A tale of heroes aligned

A tale of heroes aligned follows the stories of adventurers, legends and monsters, each holding a part in the greater scheme of things. Action packed and full of exciting new discoveries, A tale of heroes aligned will be a 3 book series, each book starting at a different time to the last.
In part one we follow the tragic tales of both Alex and Jaq, together and apart.


4. A second soul

Felix and Alex met one another in a deathly gaze; Felix smiled to Alex and was returned with a smirk. “Are you sure you want to do this Alex?” Felix yelled out from across the basketball court, the old ruined portion of Alex’s Area left behind by those who could not be controlled.

“I’m sure, I need to determine something” Alex clenched his fingers placing his right leg behind him with his back arched forwards and his eyes narrowed

“Very well” Felix stood still and calm lifting his top hat from his head holding it at his side facing outwards. Alex charged at Felix weaving from side to side digging up gravel and concrete behind his every step, Alex stopped at Felix’s right side forcing his palm across into a small spin, Felix ducked and with a smile slammed his forehead into Alex’s stomach forcing him back some five meters before tossing his top hat into the air running to Alex sliding his leg through the air to connect with Alex’s lower left rib, with a grunt Alex held Felix’s leg under his arm clutching his knee with his other hand and with a growl lifted Felix into the air catapulting him to the pole across the court.

With both feet Felix pushed off the pole bending it to the ground as he left it, as he spiralled through the air Felix caught his top hat and from it he pulled a golden Rapier, sliding the hand which held the hat through the Air Felix filled the area with smoke

Alex widened his eyes seeing a sparkle in front of him, the point of the Rapier pointed directly at his right eye with Felix standing behind the blade bent down with a cocked arm, ready to stab “Game over?”

“Yeah, game over” Alex moved the Golden point with his index finger and sat on the ground with his legs crossed and sighed “Okay, as we agreed; I’ll continue my work and complete special missions from you simultaneously”

“That’s all good and well Alex” Felix placed his top hat back on his head and smiled bending down to look directly at Alex “but for now we should probably help your friend Brenda, she is in the midst of a battle with an opponent she cannot beat, not alone”


With her face in the dirt and her back crushed under a rock Brenda screamed out in agony, the terrifying figure of Nelmon standing in front of her, his eyes bloodshot red and his body unscathed; Lifting her from her hair Nelmon licked his lips and moved closer and closer to hers speaking almost directly into her mouth. “Half bloods like you really piss me off, you think that simple hard work and dedication will put the likes of you to the same of us; pathetic, you were born to serve the pure, to feed the pure, to” Nelmon lifted Brenda up further stretching her spine, a soundless scream caused tears to run down her face “to Pleasure the pure” Nelmon once again licked his lips and moved his head closer to Brenda’s, his eyes closing as he got closer and closer, Brenda tried to struggle but the more she did the more he pulled, the weight of the rock slowly crushed her as she was being stretched by Nelmon.

“To the evil come the spirits of the damned and to them the light shall shine through, Darker than dark the evil shalt ascend to the kingdom of spirits where even angels repent” A shot of flame crashed into Nelmon drilling into him as it forced him back further and further down the empty street, a figure dressed in full red stood over Brenda, tattered clothes hiding every portion of flesh “Brenda, are you alright?” the red clothed figure asked and with a single hand lifted the rock from her back.

“S-Simon?” Brenda cried once more but this time with tears of happiness “I’ve never been so happy to see you before”

“I’m not sure if I should take offense to that or not, but anyway” Simon carried Brenda over his shoulder “We should get you to a hospital, I don’t want to see you in the morgue just yet” Brenda smiled and in Simon’s safe arms she rested her eyes as the pain she felt subsided in his comfort.

“Filth!” Nelmon stood before Simon with his vampiric powers at a full, his build grew dramatically making him nine feet tall with a broad build, white wings from his back and his teeth Sharp and long, small stains of what were open wounds marked his face “You dare to attack a pure blood, a decaying peace of shit like you should rot in the sewers like the ones before you” Nelmon excessively slammed his palms through the air sending force after force of compressed air towards Simon.

Simon with a simple spin dodged one after another of Nelmon’s attacks stopping only to place Brenda back on the ground and with a smile he pulled off his hood revealing his rotted shrivelled face “Tell me, if you were so high and mighty, why are you working for a lower class organisation like DECAY?” Nelmon screamed sending a slash of compressed air to Simon who simply moved his body diagonally to evade the attack “An organisation created, formed and governed by ghouls like myself” Simon flicked out his arm and from his sleeve slid out a black knife covered in embers “No pure bloods, and only the simple goal to break the Kronos gate so that us Mythics can be just what we were originally, mindless beasts; such idiotic ideals, and I’m the piece of shit?”

“SHUT UP” Nelmon slammed both his palms into the ground and ripped a chunk of concrete the size of a small house from the earth, hurling it to Simon with a cry out as he did, the giant slab of concrete shot through the air leaving nothing but a cloud of dust as it connected over four hundred meters away from Nelmon.

“This guy has some strength to him” Simon sat with a shocked look over his face, his jaw dropped in awe as he looked towards a man with a black fedora, blue hair breathing the edges of his hat a vest and shirt covering his body with black pants and shoes to match, a red lollipop in his mouth, with his hands holding the concrete in mid air Alex looked back to Simon and smiled. “thank you for looking after Brenda, but I can take care of this scum; take Brenda to the hospital and if you can find the time, take Jaq, Claire is capable of healing him but she is running out of magic, I don’t want her to sacrifice herself for him, I can’t lose them both” Alex lifted the giant Concrete slab above him, a tensing in his arms and neck as he slammed it into the ground breaking it into pieces “3” Alex closed his eyes and stopped his breathing “2” his muscles continued to tense “1” Alex opened his eyes that were now completely black “GO” Alex sprinted down the narrow path punching and kicking the broken slabs towards Nelmon on his way, the speed he travelled ripping apart the ground below him.

Nelmon punched away slab after slab of concrete, upon punching the last one away Alex sprung from behind it slamming his palm into Nelmon’s chest twisting it upon impact digging his fingers into his ribs as he continued to run crashing through a building and slamming Nelmon to the ground before jumping off from him waiting with his fist’s cocked in front of him and his legs constantly bouncing on spot.

Unable to see the battle between Alex and Nelmon Simon did as Alex asked and grabbed Brenda from the ground, checking her pulse to make sure she was alive; as she was, but her life was still in peril “You had best get moving” Felix said standing with his arms crossed in front of him and a smile over his face “The more I think about it the more I feel that the world didn’t change, we just could not perceive it for what it was, for what we were, we were broken from our illusion and within that we got scared and our minds were damaged, they say that I am the last human, but I think; I am just here as a vessel of our former perception; a reminder of what was and the change that will come to be, they or we are not monsters, to say so is to say that we always were” Simon looked to Felix slowly walking up to him with Brenda held in his arms.

“This changes nothing, ends nothing, is, nothing” Simon got closer and closer as he walked before passing Felix and sprinting in the direction of the nearest hospital

“So he still believes in the land beyond; naïve fool” Felix lowered the rim of his top hat to cover his eyes, sat down and watched the battle unfold, a smile over his face as he waited to see what Alex would do with his knew knowledge.

Claire cried out for help as rubble and dust flew past in the distance, blood and spit spraying past, she did not care, her body started to shrivel as she poured magic into Jaq excessively; her eyes growing pale and her complexion equally so, her tears stopped but her crying did not, empty of tears she grieved laying on her side with little magic left to offer.

In the distance Alex continued his fight with Nelmon, punches and kicks were thrown from both sides, a left jab blocked with a flick of the wrist and a kick dodged with a sway to the side, Alex and Nelmon were of almost even matching, the city crumbled under their might and re-built itself as it always had; magic in its own right. “Die!” screamed Nelmon sending a blast of air to Alex that ripped through his shield slamming him into the ground, blast after blast crashed into Alex until he found the energy to roll out of the way using the dust from the pressure to hide himself as he flung open the sides of his jacket pulling on a hook from his left side, upon doing so a straight sword sprung from his side attached to some thick elastic, the blade shot through the air ripping through Nelmon’s left cheek leaving a deep gash; with a pain ridden growl Nelmon grabbed the sword by the handle and pulled on it bringing Alex closer to him.

“Now Rem!” Alex yelled and as he did a force of pure energy burst from his chest travelling up the elastic and through the blade, Nelmon’s hand burnt upon this, causing him to drop the blade with a scream of agony, his hand slowly started to burn to ashes stopping only at his wrist. Alex with a smug smile held out his hand and clasped the now glowing sword from the air as it shot back to him via the elastic.

“You tricked me, you trash, embodiment of filth, piece of-“Alex held Nelmon by his throat slamming him to the ground with little force but enough to keep him in place for the moment.

“Do not talk so lightly of me Vampire, pure or not you are of no higher esteem than me, if I am trash, then so are you” Nelmon screamed spitting on Alex as he struggled to get free; Alex simply tightened his grip and pushed Nelmon further into the ground, the ground cracked under the pressure and a crack could be heard from Nelmon’s bones. “I will not kill you, you are not worthy of that release; you are to spend the rest of your days as a message, a bad omen for the rest of your kind, the evil in this area, this city, this world; stands no chance against the judgment of the people” with that Alex flicked his wrist at Nelmon the force from his energy knocking him unconscious with a single blow; the battle subsided and the area rebuilt itself to its former image.

“So you figured it out huh?” Felix stood behind Alex with an expressionless face

“Yeah, I suppose so” Alex looked at the glowing blade as it slowly seeped down the Elastic and back into its holster, the sword following as Alex placed it. “Rem; my brother huh?”

“The child that your mother never birthed, you and he, the sons of Necrotis, Alex and Rem; forced to be of one entity; two souls in a single body, you have quite the journey ahead of you my boy” Felix smiled and with a flash of light he was gone leaving nothing behind, not even a scent.


Simon stared to Brenda from the end of her bed anxiously waiting for her to awaken, his eyes trembled as he held back a shower of tears, Brenda the love of his life, his drive, his world; before him, unbeknownst once again of his protection. “Sir, you need to leave” the nurse ordered, bubbles floating up from the water bowl that kept her fish body alive on land.

“Forgive me for my sins and the body’s I hath taken; a needed step for the divine intervention of my brethren” Simon spoke as he swayed his way to the nurse and with a sadistic smile he slashed her neck with his hand catching her before looking back to Brenda with that same smile now covered in blood. “Soon, soon you shall witness a world of the purest kind, a world of healthy, hatred”

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