The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder



The next two days had been spent mountain climbing and camping. They took the trail thirty minutes drive away from the Ryder's farm, thanks to one of the employee's who dropped them off. It took Lee and Paul a day to get to the summit, it was exhausting but Paul surely enjoyed it. He never knew Lee was a mountain climber and she still got all her equipment upgraded. They spent the night camping in a clearing, being with her in new experience was the best he ever had. They made love of course then the following day they started the climb down.

"Is everything okay darling?" Lee called to Paul who stopped from his tracks to rest. It was already five in the afternoon.

Paul nodded his head breathless. "Just need to catch my breath,"

Lee walked back towards him and pulled him down for a kiss. "Did you hear that?" she asked when she pulled away.

Paul listened closely. "Water!"

"Yes!" Lee nodded her head. "It means we're an hour away from home."

"Oh," Paul expected her to say they're home. 

"Come on, we could use a bath!" Lee started off and Paul followed her. 

The climb down the waterfalls was easy because there was a man made stairs. Lee was already on the base of the stairs, she placed down her back pack, took off her shirt, pants and shoes then dove into the clear blue water. Paul did the same wearing only his boxer shorts and dove into the water. He paddled towards Lee who was now on the raft which had a rope and the other end tied on a large tree.

"Very refreshing!" he said holding on to the side of the raft.

Lee crawled towards him and kissed him. "I was wondering if you wanna make love to me here?"

Hearing those from her gave him a hard on right away. "Are you serious?" he asked.

She nodded her head and took off her bra.

"Lee! What are you doing?" he asked surprised but at the same time he wanted to have those lovely breast in his mouth. He wanted to taste them and suck on them.

"I want to make love to you," she then stood up and took off her panties.

"Right here? Right now?" he asked in disbelief.

"If you don't want to make love to me on this raft we can go there," she pointed to a small cave where half of the entrance was covered with the running water.

"That's much better, at least someone won't see us," he nodded his head.

Leaving her underwear behind, Lee dived into the water once more and paddled towards the cave, Paul followed behind. He climbed up and found her standing by a chaise. "Wow, someone  owns this falls?" he asked. The cave was enough for them not to be seen and for two chaise to sit side by side. Then he realized that the floor of the cave was made of granite tiles. "Aren't we trespassing darling?"

Lee shook her head and knelt in front of him. This made him even more harder. He could feel his blood throbbing in his veins. Lee pulled down his boxers and his penis stood bone hard, she then pushed him lightly on the chaise making him lie down and she knelt on the side of it. "We aren't trespassing sweetheart. I own this waterfalls." And she covered his penis with her mouth. It felt like heaven! They had been making love almost everyday, whenever they can but Paul never made her go down on him. He wanted to be the one to give her pleasure, he was contented to hear her scream his name, and moan whenever he licked her. He never expected this though. It was very exciting and he was so thrilled. She was now sucking his balls as her hands rubbed his penis. Paul's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he groaned. Then she was sucking his penis again, licking the shaft, licking the thickness sucking him and trying her best to reach the hilt but can't. His penis was now very wet with her saliva and he wanted to be inside her already. He tried to stand up but she shook her head.

"Lee please, stop teasing me," he begged looking at her.

Lee stood up and bent down to kiss her, then he reached for her and slid a finger into her very wet vagina. She was dripping, the wetness spread on the insides of her thigh. She groaned. "Just lie down okay?" she said as the kissed.

"Yeah," he answered.

She straddled herself on top of him, Paul's hands rested on her hips as she guided his penis with her hand inside her. She moaned as she sat on him, taking him inch by inch. "God it always feels like the first time Paul," she managed to say and caught her breath when she was finally to the hilt.

"I know," he was looking at her, his hands rubbing her breast as she started to move on top of him. Slowly at first, then faster. She was pounding and grinding on him, his other hand left her breast and he fingered her clit which made her call his name. She was so wet, and so hot inside and what she was doing was making him almost cum. "Darling you're making me cum," he said looking at her.

She smiled dreamily at him. "I'm cumming too sweetheart," she threw her head back, grinding on him faster while he rubbed her clit faster, and he could feel the muscle of her vagina squeezing on his penis sucking him deeper, making him cum. "Oh God Paul!" Lee screamed, Paul pushed in harder and deeper as he cum himself spreading his semen inside her, and still rubbing her clit. She threw herself on top of him breathless, he was still hard inside her and he could feel her muscles contract as she still cum.

"Wow," Paul embraced her and kissed her head. "That was wonderful."

"It was," she answered breathless. "I don't know if I could even walk."

"I'll carry you," he offered.

Lee laughed, then sat up again, her hands propped against his chest as she moved her hips in rotating motion. She bent her head to the side looking at him and biting her lip. Paul could feel himself needing another round. He sat up, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard. He darted his tongue in her mouth and she responded obediently, she darted her tongue in his mouth and he caught it sucking on it. This time, it was Paul who pushed in and out of her. She was moaning now, her head threw backwards, he took one breast into his mouth and sucked on her nipple, she screamed, he thrust faster deeper, he turned to the other nipple and when he felt that she was almost reaching orgasm, he quickened his pace until they both reached another climax. Lee screaming, Paul sucking on her nipple.

They both panted as they looked into each others eyes. 

"I have to get off you," Lee said grinning. "You're still stone hard and we still have to go to my parents house for dinner."

Paul nodded his head and winked at her. "That's how hard you make me," they kissed one more time and he helped her stand up.

Lee almost fell off balance, but Paul quickly grabbed her by the waist. "This was such a bad idea. I don't think I still have the energy to get to the raft."

"Sit down," he told her. "I'll pull the raft to the side."

Lee nodded her head and Paul put on his boxers and went to the right side of the cave where the rope was tied. Man was he exhausted, but he felt more energetic. He can't wait till dinner was finish and they were back in Lee's house so he can make love to her all night long.


***     ***     ***


"I'm glad you decided to visit us," Charity's mother said happily at Lee. She, Paul and Charity went to visit the latter's mother at their beach house the next day. "And finally a boyfriend!"

Lee smiled at her. "It's been a long time since I haven't visited you auntie!" she answered. "And I would also want to introduce my boyfriend to you and uncle Steven."

"Look who we have here!" it was Steven Haber.

Lee went to embrace the old man. "Uncle! It's good to see you!"

"Good to see you too kiddo!" he said happily.

"I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Paul," 

"Sir," Paul extended his hand and the man shook it.

"Why, you have such a tall man here Lee!" uncle Steven said shaking Paul's hands.

"Yes he is," Lee agreed.

"You can call me uncle son," 

"Wow, thanks s-uncle," Paul smiled.

"Come on now everyone let's have breakfast!" auntie Aimee called to them and they all followed her to the kitchen.

The couples wanted to know how they met, so Paul and Lee told them their story of course skipping that part where they had sex before getting into a relationship. After breakfast, the Haber's drove them to their fish market to give Paul a tour of the place. It was still crowded at eight in the morning, and most seafoods were almost sold out. 

Uncle Steven was talking something about a fish farm when Paul's cellular phone rang. He took it from his pocket and found that it was an unregistered number. He answered it though thinking it was a client for the up coming event. "Hello?"

"Hello my love?" Jewel!

"What the fuck Jewel!" he said aloud.

Uncle and auntie Haber and Lee stopped from their tracks and turned to look at him.

Paul covered the mouth piece and said to them, "I'll follow you in a bit. I have to get this call."

Auntie Aimee looked at him closely, while uncle Steven shrugged. Lee gave him a worried look but he smiled at her in assurance that everything was okay. He watched as the three went on walking and he answered the phone again. 

"Will you stop it already Jewel?!" he cut her off from what she was saying.

"Baby, tell me what to do?" she purred. He used to like that purring voice of hers but now he was plainly disgusted. 

"It is over Jewel. Why don't you understand?" he asked angrily.

"It isn't over unless I say so Paul!" she shouted at him. "I'm sorry babes. I'm sorry. It's been very different without you! I miss you so much Paul I still love you! Please just give me a second chance and I promise you everything will be okay."

Paul laughed icily. "Wow, you are a certified drama queen. Even if you call me with different numbers and no matter how many times you beg we will never be together ever again. It is over between us, and I am happy with my new life right now. So please stop bothering me."

"Is that so?" her voice sounded like a threat. "In that case, you just have to wait and see what happens to you and that slut of girlfriend you got! I will make sure that you will never be together! Since I can't have you, so can't she!"

"Try me," he cut the call and placed back his phone in his pocket then walked towards her girlfriend and the auntie and uncle of her ex girlfriend.

"Is everything okay?" Lee asked him.

He placed an arm around her shoulder and nodded his head. "Yes everything is fine."

"Uncle was wondering if you would like to visit their fish farm tomorrow," said Lee.

"Yes of course uncle Steven," answered Paul.

Uncle Steven nodded his head and smiled. "Kiddo, come with me I want to show you something,"

Paul was left with auntie Aimee.

"Paul," auntie Aimee began.

"Yes auntie," he answered.

"You're from Mirinthul right?"

"Yes I am."

"I hear you say the name Jewel," Paul gulped. He didn't want her to know that Jewel, his ex, is her niece. "Is she Jewel Angeline Kall?"

"Yes she is auntie," answered Paul.

Auntie Aimee looked at him, researching for answers.

Then he explained his history with Jewel.

She nodded her head. "She is my niece." 

"I found out from Charity."

Paul watched as the woman took a deep breath then exhaled loudly. He followed as she walked towards a bench under a tree looking out to the ocean and sat down beside her. He tried to look for Lee and uncle Steven but couldn't see them from the crowd so he focused himself on auntie Aimee.

"It's hard to be a cast away from your own family." said auntie Aimee. "I suffered from that very day I left the house. Steven and I lived on the food and the clothes our neighbors gave us. I used to do laundry for the neighborhood, Steven was only employed as a fisherman. He didn't have a family, he was orphaned since he was a child, lived in the streets begging for money. He was a very unfortunate man. I met him at the park one day. I was on my way to the grocery, when someone snatched my bag, I called for help, but no one in the crowd ran after that snatcher. No one but Steven. Fifteen minutes later he came back with bruises on his face, he got my bag. As gratitude, I gave him fifty platinum strauch."

"Wow, that's a big money that time." Paul said amazed.

"It was," said auntie Aimee. "With half the amount it was worth two months rent for an apartment and two months worth of food. And he did just that. I looked for him the following days on the streets in that area, I was disappointed not to find him. One day I was going to the flower shop to buy mother her favorite daisies, when a handsome man stood beside me. He introduced himself as Steven, and I walked away from him. Funny how I never talked to strangers before but found the time to search for that homeless man. He came after me of course and said that he was the guy who returned my bag and the guy I've given the fifty platinum strauch."

"You must be surprised."

She nodded her head. "I was surprised and overwhelmed. I didn't know he was such a handsome man, because he was covered with dirt and grease that time. So we sat for tea, he paid for it he said that he works as a fisherman and he wanted to treat me even in a very simple way to show how thankful he is from my help."

"He's a very nice man."

"Indeed. So we went with our daily lives. I was finishing college, he was still a fisherman but he was taking care of three homeless kids who was staying with him at his rented apartment. Then we fell in love. I was determined to graduate so I can help him get into college like he wanted to. He wanted to study business development and I know that I can help him with that. Me and my siblings had our trust funds which father would hand down to us after college graduation. Then father told me that I was arranged to get married to one of his friends who's wife died years ago. He said that it will make their business relationship stronger if I marry him. But I don't want an old man for a husband. I want to marry someone I love. When father told me that, I didn't say anything at all. So I went to tell Steven about it, he was furious and he felt hopeless. I assured him I was not leaving him so I asked him if he wanted to marry me. Of course he did. I still had my own savings that time, so I bought us a wedding ring and got married the following day. I went back home from the apartment I was renting and told father that I wasn't marrying the old man he wanted me to marry. I showed him my marriage certificate and told him who my husband was. He didn't ask for Steven to come to the mansion. No one in the family knew him that time. I know I broke father's heart, but he such a greedy man, all he is after is his wealth. And just like that father disowned me. He told me that starting that day he never had a daughter anymore. And because I was stubborn and hard headed, I will suffer all my life. No one will ever help me, not even my college degree."

Paul felt the pain this woman had been through all her life. He wanted to embrace her.

"I got pregnant the following year, Steven and I were already staying in a house provided for the government that time. We were lucky they started that housing program for the homeless. Steven still worked as fisherman, I did laundries for neighbors. They paid good, enough for me and Steven to eat for a week including his salary from fishing. But I got pregnant every year and things became heavy for us. However as I got pregnant every year my children managed to help support our family financially. They went to beg, carry grocery bags for elderly people, walk the dogs for someone and other stuffs. They all graduated in high school, in college all of them were scholars, but at they same time they worked too. So it was not heavier now when they were off to college and especially when they graduated. I thought that everything will be fine then, but we soon found out that our family had been banned for any office jobs in Mirinthul. Father is such a powerful man. With heavy heart, my sons went abroad. They all have a wonderful life now. They actually wanted me and Steven and Charity to come with either one of them, but we already loved Mirinthul. And Charity's hopes and wish were to support me and her father with the earnings she have as long as she won't have to go far away from us."

Aunty Aimee paused and wiped a tear from her eyes. Paul reached out to squeeze her trembling hands.

"Then Charity me Earl. I was scared that she's marrying a rich man, because I've known a ruthless rich man in my life and he ruined me. However, Earl was different. So was his family. They got married at the cathedral, with everyone in our neighborhood invited. Earl's relatives on both parent's sides came to the wedding. I cried a lot, because I wasn't expecting that my daughter will be blessed with such a kind family. They stayed in Mirinthul for a month until the wedding, then a week later Earl's family left, including Earl, Charity and Me and Steven. We stayed at one of the Ryder's cottage house by the corn fields for about a year. I worked as HR for the Ryder's farm, and Steven worked as fisherman still. It was already a wonderful life, little did we know that Earl has another surprise for us. He built Steven a fish market, with five fishing boats that had already been operational months back, and he bought me a clinic in the city. The biggest surprise was the mansion he had built for us. Words isn't enough to thank Earl and his family. That's why Steven and I do whatever help and offer we can for them. We send them fresh seafoods everyday."

Paul smiled at her. "It's a very wonderful story auntie Aimee. After all the hardships you had in life, there came success and fulfillment at the end."

She shook her head. "It isn't still fulfilling son. I want to see my family," she broke into a sob.

He placed an arm around her. "Oh auntie. I am sorry for that. Did you try to reach them?"

"I haven't. I'm scared they still don't want to see me. My brothers never looked for me even mother."

"Are they still alive? Your parents?"

"Yes they are. They are both in eighty three years old now. I have a very close friend in college who worked for one of my father's company and she had been very kind to keep telling me news about my parents and my siblings."

"I heard that Lee's parents are going to Mirinthul next month for the blessing of Mr. Ryder's new grape farm," said Paul. "Maybe you and your family should go too."

"I do know about that. Elizabeth and Gerald asked me and Steven to come with them, which we are. But I am not sure if I can still go to the mansion."

"I will talk to Earl and Charity about it, don't worry auntie. We will make sure you can see your family again." 



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