The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder



After the car show the events office was given a week off. Most people who weren't from Cania went to their home countries. Lee thought Paul was going to Mirinthul but he stayed with her and suggested that they go to Lorwick.

"Are you serious?" she asked him on Sunday evening. The two of them were cuddling in Paul's sofa.

Paul kissed the back of her head. "Yes I am serious."

"They will find out about us." She shifted her position so she was looking at him.

He kissed her lips. "That's exactly what I want. I want them to know that we are official boyfriend and girlfriend."

Lee raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Don't you want them to know?" Paul frowned.

"Well of course I want to," she paused. "I always wanted them to meet someone again. But they will be surprised when they see you."

"You can tell them ahead so it won't get awkward."

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. "I will do that."

They kissed and made love the whole night. It felt so wonderful to be loved once more, to have a man take care of her. It's the best feeling and she never thought she would ever be in that situation once more. At last weeks show, they only had time together in the evenings since it had been really busy. One night Paul had asked her what she was to do with the dating site and she automatically answered that she already deleted her account and in the first place she never had interest in dating those men.

As for their colleagues, some women of course were jealous about the new relationship and even went to the extent of not talking to her and whispering to each other whenever she passes by. While the rest of the people in the office had congratulated her and Paul. Even Ian had personally congratulated her and told her that he was happy about the relationship just as long as it won't get into the office jobs. 

Paul on the other hand had been very happy about the two of them together, and he's so proud of her. Whenever they are together he always held her hands, kissed her forehead, her nose, her cheeks. He's the sweetest guy ever and it won't be long until she's finally fallen in love with him. 

At seven a.m. the following day, Lee called her mother. She was sitting on Paul's bed, he was still asleep so she got up and went to his kitchen.

"Ryder's residence," her mother answered.

"Hey mom," 

"Oh Scarlett! Why the early call?" her mother asked.

"Good morning mom. I was wondering if you and dad are home for the week?"

"Of course we are," her mother answered. "You're coming over?"

"Yeah," she paused.

"Oh wonderful! I'll cook your favorite food!"

"Thanks a lot mom," she said smiling. "There's another thing though,"

"Sure honey what is it?"

"My boyfriend will be coming over too."

"You have a boyfriend?! Oh baby that is the most wonderful news I've ever heard! Let me go tell your dad-"

"Mom wait," she cut her mother off her excitement.

"Yes is there anything else other than that? Are you engaged? Or pregnant?!"

Lee laughed. "No of course not - yet. My uh boyfriend is - Paul."

"I knew it!" her mother said in excitement. "You two come on over now! I'm gonna tell your father and your siblings about it!"

"Thanks a lot mom." After talking to her mother she went back to Paul's room and lay back down beside him.

Paul stirred and smiled at her, he placed his arm under her head so she was lying on his arm. She threw her leg and arm over his body and kissed his cheek. He turned his body so he was facing her and kissed her forehead. 

"Good morning darling," he greeted.

"Good morning sweetheart," she smiled at him. "I called mom and told her."

His eyes were now wide open. "You did? And what did she say?" he asked, his free hand caressing the back of her body down to her bottom, she was wearing only his shirt on.

"She's excited," Lee answered smiling at him, and starting to get wet with what he was doing. She could feel her boyfriend getting a hard on against her leg. "She said she's telling dad and my siblings."

"Does she know its me?" asked Paul.

Lee nodded her hear.

"I love you," he said.

"I know," she answered.

The two of them kissed and Paul lay her back on the bed and he was now on top of her. He kissed her and trailed his tongue down to her throat then kissing the curves, then trailed his tongue down to her breasts and sucking each one while his hands squeezed her mounds. Lee closed her eyes, and bit her lower mouth as her body moved under his. Paul took off her shirt and lapped on Lee's nipples, it felt good. He then trailed down kisses to her navel and to her vagina and began sucking her clit, licking her folds as his hands kneaded her breasts. Lee let out a soft cry, as he nipped on her clit. Paul stopped and she looked at him. He took off his boxers while he looked into her eyes hungrily. Licking his upper lip made Lee even wetter. He crawled back down on the bed, kissed her and positioned his penis against her wet vagina. Lee rested one leg on his hip, and he took it with his arm so she was stretched wider as he slowly entered her. When he was finally in, he pushed a little harder and she had him to his helt. Lee gave out a cry of pleasure as Paul began to move slowly while he kissed her. She would never give up this wonderful mornings for anything else!

They made love twice, the second one in the bathroom. She then put on Paul's fresh clothes a shirt and a short then went to her apartment to get dressed. Minutes later Paul came in and found her in her bedroom.

"I was thinking," he stood behind her, the two of them looked at each other on their reflection at the mirror. Paul's hands snaked down her hips then to her waist, he did that while they were talking.

"Thinking of what?" she asked combing her hair sideways.

"Maybe you should move in with me," 

Lee stopped herself. 

"Did I say something wrong?" Paul asked her.

"You're serious about that?"

"Yes I am." answered Paul. 

"It's too early for that Paul. We've been together for days and I haven't been living with anyone at all. I'm so used to being alone."

Paul bent down and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Then now is the time to live with me. I don't want to wake up each morning without you in bed."

"Me either," she answered truthfully.

"So what do you say?"

"Let's give it a month. I'll sleep one week in your place and you sleep one week in mine."

Paul kissed her cheek. "Fair enough. I'm giving you one month then."

She smiled. Her relationship with Paul is overwhelming her. She never met a guy like him, not even her ex's were like him. What he told her was true, that he's proud and treat a woman right, she is his trophy and he isn't ashamed to let the world know that. Lee is happy about that and she just hope that everything will go smoothly in their relationship.


***     ***     ***


They arrived around two thirty in the afternoon. 

"We'er almost there," Lee told him.

Paul red an arched sign before entering the road. RYDER'S FARM. "You own a farm?" Paul asked interested. 

"My parents," she answered. 

They drove on the street, and Paul watched as other vehicles  came on the opposite direction. The road side were line with huge trees making an arch above the road. Behind the trees on the left is a cornfield and there were a few houses at the end of the corn field just below the base of the mountain. To the right side is a cacao farm. "These all belongs to your family?" he asked in disbelief as they drove for about five minutes now.

Lee nodded her head. "Yes."

"And how many minutes do you get to the end of this road?"

"The end of our road goes on for fifteen minutes drive," she answered. "But our family mansion is right there," she pointed to a turn on the right and Paul signaled his right lights then drove on the cemented path. "Sorry this isn't actually a city like Mirinthul."

"I love it here!" Paul squeezed her hands. Up ahead he saw a huge brown colored house. There were three structures, the biggest one in the middle and two others on the left and right side connecting to the huge one. The house was surrounded with trees, the front side was a wide space with flowers and plants to the side of it. Paul parked his car under a car park shade and went to open the door for Lee. "It is so peaceful here."

"Yes it is. Come on let's get inside." She took his hands and she guided the way into the house.

On the outside it didn't look huge, but inside was massive. It was a wooden house, even the floor was wooden and it was so cozy inside.

"Mom! Dad!" Lee called as they walked on the hallway. They checked the living room and no one was there so they went straight to the kitchen, no one was there still. Then they heard laughs. "I think I know where they are," they walked past a door in the kitchen leading outside and Paul was impressed by what he saw. 

It was an outdoor kitchen made of bricks. Three older women including Mrs. Ryder were cooking and preparing something by the stove. There were five men who were on the outer area of the outdoor kitchen roasting pig!

"Mother!" Lee called.

"Oh Scarlett!" Paul watched as Lee and her mother exchanged embraces. Then he embraced her mother too who embraced him first. "I am so glad you decided to come with Lee." She said smiling at him.

"I asked her if I can come earlier instead of waiting for next month on our birthday," Paul answered with a smile.

"Paul, these are Mrs. Edney, and Mrs. Mercier our tenants and employees." Lee introduced Paul to the two older women.

Paul shook their hands and said, "I'm Paul. Nice to meet you Mrs. Edney and Mrs. Mercier."

They nodded with a smile and went on with what they were doing. Lee's mother became busy again and Lee took that opportunity for them to go to her father who was talking to two men while the other two were roasting.

"Daddy!" Lee ran towards her father and gave him a tight embrace.

"Oh, my little princess is home." He embraced her smiling. Then his eyes rested on Paul. "I knew you are the boyfriend! I had the feeling that night we visited her."

Paul shook hands with Lee's father. "We started being a couple just days ago sir."

Mr. Ryder smiled. "Well I'm glad you decided. At least my wife and I don't have to worry about our daughter anymore since you're there for her. You can take care of her for us."

"Dad!" Lee protested. 

"Gentlemen," Mr. Ryder called to the four men who were almost in their forties. "I'm leaving you for a bit, I will be back soon."

The three of them walked back towards the kitchen.

"Elizabeth," Mr. Ryder said to his wife as he neared her. "Did you tell the kids where they will be staying for the week?"

"Oh not yet!" Mrs. Ryder answered, and wiped her hands on her apron. Turning to Lee and Paul she said, "Kids I'm afraid you aren't sleeping here at the mansion for the weekend."

Lee raised an eyebrow. "Why not?" she asked.

"Your dad and I decide that you two stay at your house." Mrs. Ryder told her.

Lee looked at Paul then to her parents. "Are you serious about that?" she asked.

Mr. Ryder laughed. "Sweetheart you're old enough. This isn't like before where we give you separate rooms with your boyfriend when they sleep over."

"Go ahead, get all your things to your house then come back here." Mrs. Ryder said with a smile. "I strictly recommend that all meals will be here at the mansion okay? Your kitchen had been stocked early today Scarlett, so if you feel hungry in the middle of the night you have everything you need."

"Thanks a lot mom," she answered.

They went back to the front of the house and Paul paused for a moment to ask her. "You have a house at your ranch?"

"Yes, the space is really huge and I thought that it would be nice if I built my own in one of the areas." She answered.

Paul shook his head. "This is a surprise Lee. I didn't know you belong to a wealthy family you live so simple, you don't even have a car. You just don't act like a rich woman at all."

"I'm not a rich snob," she smiled at him.

"You are the first one I met," he bent down to kiss her and they drove off to where her house was.





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