you had been with, that I am not in love with your popularity, that I don't want to be with you because you are a rockstar! He called me from time to time because he kept asking if the two of us had talked about what's been happening to our relationship! My ex boyfriend Matthew had adviced me to apologize to you for suddenly withdrawing and that you are the only person who can answer my questions about you playing games in a relationship! My ex boyfriend Matthew told me to never let go of that person I love!"

Ashley went to her and pulled her into his arms. "Oh Paige I am so sorry,"

Paige embraced him back. "Me too Ashley," but then she pulled away from him. "But this thing we had isn't gonna work with me anymore."

"Paige no-"

She stood up and started for the door.

Ashley quickly followed her and pulled her elbow then spun her around. "Now we know how we feel for each other, then you're letting all these go?"

Paige looked into his eyes, tears swelling. "Yes Ashley. It is not easy to love someone popular like you."

"But I want you in my life Paige!" tears streamed down his cheek.

"That's what I thought too Ashley," she pulled herself free from him then walked to the door, before closing it she said, "You know your way out of the house."

It was over.






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