The Fantasy Land

One day, a Girl runs away from home. And wanders off to a place no ones ever seen before. A place where talking creatures are talk to this girl but to no else. Like That girl belongs there. BUT YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


2. Unknown Area

Sam started to wonder... :

The Sun was Blocking Her eyes that she couldn't see anything until a cloud covered It. Then Upon her eyes she saw... Grassy Field with colorful rainbows and bears and bunnys and even.. Dragons?. She entered a world of Joy! She couldn't leave she just run and play with the bears and bunnies She Had so much fun... Til night time. It was so dark she Couldn't See Anything until she saw a house and saw a boy her age come out and pass by without noticing her. And she stared as he walked away...

It was like the light was on him and was telling her "Go talk to him....." Like in a glowing voice... But she couldn't it was not like her to go introduce her self to him. Although she really wanted to so she went ahead and did though she was quite surprised when she saw his eyes...They were a Dark Blue color which was her favorite color of all time which made her even more in love with him.

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