The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder



The gates to the exhibition hall closed at six in the evening, as well as the gates to the race track. Then at seven the gates to the concert venue which was by the beach front of GIH opened. Lee waited for Paul by the pool side of the hotel. During the that night's briefing Paul asked her where they were meeting up for the concert. She messaged him back that she's meeting him by the poolside where the bar is. When Ian dismissed everyone, Lee went straight to her room, while Paul and the rest of the men of Paire Amster talked. She then took a quick shower and went down by the poolside.

About five minutes later Paul arrived, wearing a blue board shorts, a white shirt, black flip flops and a huge smile on his face. "Did I keep you waiting?" he asked as he neared her.

Lee shook her head. "You didn't," she answered enjoying his sexy masculine perfume, she could actually feel herself starting to get wet. What the hell?! "Just waited around five minutes."

"So let's go?" he asked.

"Sure, lets," she answered. 

The organizers had their own tables and chairs at the VIP area so the two of them went there straight, of course they had their organizers badges on and their organizers wrist bands. The line to the VIP area wasn't long compared to the Gold and Silver area. When the securities saw their badges, they were permitted inside right away and they went looking for their colleagues.

"I didn't know there's a lot of people during this event," Paul said looking down at the crowd on the sand. The band Beta Nerd was already doing the sound check.

"Ever since I worked with the company, this stock cars exhibition had always been filled with people. Ian said it had been like this too eight years ago."

"Wow! Eight years! That's something!"

Lee nodded her head. "Ian is the founder of the stock cars event."

"That guy is really something."

"I know,"

"There they area," Paul pointed to their team on the far end corner of the VIP area. The VIP area is elevated about two stories, built with strong scaffolds that could hold about a thousand people in one sitting. Aside from that, they have their own bar.

"Paul! Lee!" Ian smiled when they came, and kissed Lee on the cheek then shook hands with Paul. "I've been looking for the two of you! I didn't know you were so close now! Don't you love me anymore sweetheart?" he asked Lee.

She smiled at Ian. At his early forties, Ian still got a toned body. He may look stressed because of his work, but that didn't hide the handsome guy he was. Lee had thought before that Ian probably was a playboy way back when he was younger, he knows how to make a woman feel important, feel loved. Of course he gave her a special treatment he'd never given any woman in their office and their jealous of that. If Ian wasn't married, Lee would probably sleep with him and make him her boyfriend! He's her second huge crush after James!

"Of course I still love you Ian," she answered smiling.

The women were looking at her disgusted for sure, except for Penelope and Darlene who knows that she and Ian were only playing around. Of course her team laughed and the rest of their colleagues.

Ian smiled at Lee. He was wearing a black shirt and a black cargo pants and a black trail shoes. He lit a cigar then placed an arm around her shoulder the two of them standing in front of their table, Paul sat himself on an empty seat, another one beside him was empty too meant for Lee. "Let me remind all of you guys," Ian called their attention. "That Lee here, together with me and Harold are the longest who worked for the company. Well Harold and I are the oldest as you all could see."

Lee looked at Paul who was staring at her and smiling.

"I just want you all to know, that this woman here is such a big help to the company and I thank her for that," Ian turned to her and in a slower voice that only the two of them could hear he said, "Sweetheart, you're breaking my heart."

She looked up at him confused. "What are you talking about Ian?"

"You know that I love you,"

"Of course i love you too,"

Ian shook his head. "You don't know what I mean." Then he suddenly embraced her, let her go and he went back to with Harold, Phoenix, William and Bradley.

"The old man has a really huge liking on you!" Penelope said when Lee sad beside Paul.

Glad that the sound check was louder than Penelope's voice. Lee said, "You don't have to shout it out Penelope."

"I ordered you a beer," Paul told her.

"Thanks a lot," she answered smiling.

"Ian really likes you," said Paul, only the two of them could hear their conversation.

Lee looked at him. "If you hear our endearments, it's just up to there and it doesn't go beyond that."

He looked at her closely. "The way he looks at you, there's something."

Sighing, she leaned towards him and whispered on his ear, "I have been having a crush on Ian for a very long time. We exchange I love you's which the women at our office find it disgusting, but I am used to exchanging I love you's with my male friends back in high school and in college so it's actually normal to me. But I don't think that Ian likes me at all, well if you can tell by the way he looks at me then maybe there is something after all." Lee took a sip of her beer and looked down the stage. The crowd was filling in now.

"What if he tells you he likes you?" Paul asked. "He was telling you something earlier, we couldn't hear then later he embraced you. What did he say?"

"Hmmm... He said I was breaking his heart and I asked him what he was talking about. Then he said that I know he loves me and I said I love him too and he said you don't know what I mean and that was it."

Paul grinned at her. "He is in love with you! Damn! I have to be careful!"

Lee raised an eyebrow at him. "Be careful with what? Are you saying you like me?" OH! her tactless mouth! Why can't she shut it?!

Thankfully Paul laughed at what she said, and Lee laughed too then gulped down her beer.

An hour later Lee and her team went down the sands to join the crowd, Paul tagged along. It was impossible for them to reach the front stage since the place was too crowded and people were pushing each other. 

Lee pulled Darlene's hand. "I'm going back up," she shouted on her ear.

"Why?" Darlene asked.

"I can't see! I'm dwarfed!"

Darlened nodded her head and Lee pushed herself away from the crowd. Someone caught her wrist and she turned back to look at who it was.

"Where are you headed?" Paul asked.

Lee pointed back towards the VIP area.

Paul shook his head. "Let's go somewhere else where you have a nicer view,"

"Where?" she asked.

He took her hand with his and they walked out of the concert area. "Are you sure it's okay if you're just watching them from afar?" he asked her.

"That depends how far," she answered smiling. "Where are we going?"

"You will find out soon,"

They walked towards the back of the VIP area and went inside a door. A long hallway, matted with green canvas lead to another door on the very end. The hallway was made of portable cabins that were connected to each other.

"Oh, this is the long boxed wall that runs in the middle of the pit?" Lee asked.

"You're right." Paul answered as they reached the other door. "Ready?"

Lee nodded her head. She could her the shouts of the crowd while the band played. Paul opened the door and revealed to her the dj, and lighting platform. There were five people on there, it was a wide platform with railings, but the people below couldn't reach them. The electricians and DJ turned to look at them but when they saw their organizer badges they drifter their attention back on stage. Lee got a clearer view since the platform stood in the middle of the concert area. One of the lighting electrician gave them two chairs and they sat on the left side corner of the platform, Lee sat by the railings. She was smiling widely watching the crowd and the band. That was her first time to be there on that area in years of her work at the company. She never dared to get into that door, she thought it was off limits to them, and besides she usually goes to her room after a few rounds of beer to get some sleep.

"Thank you so much Paul!" she said and squeezed his hands. Lee threw her arms around Paul's neck and was about to kiss him on the cheek when he suddenly turned his head to hers and their lips meet.

The two of them stiffened. Lee's eyes widened only to see Paul looking intently at her like he had expected the kiss. His hands came to her waist, he closed his eyes and kissed her. Just like an ice cream melting, Lee leaned against Paul for support and responded to his kiss. Why did the kiss felt so perfect, so right? She never actually have that feelings for Paul, but she knows he's handsome, very attractive and she's attracted as well. The idea of her dating Paul or maybe having sex with him didn't even register in her head till now! Oh God! Will they have sex that night?!

They pulled away from each other breathless. When she opened her eyes Paul was looking down at her with a smile on his face. He Then pulled her to him for an embrace, she embraced him back and smiled to herself. She didn't know why but it felt good to be in his arms and to have been kissed by Paul. That day at the beach with only her bikini's on, and embracing Paul came back to her, it only made her wet! Well if Paul asked her to have sex with him she's taking the dive, he doesn't have a girlfriend right? So she's free!

With Paul's arms around her shoulder, they watched the band perform until their last song. Lee checked her watch it was already ten in the evening.

"Do you wanna go back to your room?" he asked her. "Or have some more beer?"

"I think I want to get some rest now," she answered.

"Alright let's go," 

They stood up and said thanks to the people on the platform then exited the area. Paul was still holding her hands even until he walked her to the door of her room. Lee took her card key then turned to face Paul, he was standing so near her that she bumped on his chest and he quickly placed an arm around her waist.

"Good night," she said in a whisper not looking up at him because she knows that he's looking at her.

Paul cupped one hand to her chin and tilted towards him. He bent down and kissed her. Like it was so natural, her hands snaked to his upper body and she kissed him back. "Tell me if you want me to stop," Paul said through their kiss.

"Hmmmm," she murmured. Why they hell would she want him to stop?!

He cupped the back of her head with the hand that was on her chin, so he can take more of her. His tongue parted her mouth and darted inside, Lee caught his tongue and sucked lightly, this made him groan. Paul pressed her body against his pulling her up from the floor. "Do you want me to stop Lee?"

"No," she answered breathless.

"You know this is an awkward position," he stopped kissing her grinning.

She smiled shyly, blushing. "I know."

"Do you still want to kiss?" he asked.

Lee nodded her head. 

"You're room or mine?" he asked.

"Do you have any of our colleagues in your floor?"

"No I don't," answered Paul. "I'm the only one on the twentieth floor, and Harold is two floor below me, with Ian and the rest of the construction team."

"Your place then."

He kissed her one more time and they took the elevator then Paul pressed on level 20. Lee leaned against the wall while Paul's hands were propped on either side of her, he bent down to kiss her once more. She kissed him back and when the elevator bell ticked the two of them quickly went out. His hands still held hers as they walked towards the very end of the hallway then Paul opened his room and let her in. Once inside, he locked the door then spun her around to face him.

Paul kissed her, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back. With one quick move he scooped her off her feet and walked her towards the bed. They were really having sex! He lay her down gently then kissed her ear down to her throat. She let out a slight moan.

"Oh God!" she gasped.

Paul stopped sucking her nipple from her shirt. "What?"

"Don't stop," she answered looking at him.

"I won't unless you tell me to," 

Her shirt was taken off suddenly, then her shorts leaving her wearing only her underwear. He looked down at her, admiring every inch of her body.

"Stop staring at me Paul," she pulled the covers of the bed to cover herself.

Paul smiled at her and took off his shirt, then removed the cover from her. "Okay," he answered then kissed her once more, this time the kiss was intense. He leaned to her side, one hand rested on the pillow just above her head and the other hand pulled her body so her front body was him and he unhooked her bra took it off and threw it somewhere on the floor. He rubbed her breast, taking turns on each and playing with her nipples making them tout. His attention turned to her nipples. He sucked them one by one while now both hands rubbed her mounds. God he was so good! Lee arched her body for him. Paul sucked the under side of her breast as his fingers rubbed both nipples. He sucked gently, then harder and she gasped. She felt a burning sensation, she's worried it was going to bleed but she know what Paul was doing. He was marking her. He then turn to the other breast and did the same.

Paul trailed kisses to her tummy down to her navel. Every thing he did unfolded a hot wanting in her. She wanted more of what he was doing, and he was very good at that. His tongue darted into her navel and she gasped arching her body once more. His hands run from her breast, to her waist then rested on the top of her panties. With one move, her panties was gone and she was totally naked now in front of Paul Gabriel Black her colleague! He spread her legs wide and paused.

Lee opened her eyes to find Paul staring down at her vagina. "What are you doing Paul?"

"You're shaved," he answered. Like it was a big thing.

She raised an eyebrow. "I'm waxed actually. Is there a problem with that?"

Paul gulped and looked at her. He shook his head. "No. It's just that, my ex never waxed."

"Why not?" she asked. 

"I don't know," answered Paul. "But I love what I'm seeing now."

Before she could reply Paul's head bent down and sucked her clit. Lee bit her lips and grasped the covers of the bed. Paul was sucking like he had never sucked a clit before, like it was food. Then the mind blowing part came, he darted his tongue into her vagina and sucked taking all her juices. 

"Aahh," she moaned.

He did that for minutes then turned back to sucking her clit, as he placed a finger into her. He pulled his finger in and out of her slowly at first as he slowly sucked her clit, then faster on both. She could feel herself cumming.

"Oh God Paul stop that I'm cumming!" she begged but wished he wouldn't stop.

And he didn't. He sucked and finger fucker her faster now and her inner muscles contracted pulling his fingers deeper into her making her cum. Paul replaced his finger with his tongue, he sucked on her love juice.

"You taste so good darling," he said in a husky voice. "I love the way you look and the way you taste. I didn't know you are this good."

"You're much better than I expected," she said breathless.

Paul smiled at her. He stood on the floor and undid his pants.

Lee's mouth dropped open. "You're fucking huge!"

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Yeah, but will that ever fit?" she's worried. Aside from his long cock, it was even thick! She'd never had someone as huge as Paul.

"It will, I will make it fit." He smiled at her.

"Let me," Lee started to get up from the bed.

"No," Paul shook his head. "Just lie down. I want to give you this night you wont forget." He came back to the bed he bent his head between her legs, sucking and lapping her vagina once more. He was making her more wet from his saliva and her cum, deciding that she's finally ready to have him inside her, he pulled up and kissed her. Lee felt the head of his penis nudged her vagina.

"Oh God Paul will it even fit?" she asked breathless, her hands on the side of his body.

He kissed her then pulled back and said, "It will," then slowly pushed in.

"Oh," she groaned and closed her eyes. It was a bit painful. Paul pushed once more. She hadn't had sex in a long time and she didn't know she was this tight until Paul actually had his penis in her.

"I won't hurt you I promise," he said as he kissed her forehead then move another inch deeper. "God you are so tight!"

Lee cling to the side of his shoulder for support as he finally inserted the last length of his penis inside her. The skin on the base his penis touched her clit, he was inside and it felt like a huge pole bore into her making her open up wider than expected! "Oh you're in!" she gasped.

Paul slowly moved in and out of her. Lee was still wet, very wet in fact that the pain when Paul pushed into her earlier was now replaced with pure pleasure. He kissed her and sucked her tongue, Lee kissed him back and spread her legs wider. He then propped both his hands to the side of her head, leaned his forehead against hers and looked into his eyes as he made love to her.


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