The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder


3. TWO

"Sweetheart, it's really nice here in Cania. Just come and stay with me for a week so you will know." Paul begged over the phone. He was standing just outside the pub where a welcome dinner and drinks was held for him by his new company.

"Paul, you know that I don't want to leave the country," was his girlfriend, Jewel's answer. 

Paul closed his eyes and rubbed his temple with his thumb. "Jewel I want us to be together. How do you think our relationship would work out with us being far apart from each other."

"You had a choice Paul, and you chose to leave. You know that I have a career here-"

"Sweetheart you still can continue your career here in Cania, I'm sure there are hospitals who needs pediatricians-"

"No," Jewel answered firmly.

Sighing he said, "I will call you back when you cooled down. You seem to be hot tempered today,"

"Goodbye Paul,"

"I love you,"

The line went dead.

He stared at his phone in disbelief. The two of them had been together for four years both have different dreams and plans in life but Paul thought that one day they would fall into one dream and plan. Jewel belongs to a family of doctors, her father is one of the best cardiologist in Mirinthul, her mother a gynecologist. Jewel's older brother an anesthesiologist, next in line a sister who is a Neurologist, third a brother - an orthopedic surgeon then youngest is Jewel. Paul understands that Jewels family rooted in Mirinthul, and she doesn't want to live in another country to share her expertise in her field of work, especially when she works at their family hospital.

He talked to her about dreaming to work abroad one day instead of focusing on their family business and Jewel had just nodded and smiled, he must have known from the beginning that she wasn't into the idea of working abroad.

When Paul's father found out that he was leaving the country to work for another company, his father was devastated. He wanted Paul to work in their family business, but Paul wasn't up for the idea. Sure his family owns Jade Verse Mall, which had been spreading almost all over the world and Paul and his siblings have their own shares from the first four malls that had been put up in Mirinthul ever since they were kids, which makes them billionaires. Sure the finances came in handy when his father gave him his trust fund at the age of 20 which was still growing each year, but he was more interested in earning his own, working his ass out to have what he got. He actually got his own savings which wasn't as huge as his trust fund, but definitely enough for him to get his own mansion in a wide land and five cars.

But Paul is such a simple man, and showing off was never him at all.

"Hey buddy," it was Ian. "What are you doing out here?"

"I was just talking to my girlfriend," Paul answered.

Ian grinned. "Is she here with you?"

"She's in Mirinthul. I'm trying to talk her into moving here in Cania,"

Ian nodded his head and lit a cigar. "That's a good plan. It's pointless to be living far away from your girlfriend especially if you are planning to get married."

"I'm hoping she says yes," he was actually worried that he can't talk Jewel into moving with him in Cania. The conversation earlier was pretty clear, but he's not giving up.

Ian's phone rang. "Just a second," he told Paul, then answered his phone. "Hello sweetheart, where are you? You and your team bailing out tonight?"

Who was he calling sweetheart?, Paul thought. Must be one of the women in the company.

"Hurry up, see you later." Ian returned his phone into his front pocket and spoke to him, "That was Lee. She and her team are working on some data for the sales team."

Paul remembered Lee, the skater girl. Why was her name Lee? "Hardworking girl," Paul said. It was almost seven thirty and she's still at the office with her team.

Ian nodded her head. "She is. Lee had been working for three years in the company and ever since she started she's done a really good job. She reaches more than the expected number of data's we need for her to build in a day. Most of our database were built by Lee. After six months of hard work I decided to make her Research Director, of course salary increased a little higher and I told her to hire a team. And just like Lee, her team as hard working as she is."

"Good to know they are," Paul smiled. It was pretty obvious that Ian adored and is proud of Lee.

Ian took a last swig of his cigarette and the two of them went back inside the pub.

Paul had five more beers when Lee and her team arrived. Two women including Lee and three men. The guys who were as tall as Paul was, took an empty table and connected it to the other end and the research team settled down. 

"Glad you made it Lee!" a man from the sales team called at her.

Lee nodded her head and said, "Your database needed cleaning,"

"Sorry about that Lee," Annie, the sales director apologize.

"Don't worry, me and the gang got it all done," Lee answered smiling and sat between two men. She caught Paul staring at her and she nodded her head.

Paul nodded his head back and smiled.


***     ***     ***


"Look who's here," Alex whispered in her ear an hour and a few beers later.

Lee furrowed her eyebrows. "Who is it?"

Alex nodded to the other end of the table where Ian and Paul sat. Their table was really noisy, all teams were talking and so was Lee's team. Penelope was sharing a table with Paul and Ian. Then she saw Jake and Ian shook hands, Ian introduced Jake to Paul and they shook hands too. Her heart beat went faster. 

Lee watched as Jake talked to the two men for a couple of minutes then looked like he was leaving. Her heart sank, as Jake started to walk away from them, but her insides churned when he was headed to her team looking at her.

"Lee!" Jake greeted opening his arms wide.

Lee stood up and moved out of the table to embrace Jake. God he smell so nice! "Hey Jake,"

"Hi everyone," Jake waved to her team.

The team said their hello's and went back to mind their own business.

"Looks like Ian got you a handsome Defence Director," Jake said his hand rested in the middle of her back.

Her feet was starting to feel cold.  "Yeah, looks like the women of Paire Amster are so into him," Lee said. She had been observing the women since she got there, and so far they had all flirted with Paul. He was impossibly handsome anyway, she can't blame the women for that.

"Aren't you attracted to him?" Jake asked.

She rolled her eyes. I've always been attracted to you, don't you know?, she wanted to say. "I don't wanna fall in line with those girls. They can have him. So who are you with?"

"My girlfriend," he answered.

And just like that, all those feelings she had for him all those fantasies just crumbled down. So he's got a girlfriend after all! That's why he never asked her out on a date! "Cool," she answered. "Where is she?"

"She's waiting for me on the second floor," Jake answered.

"You should go, you don't want her to wait to much," Lee told him smiling.

Jake sighed and nodded his head. "I really miss you Lee," he said embracing her tightly.

She smiled sadly as her cheek rested on his chest, he was a very tall guy and she was short so it was impossible to rest her head on his shoulder. Instead she embraced him tightly and nodded her head and said, "Me too."

"I'll see you around," Jake told her and waved goodbye to everyone then went to his girlfriend.

Lee sat back between Alex and Ethan, a sad look on her face.

"Why the sad face Lee?" Darlene asked.

"He's got a girlfriend," she answered. Her team knows about her and Jake.

There were a few 'oh's' from her team.

"Since when?" Benjamin asked.

"Probably for a long time," Lee answered.

"Hey, let him go," Ethan said. "He's gonna regret not asking you out on a date."

Lee laughed. "I'm fine guys," she told them, which she truly was. She was never looking forward to having a relationship with Jake, she somehow had that thought behind her back that Jake treated her like a sister. "It's really nothing at all."

Lee drank a few more rounds, at around eleven she decided to leave. She said goodnight to her team and to everyone, carrying her skateboard on her left hand she walked out of the pub and waited for a cab. She waited for five minutes but no cab came to the curb of the pub! Just as she was about to ride on her skateboard and cruise to the nearest bus stop someone called her name.


She turned around and found Paul and Ian walking towards her. "Hey,"

"No cab?" Ian asked.

"None so far, I'm headed to the bus stop."

"Where do you live again?" Ian asked.

"Tarnstead," she answered.

"I could give you a lift there," Paul offered looking at her.

"I'm fine, really-"

"Go ahead Lee, Paul can drop you off." Ian said. "I'll see you guys tomorrow,"

Lee watched as Ian waved good bye to them and went to the parking lot.

"Which street do you live?" Paul asked her.

"Canoga Square," she answered looking up at him. Good God! He is such a tall guy! Tall and handsome! When the two of them were introduced that morning Lee didn't have a good look at him, but right now she got a good picture of Paul. Dark brown hair, green eyes, long lashes, pink lips, probably didn't smoke. He is well built, lean muscled body. Why didn't he worked as a model? Lee thought silently. If someone from the modeling industry saw Paul they would probably recruit him, he's the model type of guy. No flaws at all, he was just perfectly maid! His girlfriend must be very lucky.

"I live there too," Paul said smiling. "My car's on the outside parking lot, I'll go get it wait for me here-"

"I can walk with you," she cut him off.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Of course," she answered.

The two of them started walking, then a few cabs drove into the curb of the pub. Great, Lee thought silently. Why haven't these idiots came earlier.

"Are you staying in a condominium?" he asked her, opening the passenger side of his car to let her in.

"In a flat actually," she answered when Paul hopped into the drivers side and started the engine.

"Which flat?"

"At Lazy Cottage,"

Paul looked at her. "I live there too, on the seventh floor."

She smiled. "So you are my new neighbor," she said, somewhat excited. What a coincidence!

"So it's you on the seventh floor?!" he asked amused.

Lazy Cottage is a ten story building flat and on each lever were only two flats. So yes, each flat has really wide spaces, and wide rooms.

"How come I never saw you?" he asked as they headed home. "I've been here two weeks ago, I thought I didn't have a neighbor because your apartment is really silent."

"I sound proofed it," she answered. "I'm just there the whole time, but once I'm inside I never go out anymore."

"What was the sound proofing for?" he asked.

"My previous neighbor got little kids three of them. I usually have my volumes turned up when I feel like it and when I host parties, so I sound proofed my flat for the family not to be disturbed."

Paul nodded his head. "How long have the family been at my place?"

"A year," she answered. "They left when the mister got another job in another country. They move from one place to another."

"That must be hard for the wife and kids," he answered.

Lee shrugged. "The wife is willing to go to places as long as their family was intact."

"Lucky husband,"

She didn't know what he meant by that, so she went silent.

They entered Tarnstead gates and reached their apartment five minutes later. They got out of the car and Lee pressed on the up button on the elevator. The doors opened and they went in then she pressed on 7. Seconds later the elevator door opened to their floor and Paul motioned her to go out first.

"Thanks for the ride Paul," she said walking towards her door.

Paul nodded his head and smiled. "Anytime,"

She locked the door behind her turned the lights on. If the women in Paire Amster knows that Paul was her neighbor, they'd ask her to have a party at her place. She shouldn't tell anyone at all! She didn't like to be used by women just to get to a man.



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