The Fantasy Land

One day, a Girl runs away from home. And wanders off to a place no ones ever seen before. A place where talking creatures are talk to this girl but to no else. Like That girl belongs there. BUT YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


3. In Love with Him

Sam was confused she didn't know why he was wondering why but she probably knew that was coming so she decided to change the subject. But he repeated what he said before... "What are you doing here?". She stayed quiet. "Hey, I asked you a question?!" he said yelling before releasing what he was yelling. She got scared and took a deep breath." I ran away from home and found this place". "And now that I think of it. I miss home already". She looks down with shame. He placed his hand on her shoulder and said he was sorry and asked her what happened. "It's a... long story..". "Ok let's change the Subject... My Name is Josh Willis. Im 15. And my story is... the same as yours. Sam looked at him and smiled.


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