A tale of heroes aligned

A tale of heroes aligned follows the stories of adventurers, legends and monsters, each holding a part in the greater scheme of things. Action packed and full of exciting new discoveries, A tale of heroes aligned will be a 3 book series, each book starting at a different time to the last.
In part one we follow the tragic tales of both Alex and Jaq, together and apart.


2. The beast within

A cloud of dust lifted to the sky followed by large chunks of rubble, gunshots could be heard from miles away as Alex ran up the side of the monsters arm firing shot after shot at its flesh, the explosive rounds detonating on contact with the monsters flesh, Alex continued to run along the arm of the beast for some time before he reached the shoulder, stabbing the blade of the gun into its flesh and twisting the handle ninety degrees to the left, once he heard the click he pulled the trigger firing a corrosive bullet into the monsters flesh.
The monster let out a growl and swatted its shoulder to which Alex jumped back leaving his gun, having no time to spare ripping it from the monsters flesh, Alex landed on the ground feet first leaving a crater where he landed, with a dash Alex moved to the monsters feet jumping in the air before he reached it, moving his right elbow in front of him, slamming himself down at such a speed he rippled the air behind him. Upon contact he ripped through the monsters foot and some portion of the dirt below, the monster slid its foot behind dropping to its knee in order to force its fist down to Alex.
Alex, unable to move freely whilst in the ground simply crossed his arms in front of him and took the punch head on, again and again and again the monster continuously slammed one fist after another into Alex until dust filled the area, with a pleased look the monster closed its eyes and slowly started to shrink down to normal size, its body cracking back into place as it shrank turning the Orc to its former self, blood dripping from its eyes ears and mouth. The Orc placed a finger on its ear and after a few seconds of nodding its head it spoke: “Yes, the shifter is dead, squashed like a bug.” After a few more nods the Orc lowered its arm and started to walk back to the crumbled house, brushing past bits of rubble to find the stair case underneath.

“Not. Dead.” Alex said over the Orcs shoulder before flicking his wrist into its temple blowing a straight hole through its head with a smirk over his face and a blood lusted look in his eye.
The Orc slowly dropped to the ground with a pale look in its eyes and a fixed shocked expression “This prophet of yours should have researched, could have saved your life.” Alex wiped the blood from his hand before flicking the other one into the rubble obliterating the smaller pieces and slightly moving the bigger ones revealing the start of the staircase.

“Alex, is that you?” Jaq’s distant voice came from the darkness.

“Yeah, come on out.” Alex sat down on a larger piece of rubble and searched his pockets.

“So how did you deal with this one?” Jaq queeried on his way out before seeing the body, a smile on his face that dropped when he noticed the body and decimated building.

“He didn’t know about the Phys-Shield.” Alex said calmly, a smile on his face as he found the last lollipop on his person placing it in his mouth within an instant. “He used nothing but physical attacks, the thin barrier almost broke, I assumed he could feel my breathing and or hear it so I stopped my breathing and held my fist under my armpit to slow my heart beat, making him think I was dead, that's all really.”

“So I take it you’re glad he couldn’t use magic? Stupid question, of course you are that would completely ignore the shield.” Jaq spoke with an indecent tone and a pleased chuckle.

“I suppose, but I would have dealt with him either way, what’s down the stairs?” Alex looked down to the stairs trying to look past the darkness.

“It’s an occult meeting area, I guess, bunch of dudes in robes chanting some nonsense over and over, it seems rather cliché if you ask me, they have a lot of guards most of them Orcs but there are some ghouls, most with firearms or swords, I couldn’t see any weapons on the cult members though so that must mean.”

Alex let out a sigh “Magic.”

“Exactly, I counted thirty people, ten of which were guards twenty were cult members, I presume there leader is deeper inside.”

“This prophet character I’ve heard about…” Alex dropped his head back and took a deep breath.

“You’re not thinking of going in are you?” Jaq looked at Alex for some time waiting for a response that never came. “Alex even I can see that you’re wounded, you’re elbow is broken and your shield can’t take much more damage and yet you want to go in?”

“I am going in, if I leave they’ll move location and it’s obvious that there doing some occult sacrifice shit, I can’t just let this happen in my Area, I can’t afford to make another mistake like that, I want you to go to Claire, bring her down in one hour at full strength, I’ll need it, after you do that I want you to go to Brenda and tell her to come to this location with a Wolf Squad, got it?” Alex looked firm and spoke strictly; there was no arguing with him.

“Brenda? But she’s” Jaq looked to his left and spoke under his breath “Scary…”

“Just do it.” Alex stood up and moved the left side of his Jacket away pulling one of two hooks hooking out a curved blade from his side that he pulled from the string juggling it between his arms before holding it in his left, the other arm being too damaged to use much pressure. “You have one hour Jaq, I’m counting on you.” With nothing but a sigh Jaq flew away, his glittery figure slowly disappearing in the distance along with the setting sun.

Alex hooked the blade under a large piece of rubble lifting it from the ground using the leverage of the curved sword to make up for his damaged arm, leaving the rubble lifted in place with the blade Alex slipped in and made his way down the dark staircase each step echoing down the long corridor.

Whispers could be heard coming from below, a sure sign that Alex was close to the end, making sure not to rush himself Alex carefully took each step trying not to make a sound, as he made it to the last step he finally was hit with light, a row of torches filled the straight corridor in a patterned fashion with two guards standing on side to one another staring down it. “I guess Jaq forgot to mention these two…” Alex muttered under his breath. With a deep breath Alex snuck his way behind the two lizard-men, Alex flicked both his wrists, one into each of the lizard-men’s spines reaching his arms around their shoulders grabbing a hold of their long mouths stretching out his arms thusly breaking the necks of the lizard-men slowly lowering them to the ground. “Lizard men are strictly from Area nineteen, what’s more…” Alex moved one of the lizard-men’s heads, a look of hatred lifting over him, “They’re from Decay.” Grabbing one of the lizard’s swords Alex continued down the corridor making no effort to be quiet as he slowly built up his speed, his clasp over the handle of the sword gradually tightening as his frustration built, soon Alex was in a full sprint down the seemingly endless corridor, swiftly two long necked shadows morphed into two more lizard-men, upon hearing Alex the two turned around with a back swing of their swords holding their rounded shields at their centre.
Alex bent his left leg and straightened his right sending him into a slide, using his damaged right arm Alex took hold of the right Lizards shield flipping himself around the lizard pulling the shield with him ripping the lizards arm off in the process, without a show of pain the lizard on the right swung its sword at Alex while the left raised its guard, blocking the attack with the sword in his left Alex kicked his leg at the Lizard arching it forward to which he stabbed the sword downwards into its scalp stealing its sword simultaneously seconds before throwing it into the other Lizards knee charging at it flicking both his wrists cracking its sword with his right and breaking its neck with his left.

Alex stood breathing heavily, his shirt and neck covered in blood along with his arms, with an arched back and eyes filled with Hatred he stared down the corridor his breathing gradually getting slower and slower, deeper and deeper.




Jaq arrived at Alex’s car slipping through the partially open window landing face first on the leather seat, looking up with his palm over his face Jaq looked through the gap of his fingers. “What in god’s name are you doing?” Jaq asked with a straight expression.

Claire, with a lit cigarette twice the size of her, widened her eyes dropping the cigarette on the floor of the car holding both her arms in the air with open palms looking from left to right, “I just… Just wanted to try it…” A long pause before the conversation continued, before Jaq walked quietly up to Claire punching her in the face.

“Stop being a dunce.” Jaq turned his back to Claire “Alex is in trouble, again.”

“He needs me to use the Magnite doesn’t he?”

“Yes, you best get going, you have forty minutes.” Without another word Claire raced out the car scraping her leg on the open window as she did, carrying on without a flinch. “I guess I better go get Brenda…” Jaq paused for a second before cringing as the memories of this woman played back to him, “Great.”



With his outfit covered in blood and a limp to his step Alex took his last weak step, his dead eyes staring at the cultists as they stood separately, five on each tip of a pentagram and the rest scattered around the circular wall of the room, directly in front of the doorway across the room stood a small room held by metal bars above the ground, even though he could not see them Alex knew that the prophet in question was watching him, intently, angrily, hatefully. “What brings you here, detective?”

“Oh, so you know who I am? Then you know that you need to hand yourself in.” Alex cracks his neck from left to right and smiled, “Or you’re going to the hospital.”

“Alex Disorn Eluvan; born in the beginning of the mystic age, his mother was Alexis Interida Eluvan; father, unknown, powers include slow yet efficient self regeneration, shifting, molecular vision, and the seal of Necrotis.” The occultists resited each word one after another, clearly to show they were expecting Alex’s arrival.

Alex started to make his way forward with his limping stride, his gaze shifting from left to right as he made his way to the pentagram, upon reaching the starting line of the pentagram Alex noticed a girl laying in the centre with blood surrounding her, with no hesitation Alex ran to the girl almost falling over after his first step, his breathing skipping and his eyes filled with grief. “You dare to intervene!” a booming voice came from the small room across the room but Alex did not stop, he bent down and grabbed the girl holding her tight in his arms as he frantically moved around the room trying to find an exit, a quick way of escape, using his molecular vision he attempted to see a weakness in a part of the wall, he scanned the room with wide eyes and no words.

“Pitiful soul, lost and alone, ripe and young, a leader of his own fruition, let thy blade taste the flesh of such a man, in the name of the Prophet.” Red snakes ripped out from the cultist’s hands and shot towards Alex, only using sound Alex jumped to the left completely avoiding one of the many snakes while another latched its mouth over his right leg two others only seconds after slamming into his back crushing him against the wall in front of him, moments before he connected with the cold brick he dropped the girl to the ground to save her from the impact, however, before she hit the ground another snake took hold of her and slowly took her to a dark figure behind Alex, the snakes now holding Alex by his limbs rolled him around spilling rubble over the ground along with the blood of Alex, with drooped eyes and a limped stature Alex laid his head on the wall glaring at the man.

With a black robe the man stood, his red glistening eyes glaring right back at Alex through the shadow of the hood, the red snakes floated around the man with their tongues slipping in and out, the man started to walk towards Alex with a stride stopping mid way as the snake holding the girl presented the female to him with a bow. “In case you were wondering, this little sacrifice here,” The man picked up the girl with one hand on her breast and the other holding her waist, his face leaning closer and closer to hers. “Her name is Jennet, lovely girl, half human, half elf, her blood is that of no other, pure and…” The man paused licking Jennet’s cheek with his snake like tongue, “delectable.”

Barley conscious Alex tried to lift his head, his blurred vision just making out the actions before him, with a squirm he managed to break free landing on his knees extending his arms to the girl, wanting, pleading to save her his eyes slowly widening as he fights the urge to close them, his body shaking and his mouth empty of his attempted words. “What’s wrong detective? Don’t tell me you’re dying.” the man’s gaze narrowed and he dropped the girl to the ground instantly arriving in front of Alex lifting him by his hair and with a mono voice “Pathetic.” is all he said before throwing Alex across the room into one of the metal poles cracking his head on impact.


“BRENDA” Jaq screamed out flying through the ceiling window crashing into a desk of paperwork, his exhausted wings folding into his back while he lay back on a pile of paper panting heavily. A woman with long blond hair moved her red glasses up with her index finger looking down to Jaq with a vindictive stare, her business outfit letting off a sense of seriousness and formality along with her black skirt and heals.

“Jaq” Brenda slowly spun herself to directly face Jaq.

“Yeah…”Jaq gulped a worried look over his face.

Brenda kicked Jaq across the room screaming as she did. “Knock next time!” Jaq slammed to the ground across the room from her standing up with a wobbly stature; his eyes spinning with his disorientation, Brenda kneeled in front of him holding him still by placing her index finger on his head. “So, why are you here?” Jaq took a few seconds to bring himself back together before looking dead straight into Brenda’s eyes.

“Alex needs you.” Brenda blushed instantly standing straight, her words harsh and her eyes filled with determination.

“GET WOLF SQUAD SEVEN!” she screamed marching out of the door and down the stairs no longer acknowledging Jaq.

“Phew, now I can just lay back and relax…” Jaq said as he placed his arms behind him laying his head back and closing his eyes, a smile over his face. “So that’s why he chose her.”

Brenda continued her march looking from left to right as she trailed back and forth, the soldiers standing either side of her with assault rifles placed at their right held by the butt of the gun, knives in their breast holsters and a pistol at their side, every soldier looked straight forward with their left hand saluting Brenda, their dark fur and pointed ears standing on end waiting for orders. “Squad Seven, our mission is to follow the track of Alex Eluvan and rescue him from the clutches of DECAY, a criminal organisation, a new one in fact, we don’t know enough about them to assess their ability or threat level, so be careful, our prime objective is the safe retrieval of Alex, is that understood?”

The Wolf Men answered in unison: “Yes mam!”

Brenda and her squad of wolf men marched out of the building and piled into a heavily armoured van, a green and gray tint to it and a plasma cannon attached to its roof with a gap for military placement, Brenda grasped the steering wheel took a deep breath and started to drive towards Alex’s location. “Stay alive Alex, please.”


A snake slithered over Alex’s still body held in a coffin of stone, the robed man standing over him his black, burnt hand reaching for his face, his demented bony fingers cracking as he moved them. “I’m running out…” The man held his arm back clutching it under his sleeve as he started to back away. “I’ll have to finish this another time.” Turning his back to Alex he started to walk towards the long staircase.

Rumbling started to vibrate from where Alex laid, slowly but surely a white light started to rise to the sky, Alex’s body following close behind it. “No, the seal of Necrotis was a dormant abili-“ The light burst to the clouds vibrating now at a higher frequency Alex’s body shaking with it, his back starting to arch as he grew ears from his head, a tail from his lower spine, a small coating of fur growing over his skin as his clothes started to rip with the reforming of his body, the back of his jacket and shirt ripping open as from each side two golden half circles appeared hovering millimetres from his back, a blue and white aura inside the half circles, Alex opened his now black eyes, with an emotionless stare to the man with the snakes.

“Yo-“ Alex slammed his palm into the man’s stomach ripping him through three layers of brick wall before appearing behind him stopping him by standing still, a gush of air followed slamming the man into Alex’s chest to which Alex held the man by the hair looking deep into his eyes with his black, emotionless gaze. “You truly are the son of Necrotis, we’re sure to meet again, young cub.”

 Alex growled slamming the man’s head into the ground but before contact was made the man disbursed into many black butterflies and made his escape, leaving an empty crater in the ground. Alex looked around with grumbles and growls coming from his mouth, running on all fours Alex ran up the stairs reaching the exit in no time, a rush of air following behind him as he ran down the street, a large van blocked his way with a blond woman standing with her arms crossed, a aggravated look on her face.

“We came to help you and all I come here to find is a charcoal of a man running for his life away from you, are you kidding me Alex?” The man sat in the van handcuffed with a drooped head and closed eyes, his bones almost seeping through his black skin. Alex snarled, the claws at the ends of his fingers growing in size as his back arched more and his eyes started leaking blood, a howl screeching from his snout before he charged to Brenda slashing at her neck.

Brenda grabbed Alex’s wrist slamming his head into the ground holding his arm behind his back with such unimaginable force the ground started to crack under the sheer pressure. “Men, I’m only just able to hold him, fire the tranquilizers, quickly.” Brenda’s arms started to shake as she struggled to hold Alex down as his form continued to change more and more into that of a wolf, snarls and growls breaching the hold, shot after shot pierced Alex’s skin with tranquilizers but still he started to break away from the hold, slowly pushing Brenda off of him.

“What the hell, that’s enough darts to take down a dragon!” One of the men yelled dropping his gun to help with the hold as the rest of them followed his lead all jumping onto Alex to hold him down but to no avail, Alex with little effort burst out from the bundle of body’s resting over him and with an outstretch of his arms sent out a shockwave of compressed magical essence, his eyes blood red, leaking a white fluid from the tear ducts, a look of pure monstrous ferocity in his eyes.

Brenda wiped blood from her bottom lip and walked to Alex, the air thickened around her as she tensed her body, turning her side to Alex, with a straight expression her palm inviting Alex to attack, and so he did, Alex dashed, jumping directly afterwards sending a straight punch down to Brenda who simply slapped his hand away catapulting him to the right crashing him into a building tumbling the brick layered walls to the ground.

“STOP!” A squeaky yet comforting scream charged through the air, Claire fluttered mid air between Brenda and Alex a green aura swirling around her and with the outstretch of her arms the aura became fixated on Alex who began to run through the street away from the aura jumping from walls and crushing cars, the aura swiftly followed dodging and weaving until it caught up with Alex wrapping itself around him holding him perfectly still as it slowly seeped into him causing his figure to slowly revert back to his normal self, his clothes torn and mind blank, he unconsciously lay in the street his back on the gravel road.

“Claire, what in god’s name was that?” questioned Brenda, gulping at the look of Alex, a blush over her face.

“It’s called Conscious revert; a magic that takes the victims mind back to where it was an hour ago, thus reverting Alex’s form, we’re not sure how it works like that with him but it’s our only hope to help him, so we use it.” Claire fell onto Brenda’s shoulder and fell straight asleep, the spell obviously over exerting her.

As Alex lay still; memories of the past rush through his mind, a montage of unseen, mixed Illusions.

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