The Fantasy Land

One day, a Girl runs away from home. And wanders off to a place no ones ever seen before. A place where talking creatures are talk to this girl but to no else. Like That girl belongs there. BUT YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


4. A Creature

"Hey Come on, i wanna show you something" as he toke her hand. And ran to the house he just came out of. "Well..." he said. "!"she said. "and guess... what?" he said all excited. "What?" she said. "ROLLERCOASTER!"he yelled out to the distance. Out came out a dragon. As it landed and stood in front of Sam's face.

"Uhhh...Sam?" Josh said. Snapping her out of her thoughts. "Huh?..." she said. "Why is he called rollercoaster"?. "Oh..because he does a lot a loops when you ride him..." Josh said. "Oh.. COOL!" she said. "Can i...ride him?..." she said. "Pfft...Why not?" he said. "Have you ever rode a dragons before..?" he said. she looked down and shaked her head. "Well... I can show you..?" he asked. She smiled which was saying a yes as he smiled back.


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