The Woman Who Won His Heart

Paul Gabriel Black had just moved to Cania, for his new job as Events Director for Defence and Safety in Paire Amster Events. Leaving his girlfriend back home in Mirinthul, who refused his offer of joining him in Lightham and start a new life together, he was determined to persuade her to come and lay out all the reasons in the world that they'd both work out alright.

Scarlett Lee Ryder, researcher for Paire Amster Events had a principle in life: never get into a relationship with colleagues. She was doing just fine for three years with the company, until this new guy suddenly shows her interest.

Paul didn't want to lose his girlfriend, but it was out of his hand if she won't do anything to help their relationship. There are other women in Lightham anyway, and most Paire Amster female specie are obviously dropping hints of liking him, except for Scarlett Lee Ryder



The following nights, Paul and Lee had been chatting with the men who added Lee as friends. Her list of friends now went up to two hundred and fifty and counting. So far there hadn't been any men who tried to sex chat with them, Paul was interested to find out himself if who among them would do the first move. Lee had a number of crushes, there are a lot of really handsome men on that dating site. In no time he was sure Lee will be on a date.

"So who introduced you to this dating site?" Lee asked on Friday night. The two of them were sitting in her library drinking lemonade.

"My older sister Cassandra met her husband on that site," Paul answered.

"So it's legit,"

"Of course it is,"

"So I should trust dating some of these men then?"

"Trust me, I told you I will be watching you on your dates."

Lee furrowed her eyebrows. "What if me and my date would want to have sex?"

"Then message me ahead, so I can go home and leave you with your date."

Lee shook her head. "It's insane."

"We've been over this Lee," Paul reminded her. As much as possible he wants Lee to enjoy her life having a boyfriend. She's not getting younger, and her beauty is such a waste if she stays single all her life!

"So no one has asked me out on a date yet?" 

Paul shook his head. "There are a few whom I feel will be asking you soon. But they aren't from Cania, they are from different countries."

Lee nodded her head. "That's fine with me. I don't want to date strangers in my back yard."

Before Paul could answer, they heard soft door chimes. "Are you expecting someone?" he asked.

She shook her head and went to check for the door followed by Paul behind. "Shit!" she muttered as she stood back after checking the peephole.

"Who is it?" he asked and bend down to check the peephole. A male and a female in their late forties stood outside Lee's door. There were three other men and a woman. "Who are they?"

"My family," she answered and the door chimes went again. "Dammit what should I do?!"

"Well open the door," Paul answered. "Are you scared?"

Lee sighed and pulled him a little bit farther away from the door. "Every time they come to visit I am always alone at home. And this is the first time they will see someone in my place!"

The door chimes went again.

"Open the door before they think of anything else," Paul urged her and he went to sit on the sofa then turned on the television.

Door opened.

"Mom! Dad!" Lee exclaimed, Paul turned his head to see them.

"What took you so long to open?" a guy with both arms covered with tattoo asked her and walked towards the living room. "Oh, mom the boyfriend is here that's why!" he grinned at Paul. "Hey pal, Jared here. How are you?"

"Hey I'm good thanks. Name's Paul," Paul stood up and shook hands, they were the same height.

Lee's family poured in. The two other men got their arms tattooed too.

"Finally a boyfriend!" their father boomed. "Hello son, what is your name?"

"Paul," he extended his hand and Lee's father shook it.

"I like this guy Lee," the mother said and went to embrace Paul. He embraced back, surprised at how comfortable he is with Lee's family and vice versa. "How long have you been dating my daughter?"

Lee stood by the door blushing.

"King," the guy with a tattoo gleaming just above the neckline of his shirt, with clean cut hair shook his hands.

"Earl," this guy got his right ear pierced, he's got a full lower leg tattoo on the left. "This is my wife Charity."

After the introductions, Lee neared the family circle and cleared her throat. "Thanks for introducing yourselves to my neighbor and colleague. Just to clear things out, Paul here is not my boyfriend."

Jared snickered. "Whatever sis," he teased.

"I think I should get going," Paul started for the door.

"No you're not going anywhere son," their father said. "Lee's friends are always welcome to our little gathering."

Mrs. Ryder smiled at him. "He's right. Now boys prepare what you have to prepare while me and the girls will go for the groceries. Is there anything you need to do before we go out Lee?"

"Give me a moment mom," Lee said and eyed Paul. She pulled him towards the kitchen. "I am so sorry Paul! They can be nosy sometimes but they are nice. It's just so embarrassing for them to act like as if they know you for a long time-"

Paul laughed at her. "Hey, I like them. I feel comfortable with them, and your brother's seems fun to hang out with."

"They should have called before coming!"

Paul placed an arm around her. "Go ahead with your mom and do what you have to do. I can handle myself with your brothers and your father."

Sighing once more, Lee went out the kitchen and moments later, she, her mother and her sister in law went to the groceries.

King and Jared were playing on Lee's PSN. Paul, was helping Earl and the father hauling boxes of beer and whiskey's.

"So how long have you known my daughter?" Mr. Ryder asked.

"Almost a year since I joined the company," Paul answered. 

The three of them walked towards the elevator door and Earl pressed seven. 

"Does, Lee have a boyfriend?" Earl asked. They entered the elevator.

"Not that I know of," Paul answered. 

"She must still be frustrated about her relationships," Mr. Ryder spoke. "All her ex boyfriends are married."

"Dad, maybe she's taking her time." Earl explained.

The elevator door opened and they went out, placed the last boxes in Lee's kitchen.

"Maybe she doesn't trust any men at all," Mr. Ryder said and opened a bottle of beer. "Help yourself boys. Jared! King! Did you marinade the chicken?"

Paul watched as Mr. Ryder disappeared into the living room leaving him and Earl standing at the kitchen.

"Is there something wrong with Lee and her past relationships?" Paul asked.

"Have a seat Paul," Earl said as he sat on a stool by the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Paul sat.

"Our sister Lee believes in love so much," Earl spoke. "She gets really excited when me and my brothers introduce her to our girlfriends, and gets really sad when our relationships ends. She's a romantic. As she was growing up, we never forbid her to go on dates. She had her first heart break in college, we thought she'd hate the world because she believed in that love so much and was hoping that they'd get married. She'd gotten over it in a long time, but had been dating several men. Rebound guys. She'd fallen in love three times more, and all failed. After that we never heard of her having a boyfriend. She said she's tired of getting into a relationship knowing that it won't even last forever."

That's why she never liked the idea of the dating site, Paul thought silently. Poor Lee. 

"When we saw you here, we really thought you were her boyfriend," There was a hopeful look on Earl's face when he said that.

"I understand," Paul answered shyly. "Her team thinks I like her."

Earl raised an eyebrow. "Don't you?"

"I uh-" he stuttered. "She's a nice lady."

"Then you like her,"

"Well yes, because its very easy to be with her."

"Her team may have seen something in you that you never saw," Earl grinned. "It's usually like that. You don't know what you're doing and only the people around you can tell."

Ethan had been telling him that he knows Paul like's Lee because of the way he looks at her. Well, what's not to look? She's a gorgeous woman, and he doesn't get tired of staring at her face whenever they are at the office. And the way she smiles, which is very infectious that even when he gets very busy and cranky, it just all dies down every time he looks at her.

"I don't mean to be rude Earl," Paul began. "I honestly like your sister only as a friend, but other than that I don't have that feelings of more than a friend. It will be unfair if I force myself to love her right when I only love her as a friend."

"Dude, I am not pressuring you," Earl laughed. "I'm just saying what I thought of what you said her team thinks about you liking her. Of course we can't force anyone to love a person they don't have feelings at all. It all comes all of a sudden without you knowing. And when you realize it, it's either your too late, or lucky if they aren't in a relationship yet."

Paul nodded his head. "You're right about that."








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