A tale of heroes aligned

A tale of heroes aligned follows the stories of adventurers, legends and monsters, each holding a part in the greater scheme of things. Action packed and full of exciting new discoveries, A tale of heroes aligned will be a 3 book series, each book starting at a different time to the last.
In part one we follow the tragic tales of both Alex and Jaq, together and apart.


5. The edging fall

A storm raged overhead and through the booming of thunder and the patter of rain Alex sat, calm, collected, his hair drooped over his face and his clothes wet from the storm seeming to be endless, a large humanoid tiger stood behind him with his palm placed over his head, claws digging into his scalp, lightly however, a purple glow came from each claw and with flawless concentration the Tiger-man pulled his hand back, Alex; still in his meditational state was unaware of this, the purple glow was an indication of the process working, Alex had asked for the Tiger-mans help on a matter normal Mythics were incapable of perceiving, a state of meditation allowing him to connect with his own soul and stand within his own conscious mind, he knew that what stood before him was only a materialization of Rem caused by the Tiger-mans magic but still, it was astounding to see him none the less.

“I, I have so many questions” Alex cupped his mouth with his hands, a smile hiding beneath

“And I have so much to tell” Rem with his pure purple body seeming almost misty walked towards Alex “To watch you cry before you were capable of a smile, to watch you crawl before you could walk but still attempt to run and cry and cry and cry, we share a body but not a mind, at the age of seven you were one, arbitrary and idiotic, I watched you grow as an older brother does; we were born at the same time but I as nothing but a spirit, age different to you, our father Necrotis, was not man nor beast, he was a god, God’s in this world are nothing to be revered though; he was simply a collection of gasses in the air making a mass just enough so that he could connect with the interface of this world, and rape our mother” Rem was now face to face with Alex, watching the horrified look that consumed him take over his body with a wave of morbidity. “Our father was no hero, and our mother did not plan to have us; we are children of lust and we are nothing to be proud of.”

Alex took a step back and raised his hand, slapping himself across the face, he looked back to his brother and with a stride he took a step forwards “You do not have the right to tell me not to be proud of myself, our father did not shape us to this day, he was never around to do so, he did not feed my accomplishments, reveal to me the truth of myself and he did not help me in my good deeds, I have his genes, not his idiocy”

Rem smiled “You truly are my brother” Rem seeped into Alex, who upon this screamed out, his body jerked and a black beam shot out from his eyes, mouth and ears, the seconds it lasted felt like years of agony however it was all gone soon after and then Alex heard his brother speak to him “We are now of one true entity, there are ways for us to communicate but that is for you to figure out, dearest brother.”

Alex jumped up, his breath heavy and his eyes wide, the tiger- man sat across the room smoking on a long pipe with a kimono wrapped around him, Alex wiped the hair from his forehead and made his way to him, to say thank you, the closer Alex got the more it became apparent that his body wasn’t moving, the Tiger-man was dead, Alex kneeled down in front of him and closed the Tiger’s eyes “I’m sorry”  Alex took a moment to show his respects and then began investigating the murder, upon closer inspection of the corpse Alex noticed that the Tigers neck had been punctured, a small hole resided there “A needle?” Alex licked his finger and ran it over the hole moving the fur so he could see the exact size; it was definitely a needle hole, to this Alex opened the Tigers eyes, his pupils were still dilated and bloodshot, looking around the room Alex couldn’t see a struggle.
“Must have been a sneak attack, so this was planned” Alex closed his eyes and concentrated, the noises around him becoming static in the background as he honed into the sound waves around him, in a flash Alex disappeared and reappeared atop a hill behind a small purple creature holding his hips, as if waiting.

“Alex, using that radio trace again I see” the purple creature spoke with a grungy voice, his slouched figure giving an appearance of age.

“I didn’t expect to see you; I thought I would see the killer, not a gnome deprived of his youth”

With a sneer the gnome responded “what makes you think I’m not the killer?”

“Prunes can’t kill tigers” Alex chuckled “that and you’ve never had much of a taste for violence Omeo”

“Well I suppose you have a point, I was just coming to greet you before I set on my travels again” Omeo smiled pulling a walking stick from thin air.

“I’m flattered you thought of me; must have been very vexing” Alex gave a coy smile

“Thinking of you always gives me a headache”

“Could be your age catching up on you” Alex crouched level with Omeo and held out his hand “It’s good to see you again Omeo, truly”

Omeo shook Alex’s hand and smiled “Likewise Alex, oh” Omeo clicked his fingers and a bag dropped from a meter above him landing in his arms “I have something for you”

“Must have been something strange for you to want me to have it” Alex tilted his head slightly

From the bag Omeo pulled a crimson mask with the crest of Necrotis over it “This was in one of the old cities, just lying on the ground” Omeo knew full well of Alex’s relation with Necrotis and smiled as he saw the look on Alex’s face.

“People actually worshipped him?” Alex raised his brow and pulled a scrunched face.

“I would guess so” Omeo ruffled Alex’s hair “I’m sure you can find a use for it” And with that final line Omeo vanished

“He sure likes to leave behind mystery with his visits”

A voice echoed from the mask startling Alex causing him to drop the mask and fall over, the voice continued, a delirious voice, Alex edged his way closer and closer until he could hear the voice clearly, his ear almost touching the fabric and then he heard the whispers

“Save us”
“Lies, all of them”
“I hate you!”
“You are nothing without us”
“Do not delude yourself with him”
“This child belongs to me!”

Alex slammed his hands on the ground and pushed back from the mask with a terrified expression; he trembled and gulped “What the hell did you get me Omeo”


Simon with his clothes covered in filth and blood punched the brick wall before him three times, it opened, from the right side it lifted and slowly slid to the left opening a long, long tunnel, with light steps Simon made his way down the partially lit tunnel, screams of anguish and misery came from below but he did not flinch to them, as he reached the bottom a group of three men looked to him, they were waiting, the larger of the three looked down from his hood and simply growled while the other two, one lanky and skinny the other short and fat bowed to Simon, the lanky one spoke with a cracked and menacing voice “They are ready for you, my prophet”

Simon stood at the edge of the stone platform and looked to the thousands upon thousands of creatures standing in no particular order; he stood straight and bowed before speaking.

“For too long have we been objectified and subjectified, for too long have we sat on our hands just biding our time until we are released by he, he who does not know our pain and they who see our pain as just a game.
Do not sit idly by while the city takes our pride, our minds and our souls; a city built by a single mans views has no such right, we are not simple rebels we are a force of equality, look next to you, do you see a different ethicality or a friend? Before me I see shadows of different shapes, different size, I do not see you for what but for who you are! We have no reason to take such prejudice with us to the holy land, such a thing will infect you, delude you of the true path to retribution.” Simon took a breath and spoke with a booming powerful voice

“NOW, FOR EQUALITY AND FOR PRIDE, TAKE UP ARMS, PICK UP YOUR SWORDS YOUR GUNS, RAISE YOUR FISTS, MUSTER YOUR STRENGTH, AND FIGHT, FIGHT FOR US, FOR DECAY!” All thousands of creatures screamed out and roared as Simon left the platform with a grin over his face, “the fall has begun”


Alex with the mask laying on the table in front of him let out a sigh “What king of god was our father” Alex closed his eyes and let his mind wonder, with Rem now a part of his soul he could tap into his memories, or Alex’s memories through his eyes. A man covered in ink restlessly held closed a door, his eyes drooped and black, his hair knotted and tattered, he had been there for days, no words, no movement, and no contact.

Alex instantly knew this was his father, but not the reason he was there, Rems voice reached him with a shallow ring “Father, even though he is an impudent god, is still kind, here he holds Sarnus, the god of wind, we have but seven days until he is once again free, nineteen years of silence and solitude has made him hungry, Alex, it was no coincidence that Omeo gave you that mask, he, the god of void knows”

“Omeo is a god?”

“Yes” Rem took hold of Alex’s body and pointed to their father “The mask of his worship holds your true power Alex, but also the powers of others, Omeo and our father upon the creation of this city used this mask to add an extra function to the Kronos gate, the mask you now hold will diminish that function, and give back the powers they stole”

Alex sighed “I have to put it on don’t I?”

“Afraid so”

Alex opened his eyes and simply stared at the mask, he frowned and picked it up, the whispers started again but this time, this time he did nothing but stare at the mask as the distant voices mashed together in terrifying compilations. A crash came from outside and a shadowed figure flew past his window slamming into the building across from his, looking outside Alex could see an army of creatures all of different decent battling their way through crowds of the law enforcement and the army of the city, guts flew and weapons ripped through the air, Alex took a deep breathe and placed the mask over his head, nothing.

The whispers stopped, and same with the fighting outside, nothing had changed yet everything had changed, as Alex lifted the mask from his head the fabric started to rip itself apart strand by strand falling to the floor as it continued, only till nothing was left, not even the whispers that escaped to the air in what seemed like an instant the Kronos gate was gone, the originally trapped air from the outside world rushed in knocking over buildings and creatures alike but this time the buildings did not re-build, screams ravaged from all over and through it all Alex could only stand in his apartment, dumbstruck.


Jaq awoke in Claire’s arms a blush taking hold of his cheeks as he looked to her sleeping face, the screams reached even him and she woke from the horrid sound “What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know” said Jaq and before he could take even another breath Claire tackled him with a hug, kissing him relentlessly until pushed off. “Claire!” Jaq looked shocked, his breath heavy and his heart pounding “What was that about?”

“Well isn’t it obvious?” stated Claire “I love you” Claire smiled hiding her blush by looking out the window to the now collapsed city “Alex might need us” Jaq simply nodded and followed her as she flew out the skylight

“Apartment?” Jaq asked looking to his body realizing that he no longer had wounds to speak of; he smiled knowing now what Claire had done for him.

“Yeah, it’s where he always is after a battle” Claire picked up the speed of her flight stopping only when she saw a tree shoot past her and Jaq slamming into the house they rested at, a large brute of a creature stood across the path with a red hooded cloak covering him, as he slowly lowered the hood it was seen that he was an ogre

“Fairy’s” The ogre licked his lips “Brent likes fairies” the dumb brute charged without haste, his slow movements crushing the ground under him, a mere second passed before Brent attacked, his fist circulated the air around his skin sending a shock wave of air to Claire and Jaq, Claire placed both her palms in front of her and a green force blocked the attack seeming to collect the magic from it as it did.

Jaq moved quickly after seeing Claire in motion, he flew to the sky and sent a rapture of snakes made of dark energy to Brent who simply punched them one by one, with this distraction Claire kept her palms forward but turned them so as they were on opposite sides to before, the moment her hands clocked in place the collected magic then shot out in a beam of light forcing Brent back some meters, as the beam lifted a burn was seen over Brent’s chest.

“Are you kidding me?” Jaq screeched “it took all of that just to burn the fool”

“Jaq, no one is around, you can use Orodon” Claire lowered to the ground and stared at Brent as he did back to her “I’ll buy you some time, just do it” Jaq simply nodded and from his back he pulled a large Key placing it full front slowly turning it clockwise collecting an abundance of air in a singular area that continued to spin in the opposite direction of the key

“Now now little fairy, I wonder what you taste like, such magical power must be delectable” Brent wiped the drool from his mouth and dashed to Claire who in response flew to the left allowing him to run past her smashing down a tree before turning around and trying again, this pattern continued bowling over lamps, benches and walls until Brent dashed one more time, this time changing course at the last second clutching his hairy, oversized hand around Claire “I’m going to enjoy listening to your flesh squish between my teeth, feeling your blood run down my throat, the thought is simply delightful” Brent laughed to himself as he tightened his grip around Claire trapping her arms, she looked up to Jaq, and smiled.

A blue light swallowed, almost liquidised in form, only his voice could be heard through the thickness of the spherical light “Orodon, let thy light eat away at the darkness, show a new form, a true form, let those with the ravishment of sins bow down to the pursuant light that is my own.”

Brent slowly crushed Claire, smiling as he did so “For the prophet” he spoke deucedly.

“For the powers of good, I beseech thee, lend me your strength to banish the evil doers to that of where they belong; for not fame or glory, strike down on them, destroy” the sphere expanded and within seconds it was shot down, the ground burned and died on impact, a scream came from Brent, the sphere expanded and expanded filling the area with what was close to an explosion, yet silent. Nothing was left but rubble for Jaq and Claire to see as they held one another in a loving embrace, resting on the ground as they each sighed, a redefining moment in their relationship had made them noticeably stronger, and they knew this even without words.


Alex, having made it to the street stared reluctantly to the sheer violence and horror portrayed in the grim streets of Zargan, a noticeable change in the nature of his fellow Mythics, even the simple citizens were fighting, an animalistic nature had beheld them. A goblin came to Alex from his left side with a slash to his stomach, a kick was all it took to pummel this creature to the ground and Alex standing with his leg stationary in the air and his arms held in front of him felt a noticeable change in his power, a mere kick broke the goblin, it lay there on the pavement with blood dripping from its head.

Alex rushed down the street with his arms flailing hitting a multitude of creatures in his path, a hooded creature stood in the midst of the violence with scythe in hand, blood raining down from the blade as a pile of body’s lay around him, the hooded being stared at Alex, and without words walked towards him holding the scythe at its side


Brenda awoke on a hospital bed, blood smeared over the door of her room with a fish like woman laying dead on the ground, the sounds of gunfire and explosions heard behind her with screams coming from inside the hospital, Brenda left the bed and stood, staring at the dead nurse for some time before leaving her room only to see the horrors outside, body’s and the guts of body’s scattered around the hallway with a hooded creature standing ominously with two axes in hand, a plump and short creature with a crazed smile.

A war, It’s not paramount to country or religion, but instead livid to all creatures, war will never cease, war will never change, a vision painted of black and white by those with power to use, war is for the rich, death is for the poor, power is for the bringer of these and the ones on their knees have naught but a share of the blame.

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