Demigod Guide

This is a guide for all demigods in training that are not currently residing at Camp Half Blood at the moment to keep up
With their training and to recognize monsters while veiled in the mist. This includes a map of camp half blood and interviews with Annabeth, Grover, Chiron, Juniper, and Travis and Conner Stoll.


2. Annabeth

Age: 16

Godly Parent: Athena

Years at Camp: 11

Weapon: Celestrial Bronze dagger

Rank: Cabin leader

Me: It is an honor to be speaking to you.

Annabeth: thank you

Me: I heard that you are redesigning Mt. Olympus after the titan war.

A: you heard right. I am the head architect. I am almost done, but now I think back, of so many other thing I could have done.

Me: like what?

A: Well, I could have made the dome covering the pavilion and I could of made...

Me: *cough cough*

A: what?! Oh. Sorry. I can get carried away easily. Percy always falls asleep whenever I talk about stuff like that.

Me: speaking of Percy, you have been dating how long?

A: 4 months.

Me: you put up with him for 4 months already?!

A: ya.

Me: ok, Well, outside Camp Half Blood, what do you like to do?

A: well, I'm working a part time job at the library, and I help my dad with research on the planes, and he sometimes lets me fly, so I guess it's pretty good.

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