A tale of heroes aligned

A tale of heroes aligned follows the stories of adventurers, legends and monsters, each holding a part in the greater scheme of things. Action packed and full of exciting new discoveries, A tale of heroes aligned will be a 3 book series, each book starting at a different time to the last.
In part one we follow the tragic tales of both Alex and Jaq, together and apart.


3. Of man

“Do you two care to explain what happened back there?” Brenda dropped herself onto a wooden chair holding a glass of tea in her hand, a furious look about her.

“Well you see, um, Claire you care to explain?” Jaq moved away slowly bringing Claire to the front, a nervous smile covering him.

Claire sat at the edge of the table with her tiny body; she slipped her legs through the gap of the table and politely looked to Brenda with a smile. “As you already know Alex is a creature descended from fairies however he is also the creature most closely related to humans, aside from the mayor of course; for a reason out of my knowledge he is unable to use magic with normal means and being so closely related to fairies he needs to release a bodies worth of magic each hour just to survive, us fairy’s do this simply by flying; our tiny body’s allow us to do so easily. After being told this Alex invented what he calls the psych-shield a small parameter around his body that uses compressed magical liquid that hardens upon impact, this uses more than enough magic for him to survive but his body collects magic from the air around him which is strange, fairies usually collect magic from the earth through direct contact; I can only take a guess as to why he changes form but keep in mind that it is only speculation at this point.”

“I understand.” Brenda said with a small nod, Claire opened her mouth to speak but her lips were covered swiftly by Jaq.

“Alright Brenda, now it’s your turn to feed information to us; what are you and how did you summon that amount of power so quickly?” Jaq spoke harsh and fast, his eyes narrowed and his stance was firm.

Brenda placed her hand on her temple and took a sip of her tea, “Alright, but we should go to my place to speak; I don’t want Alex waking up because of us.”

“That’s a good point.” Claire said as she flew up from the table coaxing Jaq to follow her, which he did; without a word.


Brenda opened the door to her house leaving it open for Jaq and Claire to enter before closing it, the inside of the house was clean; as expected, the furniture was aligned with the walls and a sophisticated decor mixed in with the house along with her obvious business dedicated household, with a masterful look about her Brenda sat on the black leather couch and nodded to Jaq seeing that Claire was occupied with the fish tank at the far end of the house.

“What mythic are you?” Jaq asked directly, still flying on the spot.

Brenda arched forwards and rested her chin on her fist. “I’m a mix; half werewolf - half succubus, the reason I don’t have the hair or the ears is simply because of the difference in the two creatures, the chromosomes must of had trouble or something along those lines; I can use some primal powers of each, all I really did was cause Alex to fall into my seduction and then used the pure strength of my werewolf side to counter what was left of his power; it wasn’t power but strategy that saved me, without the mix I would have been dead, on that note, Claire; care to explain Alex’s transformation into that beast?”

“As I said” Claire turned her head with a blank stare “It’s only speculation”

“That’s fine” Brenda answered before looking to Jaq with a smirk seeing that he was still in shock over her mythic ancestry, Jaq boggled himself within his own mind; Mythics are not supposed to mix breeds, it’s against the law, I’ve never heard of a mixing, he thought to himself slowly lowering to the ground

“Well,” Claire cleared her throat with a cough “Alex; I think, is also a mixed breed but his wolf side was dormant for some time or perhaps still is in some aspects, I presume the other side of him is not a werewolf or wolf man otherwise he would have ears or fur all the time as seen in all cases of this, he has a mix of an unknown creature, along with his shifter side, a rare mythic mixed in with an unknown mythic, but so far that’s all I have.”

“That’s a bit…” Brenda paused for a moment and raised an eyebrow, “Inconsistent… how did you come to that speculation?”

“Us fairies” Jaq interrupted “Can see magic spilling from a creatures body; Alex converts his magical energy into more of an aura around his body and he almost acts like a flare for Mythics with the ability to see magic; but when he transformed into that wolf-beast thing, his aura disappeared, he was no longer Alex, body or mind; nothing was left of him, his magical domain even changed.” Claire nodded with Jaq’s explanation but became frustrated by the end.

Brenda smiled noting Claire’s frustration and determining its reason. “The magical domain; so you mean that the build-up of his body’s magical ability changed? Did it change in its exact structure or its element?”

Claire continued to get frustrated but attempted to hide it. “More so the structure, the element didn’t change but had an addition of earth with his normal void slot.”

Claire spoke out in a burst of words. “WHAT IS A STRUCTURE, HOW DO YOU DETERMINE IT, HOW DO YOU SEE ELEMENTS, WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?” Claire took deep and parted breaths while looking back from Jaq to Brenda with narrowed, aggravated eyes.

“Calm down Claire, I forgot you couldn’t see that far into a Mythics structure, Brenda; will you explain it to her?” said Jaq

“Certainly” Brenda sat back and crossed her leg placing her index finger below her bottom lip, “The structure acts like a second set of veins next to the norm, the more veins of magic you have the more powerful the magic will be, creatures with the ability to see magic can usually see the structure clearly and determine the power of a mythic.” Brenda smiled and got a nod from Claire who was slowly calming down indicating she wanted Brenda to continue. “The same sort of concept goes with the elements, the colour of the veins determines the element, red for fire, blue for water, crystal for ice, green for earth, smoky for wind, purple for void and then the most rare, yellow; this is for light magic, only the mayor can use this magic so far but his human body doesn’t allow him to use more than one spell a day, or his magic will take over his blood stream and he will die - simply put.”

“I see” Claire bit down on her thumb and lowered to the carpet sitting herself on the soft fabric “So with a high enough magical conductivity you can see someone’s primal ability and output?”

“Basically yes, it’s a new but accurate way of reading one’s abilities” Brenda sat up from the couch, “Now, would the two of you like to share a cup of tea?”

“Do you have any small enough?” asked Jaq.

“I still have a toy tea set from when I was six.” Brenda chuckled.

“That’s degrading.” Both Jaq and Claire spoke in unison with furrowed brows.


Alex sat at his old chipped wooden table with bandages all over him, his right eye covered with a soft sash covered in blood, his body was truly in peril as well as his mind, as he sat completely still images of a life he never lived rushed through his mind, he was with a large shadow of a man being pushed on a swing, picking flowers, drawing and playing tag, questions of himself and the world he lives peeked through the images, who am I? Did I ever meet my father? Why did I come to this city? Obvious questions that he used to know the answer to but the endlessness of time chomped away at these answers while they sat in his subconscious waiting to be needed, left to rot, to die - gone.

With his left eye filled with terror and his body shaking he knew he was going insane, but his mind did not allow him to change, strict memories of the past no longer known to him was all he was allowed to see, a knock came at the door to his apartment snapping him out of his trance, with a quick shake of his head and a snap of his neck he walked to the door. “Hello?” no answer, Alex tried once more “Hello-“ the door slammed open crashing Alex backwards into his fridge, a man stood in the doorway with a bombastic grin over his face.

“Alex! Darling, sweetie, please, sit down.” The man spoke in numerous different tones, his sentences parted to match with his hand movements, Alex slowly reached to his back pulling his bladed gun out from behind him but before he could point it at the man it was kicked away from him by a man dressed in black. “Now, now, I’ve only come to talk, silly boy!” The strange man wore a purple top hat with a red ribbon, a green jacket open with a yellow t-shirt underneath, smoky pants with diamonds patterned onto them and blue pointed shoes.

Alex slowly started to stand up, a ringing in his ears caused by the smack to his head, “W-who are you?”

“Oh my! How rude of me,” The man bowed before announcing himself, “I am Felix Banesbridge, the mayor of this great city, a pleasure to meet you Alex.”

Alex blinked multiple times, his body limp and eyebrows raised, “You…” Alex paused, “You are the mayor?” Alex, dumbstruck fell back to the ground leaning his back on the fridge to support himself.

“That is what I said isn’t it?” Felix looked offended but attempted to hide that fact by giving a smile “I assure you, I am the mayor” Felix sighed “I was hoping I could talk to you” He looked to his bodyguards, “In private.” The utter of those words caused the bodyguards to scamper out of the room shutting the door behind them.

Alex sat up and brushed himself off. “Alright, seeing as you’ve assertively placed yourself in my house, I might as well hear you out.” Alex slowly blinked, “Sir.”

“Please, take a seat” Alex did thusly and crossed his leg over the other, a serious look about him, Felix kept a smile on his face and stared for just a moment, “Are you aware of your dormant powers, Alex?”

“I am now, but aside from yesterday’s events I had no idea.”

Felix giggled “Yes, yes I can imagine, well, me and my associates have developed quite an interest in you, in fact, we want you to join us, in the Z.I.S Elite Squadron where you will fight not just for this city but for the good left in this ravaged world, you will fight alongside legendary beasts and warriors and will be given cases the likes you have never seen, what do you say?”

Alex furrowed his brow. “Elite Squadron you say?”

“Yes, not many people get this opportunity Alex.”

“Do you expect me to jump up in delight, to be overjoyed and ecstatic over a simple invitation?” Alex leant over and stared into Felix’s eyes intently, “I do not join what I do not know, I do not accept what cannot be proven, I do not believe in the prospect of high power and I sure as hell do not care for empty invites, you can continue to give me cases, but I refuse to abandon the people of this city when they need me most.”

Felix sat in shock, no one to this date had refused his offer, nor have they spoken to him so rudely before. “Well,” Felix coughed into his hand, “Onto other matters then.” Alex nodded and laid back on his chair, his arms crossed and a proud smile over his face. “Our investigations department have discovered the origin of your, other side, it dates back far before the Mastirrion bomb hit.”

Alex raised an eyebrow, “So you’re telling me Mythics existed before the Mastirrion bomb? Before Zargan was built?”

“Yes.” Felix bent over and clasped his left hand into his right resting his chin over them, “Necrotis, not only is he one of the seven elemental gods but it seems that he is your father, do you have any memory of him?”

Alex’s eyes widened and his skin grew pale, the black figure he thought to himself, the swing, the flowers, the wolf, the blood, the guts. Alex’s eyes started to grow black, his skin spreading out fur.

“Oh no you don’t!” Felix lifted his top hat from his head and tapped Alex on the head, the red ribbon sprung off from the hat and tied itself around his neck, the ribbon slowly changed colour to a deep purple and simultaneously Alex started to change back to his former self. “Negative thoughts or emotions can materialize him, not only that, but if you sustain enough damage to the head and lose consciousness you might find yourself in a similar situation to yesterday.”

“Is this…?” Alex felt a ringing in his head and cringed, “Is this some sort of curse?”

“Nothing of the sort; it’s more like a defence mechanism, your shifter body can sustain more damage than some creatures but still, you have a flesh body, the power of Necrotis acts as an overdrive I suppose you could say, your power levels rise relentlessly and your structure changes not only in form but in the magical build-up.”

Alex stood up from his chair and sighed. “I’m going to assume you have much more to explain.. I’m going to brew some coffee, I need a stimulant to help process this.”


In the shopping street of Area13 Brenda, Claire and Jaq made their way back to Alex’s apartment, Brenda walked with the utmost of pride while Claire and Jaq followed loosely behind. “Brenda, are you sure we should go back?” Asked Jaq with a puzzled expression.

“Does it really matter?” Brenda turned herself around with a smile stretching her cheeks “Either way, we helped him out.” Brenda spoke under her breath. “He owes me.”

“I suppose that’s true.” Jaq flew with a new found happiness, for the first time he was able to help out his best friend, his companion, for the first time he was the one undamaged, Jaq flew past Brenda’s ear and with a cheeky tone said. “And yes, he does owe us.” Jaq smirked turning around to look at Claire; a burst of air smacked Jaq out of the air and into a brick wall of a small coffee shop, his wings ripping upon impact, blood spilling from his body while a gash over his stomach showed his insides as he slowly drooped down the wall, no screams and no words coming from his tiny mouth.

Claire’s eyes widened in horror a none scaled screech breathing her as she dashed to Jaq, tears running down her face and magic spilling from her wings as she travelled faster and faster, reaching Jaq in seconds, Claire softly placed Jaq on the ground and unsparingly of her magic started to charge him with energy one blow after another, a green blast spraying out every single time she slammed her palms into his chest, her voice now a jumping screeching mess “Jaq! Don’t die! Please…” Tears continued to run down her face, “I need you…”

Brenda looked to the direction of the blast with a murderous stare, no emotion aside from the intent to kill leaking from her, to her sight a man wearing full white clothing stood just out from an alleyway with his arm forefront and palm open, a white fluffy jacket with white pants and shoes, a pair of headphones over his neck and no emotion coming from his face, a blank stare returned Brenda’s as the man slowly made his way towards her in such a pace that made him look robotic. “Brenda. Mixed breed, Powers include super strength, seduction and base level magic. Mission importance; zero.” The man smiled. “Easy pickings.”

Brenda charged with a blood curdling scream, her eyes stretched with anger and her sharp pointed teeth dripping with her own blood, a black spiked tail ripped out from her skirt along with a pair of black wings, her skin changing slowly to red with small black hairs, Brenda sent a roundhouse kick to the man that was ducked with minimal effort; the man simply jabbed Brenda under her kneecap sending both the force of her kick and his punch straight into the air, a crack could be heard as Brenda screamed once again before flying a safe distance from the man, her breathing heavy and complexion terrifying. “Who the hell are you?!” She ordered an answer out of the man.

The man answered simply with a straight stature, his hand held on his hip. “Nelmon Tremblemen.” Nelmon looked at his hand clenching it with a smile. “Pure blood vampire. Wind magic.” With a constant spinning current of air under his feet Nelmon started to rise into the air. “In other words,” Nelmon clicked his fingers materializing a white broadsword into his right hand, moving the overly large sword over his shoulder; Nelmon held the handle with both hands and smirked. “You stand no chance, easy pickings.”

With ripples of air shooting out from behind them the two charged at one another, Brenda with a look of hatred, Nelmon with one of lust.

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