The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder



The next day was much busier than yesterday. Paul had glimpses of the race but most of all, he was assisting  exhibitors complaining. He'd been running to and fro to get things done in the race track. Nathan, Alex, Benjamin and Ethan were busy as well. Nathan focused on the race focused on emergency, Alex was with Paul, Benjamin and Ethan were selling tickets on the two entrance.

Paul was standing under a tree when he saw Lee approaching the ticket booth. He watched as she went inside to deliver more tickets and wrist bands, then waited for her to come out. He prayed that she would walk towards him. Last night was the most wonderful night he'd ever had ever since he joined the company. 'Till now he couldn't believe he actually made love to her. It wasn't just sex, because there was something last night, it wasn't lust at all. He adored the way she lay naked under him, she was such a wonderful sight and he couldn't get enough of her that they made love again in the morning before she went back to her room. He never expected to feel that strongly for Lee, he only see her as a friend and there was nothing special at all. But that accidental kiss at the concert made him want more of her. And he did, and she didn't complain she wanted it too but for how long he didn't know. Ethan was right, Paul likes Lee and he couldn't believe that he's got to make love to her to find out what he truly feels.

Minutes later Lee walked out the ticket booth and walked towards him smiling. She looked like and angel wearing a white shirt, a blue faded pants and a blue sneakers. Her hair tucked under a blue cap. "Hey," she said.

"Hi," he answered, pulled her to him and kissed her.

Lee kissed him back but slightly dislodge herself from him. "Paul, they might see us!"

He grazed the back of his hand on her cheek. "So what darling?"

She stared at him in disbelief. "We don't want them to know right?"

"We never discussed that last night," he pulled her once more for a kiss.

She kissed her back but this time pulled away and stood a meter away from him. His hands held both her hands. "We can't do this Paul."

Paul furrowed his eyebrows. "What do you mean by that? You're breaking up with me?"

"Did we even became boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asked pulling her hands away from him, eyebrows raised. "We were drunk last night Paul. It wasn't meant to happen."

"So you never felt anything while we were making love?" he demanded. What the hell's wrong with her?

Lee looked into his eyes. "This will complicate things, our work! I don't want to have an affair at the office-"

"You aren't having an affair!" Paul cut her off. "You are my girlfriend, you became my girlfriend since last night. There is nothing wrong with us having a relationship because you don't have a boyfriend and I don't have a girlfriend either."

"But we work in the same company!"

"No one ever told me it was illegal to have a girlfriend in the company I work for."

"I am not doing it!" she said angrily.

He paused and looked at her. "Oh, I understand. You don't want to be with me because you like Ian! Now I know, you truly have feelings for him! What's in him that isn't in me Lee? Is it because he's rich-"

She slapped him. "You have no right to tell me that!" she said through gritted teeth.

"Then why him?!" he asked angrily.

"I don't like Ian the way you are thinking Paul,"

"Oh really?" he asked icily. "Because it's the only reason I could think of for you not wanting to be my girlfriend."

"You are such an asshole! I wish last night never happened!"

"Look at me and tell me that," he crossed his arms across his chest.

Lee just looked into his eyes and walked away. 

Paul punched the tree angrily. Dammit!, he thought silently.  What is wrong with her. I don't believe she never felt anything last night! More so he couldn't believe that a woman could easily turn her back on a guy she had made love last night and that morning. Are women these days like that? Because Paul had always been attached to the women he had slept with, well of course if he has feelings.

"Dude, are you alright?" someone asked. It was Ethan. "You're hand is bleeding what happened to you? Come on let's get that fixed."

Five minutes later the two of them were in the mini clinic, Paul's hand bandaged.

"Who did you punched?" Ethan asked when they were back outside.

"The tree. I don't understand her," said Paul. "Why is she acting like last night never happened?!"

Ethan looked at Paul and his mouth dropped open. "You had sex with Lee?!" a smile starting on his face.

"Yes, and I only realized last night that I do have feelings for her after we made love." Paul sighed. 

"So what's the problem now? Why do you have to punch that poor tree?"

"She didn't want to be my girlfriend. She said that she don't want to have an affair in the office. Then I told her that she likes Ian more because it's all the reason I could come up with for her not wanting to be with me."

Ethan shook his head. "Oh Paul. Lee may have a crush on Ian, they may exchange endearments at the office or act sweet like they are couples but that ends there. Everyone knows in the office that Ian got the hots for Lee, but only our team knows that Lee would never date Ian. You know why? Because the guy has a family and Lee don't want to become a mistress."

Paul shook his head. "Still that does not explain why she doesn't want to be my girlfriend."

"Let me talk to her okay?" Ethan said. 

"Okay," answered Paul. 

"For the record, I'm glad you two had sex."

Paul looked at him weirdly. "Why do you want so much for me and Lee to be together? And by the way it's making love not sex. Sex to me is doing a whore."

Ethan laughed. "Alright, make love. I want you to be together because Lee is a really wonderful woman. She's like a sister to me, and I want someone to take care of her. She seem so sad without a boyfriend."

"If you find Lee a wonderful woman, why didn't you date her?"

"Nah, that feeling of liking her more than a friend never came. We are just close and she's helped me a lot, not only at work but with my feelings for Penelope."

Paul raised an eyebrow. "You and Penelope?"

"No. Nothing ever happened to us. But I was so in love with her the first time I saw her, she just doesn't feel the same way form me. And Lee had been there through it all making sure I was okay and finally telling me to move on."

"So having relationship in the office is okay?" Paul wants to know.

"Of course it is," Ethan answered. "I don't know what Lee's reasons are though. Just give me a time to find out okay?"

"Thanks a lot pal," Paul said smiling.

The day ended with Paul exhausted. He took a hot shower when the gates closed then went for dinner at the hotel restaurant. His colleagues were already at the VIP, because he haven't seen any of them there. He was in the middle of his dinner when suddenly someone sat beside him.

"Paul!" it was Jewel. "I'm glad I finally found you after two days here! I missed you so much baby!" she threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

Paul pulled away from her and distanced his chair from where she sat. "What do you want Jewel?"

"Wow, you're so cold. Come to my room, I can do something to that coldness-"

"Since when did you become a bitch Jewel?" he looked at her.

Jewel was taken aback. "How rude of you to say that-"

"Didn't you even think of what you done to me?" Paul interrupted her. "You think that I'm still gonna come running after you?"

"You are in love with me Paul!"

"Well maybe there was a time," he answered. "But after I saw you fucking somebody else I don't think I can still be in love with you. You're nothing but a whore to me now Jewel." Paul stood up and left the stunned Jewel.

"I will never stop until I have you back Paul!"

Women! He couldn't understand them! There's one who's denying she feels the same way and is trying to get out of his life which he's not allowing to happen, and there's another one who acts like it's still the two of them and is wanting to get into his life which of course will never happen!  Instead of going to the VIP, he walked to the pool side and sat by the bar. He didn't want to see Lee, because it would only hurt if she avoids him.

"A beer please," he told the bartender who gave him his drink seconds later.

"Oh, there he is. I was wondering where you were."

"Ian, hey." Paul smiled at him.

Ian sat on the stool beside him and ordered a beer. "What's wrong? You don't enjoy the band?"

"I just want to be away from the crowd." he lied.

Ian laughed and shook his head. "Away from the crowd or from Lee?"

Paul took a deep breath and looked at Ian. He knows that his boss is in love with Lee, someone probably told him about what happened earlier. "What are you talking about?"

Ian drank his beer till it was half full. "I saw you last night with Lee on the platform. I saw you two head back to the hotel, I saw Lee in the elevator this morning when I came in from my floor. She's on the fifth floor Paul, I know she spent the night at your room. And I saw you kiss her this morning at the race track."

Paul gulped. No wonder Lee didn't want to go on with the relationship because Ian is a threat. It's Paul's fault too, he already knew Ian had been liking Lee but he just crossed over that line. "Ian I can explain. I am sorry for what happened. I didn't mean to go overboard-"

Ian laughed. "What are you talking about?"

"I know you are in love with Lee,"

"You do?" Ian asked looking at him.

Paul nodded his head. "I can tell. And I apologize if I've offended you-"

Ian laughed once more. "Hey, stop it Paul. You have nothing to apologize about. I do love her and we have all these bullshit couple talks in the office but that's nothing. Lee had never showed any interest on me at all. I'm just worried about her that's why I came looking for you."

"Is something wrong with her?" he asked worried.

"She's just not smiling anymore. She's drinking beer like it's the end of the world."

Paul looked at his beer. "I really don't know what to do Ian."

"You two had a fight? After what happened? What is it about?"

Paul told Ian the conversation he had with Lee that morning.

Ian shook his head. "Wrong move Paul. You shouldn't have mentioned me. We all know that Lee isn't the type of girl who sleeps with married men. As for having relationships in the office it's not a problem with me at all as long as you both do your job and your fights won't affect your work."

"So why doesn't she want to be with me?" Paul asked frustrated.

"I have no idea Paul. I am not Lee. Why won't you go ask her?"

"Is it okay with you?"

"Of course!"


***     ***     ***


She was vomiting into the sink. Why did she ever had lots to drink! It wasn't like she broken up with a boyfriend! She just slept with the hottest man in their office and had refused to be his girlfriend. There was nothing big at all, but she wanted to get drunk because deep down inside her she wanted to be with Paul!

She heard the doorbell sound but ignored it and went on vomiting. Then there it was again. "Who is it?!" she called. No answer. She threw up again and decided to let that vomiting feeling subside before she went to open the door.

"Lee, is everything okay?" Paul had a worried look on his face.

Lee nodded her head. "I'm okay, I just had a lot to drink."

"Can I come in?" he asked. 

"Sure," she let him in, then locked the door behind her. She stared at his back, the back she scratched this morning, he actually got marks and he said he loved it.

"Tell me, why you don't want to be with me?" he asked turning to look at her.

She quickly looked away and sat on the vanity chair facing him. She didn't want to sit on the bed, because with one move he can lay her down and undress her. He moves so fast. "Because I am not used to relationships anymore Paul,"

Paul knelt in front of her and rested his hands on her knees. "Darling, I promise you I will never leave you."

Lee shook her head. "You can't say that. We don't know what the future holds. My ex boyfriends had told me that before. They will never leave me, we will be together forever. Look what happened, I'm left all alone while they have such wonderful families. Married with kids."

He squeezed her hands. "I am truly sorry for what happened in your past. But I can't do anything with that anymore. What I can offer you is here with me. Please be my girlfriend, give me a chance to prove to you that I am worthy of your love."

She laughed. "What love are you talking about? We just had sex twice Paul."

He smiled gently at her. "To you it was sex. But I was making love to you Lee. Ethan had been right about what he saw, that I really liked you. I can't believe it took me to make love to you just to realize what I'm feeling."

"Ethan told you you like me?" Lee asked in disbelief. 

Paul nodded his head. 

"Why would he do that?! He told me that too, but I never though he'd have the face to tell you."

"I'm glad he did." He leaned forward for a kiss but Lee stood up quickly. "Please don't be hard on me Lee."

"I was vomiting Paul, I think I need to brush my teeth before you kiss me."

"You vomited?!" 

Lee nodded her head.

Paul stood up and embraced her then kissed her anyway. "Vomit or not I still want to kiss you. Go freshen up, I'm feeding you some food."

An hour later Lee was having a hot chicken soup at a twenty four hours restaurant two blocks away from the hotel. Paul was having coffee and was watching her. 

"You feel better now?" Paul asked.

She nodded her head and smiled at him. "Paul, I have to clear things out."

"No you're not breaking up with me again Lee."

Lee laughed. He's truly a romantic. No wonder his ex wants to be back with him. "I am not breaking  up with you. If this is what you want-" he raised an eyebrow at her. "Don't give me that look Paul."

"Don't you want to be my girlfriend?"

"I do."

"Then why do you sound like you don't want to be in a relationship with me?" asked Paul.

Sighing she answered. "The reason why I never went dating and never want to have relationships again is because there is never a happy ending. All my ex boyfriends are married now with kids while I am left alone. I'm gonna admit," she paused and looked at him. "I am attracted to you. But I can kill that feelings, I am always good at it and I never expected last night to happen. So you see, as days would come I so sure that my feelings for you will develop more and more, and I don't want to be left alone again."

Paul reached out to squeeze both her hands. "You won't be left alone again Lee. I know you think I'm crazy, but I swear on my life that we are never breaking up for as long as I live."

"Yeah you're crazy," she said smiling. How she wished it were true. "I don't want to have false hopes Paul. Let's take it one step at a time."

He nodded his head. "No false hopes. But remember today, when I tell you that I will keep you forever."

Lee laughed. "You're a hopeless romantic! That's why your ex wants you back."

"Good luck to her."




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