The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder



"Oh thank goodness MAGDO has come!" Ethan shouted on top of his lungs.

The research team were all in Surge Club on Friday night having their team celebration for a job well done for MAGDO. Defence team, sales team and Ian were all in Lorwick for three days for MAGDO exhibition.

"I missed Paul," Penelope said.

Lee saw Darlene rolled her eyes, Benjamin and Alex ignored her and Ethan asked Lee to dance.

"I saw you with Paul at Bennie's weeks ago," Ethan said on her ear shouting due to the loud musics. They weren't dancing with the beat at all because Ethan had his arms around her waist, and her arms around his neck.

"You were in Bennie's too?" she asked.


"Then why didn't you join us?"

"I was on the ground floor with a date," Ethan informed her happily.

She looked at him and smiled then embraced him tightly. "I'm so glad you're moving on. Where did you met her?"

"She's a childhood friend, who came here to work for one of her father's company."

"Wow nice!" she couldn't stop herself from grinning. "So is it official?"

Ethan shook his head. "Not yet. But looks like we're going there. I've been crushing on her for a long time and I can't ask her to date me before since she's got a boyfriend all the time."

"Well I am so happy for you."

"What about you and Paul? Is it serious?" he asked looking down at her.

Lee rolled her eyes. "Come on! He's just a friend. Besides Paul got a girlfriend already."

"Is she here too?"

Lee shook her head. "She's in Mirinthul."

"Long distance relationship,"


"I think he likes you," 

Lee pulled back lightly to look into Ethan's eyes.

Ethan nodded his head. "I swear."

"Why say that?"

"I caught him looking at you many times. When you're working, at the cafeteria, when you come back from the pantry, when you come in from the elevator."

Lee raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong with looking?"

"It suggests of a persons interest,"

Lee laughed and pinched Ethan lightly on his abs. "You are such a joker Ethan!"

"I have a feeling Paul will be your boyfriend,"

Lee had never thought of it at all. Paul is handsome alright, but never in her wildest dreams had she imagined herself and Paul together. The first and the last time they went out was at Bennie's and she isn't expecting another because the man got a girlfriend. Besides, why would Paul even be attracted to her when when she wasn't as attractive as the ladies in their office. 


***     ***     ***


Paul smiled to himself as he parked his car outside Jewel's apartment. She must have a visitor, because there was another car parked behind her car in the garage. He took the bouquet of roses on the passenger side and walked to the front door, then bent down to take the spare key under one of the bricks. He opened the door and locked it behind him. He didn't told her that he was coming home for a week because he wants to surprise her. Paul checked the  kitchen but she wasn't there, she probably is in her room so he went up the stairs took two steps at a time but stopped short when he saw clothes sprawled on the floor leading to her opened bedroom.

His heart beat went faster, anger slowly rising within him as he heard her moaning, he walked towards her room. There on the bed was Jewel riding on a man Paul never knew. Everything just went black, it was like he blacked out for a moment, he rested his hand on the wall to steady himself.

"Looks like we've already broken up," Paul spoke.

Jewel and her sex mate were startled. Jewel quickly climbed down the guy and wrapped herself with her comforter. "Paul?!" a hint of anger and humiliation in her voice.

Paul shook his head. "I trusted you," he said then threw the bouquet on the floor and left. He speed off towards his apartment and opened himself a bottle of whiskey.

Why the hell did he bother to visit her. She never answered any of his calls for the past two weeks, but he never saw this coming. She could have told him that they were over, not just ignore his calls and fuck someone else.

His land line phone rang, he didn't answer. Then a voice spoke.

"Hey Paul, it's me Brad. I saw you speeding off today from Jewel's place-"

"Brad come on over at my place," Paul said answering his best friend.

"So you're really here," Brad said.

"Yeah come over,"

Ten minutes later Brad and Paul were having drinks. 

"I'm sorry about that Paul," Brad said after Paul told him what he saw at Jewel's place. Brad and Jewel were neighbors. "I thought the guy was her cousin because that's what she told me. But I found it odd that the guy goes to her place every night."

Paul sighed. "She's such a bitch. I've wasted four years with her for nothing. I already felt that something was wrong that's why I decided to come home and surprise her. I was the one surprised. God! I never thought she could actually do this to me."

His phone ranged, he didn't answer.

"Paul, I didn't want you to find out I swear-"

Paul picked up the phone and placed it on the counter. He didn't want to answer, it was no use, it was over between them.

"Maybe she wants to explain," Brad said.

"I've seen the explanation Brad, I'm not stupid. You think I would still like to fuck her after she had someone else's dick inside her? He can have her!" 






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