17 year old Isabelle Rodriguez has home schooled since 6th grade. Now she is at the end of her 11th. Her life is always books and pencils and boring classes with her father. Her mother died whenever Isabelle was 6. She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have a boyfriend. No phone, no computer. Just herself, her father, and her room. One day she over doses and ends up being "kidnapped" by an unidentified nurse who practically hires her to work for a secret company. There she meets a boy who changes her life.. Forever.


19. The Big Surprise.

   "Belle?" I asked.

   "Yes?" I took her hands and turned her towards me. She smiled.

   "I have been dating you for almost a year now. It's been the greatest year of my entire life. I found you while we were both ruined. Slowly but surely, we healed each others wounds. We confessed our love for each other. We went all the way." At that moment she blushed. I slowly got down on one knee. She covered her mouth and giggled. I saw tears come to her eyes and people started to stop and watch. "At that moment, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Through thick and thin. I promise to be here. When you feel ruined, we can be together. So, tonight I am going to present you with this ring." I said. She laughed and let tears come out form her eyes. I pulled a small coral box from the pocket in my tux. She shook her head and laughed while tears were pouring from her eyes.

   "Isabelle Rose Rodriquez, will you please marry me?" I asked. She looked at me a minute and kept shaking her head. I smiled at her as she smiled back. Everyone held their breath while she hesitated to answer. Then, finally she nodded.

   "Yes. Yes. Yes!!!" She shouted. I laughed and let out my breath along with everyone else who was clapping. I slid the diamond ring onto her finger and stood up. I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned into her. I pressed my lips to hers. I felt the tears hit my lips and my face but I didn't care. It was perfect.

    Isabelle's Pov:


     I let the tears stream down my face as I laughed.

   "This is crazy." I said into his chest. He nodded and laughed with me. I stood on my tip toes once more and crashed my lips into his. We just stood there kissing. I saw flashes everywhere as our audience took pictures. I never expected this to happen. I didn't know he had felt the same way I did. I knew I loved him. I knew I wanted to spend my entire life with him.

    "I love you." He said. I shook my head again.

   "I love you more, baby." I said. I smiled.

   "Smile." He said. We turned to a camera man. He took my hand as I took his. We smiled, kissed, hugged, and laughed as the man took pictures.

   "Your perfect." He said to me. We smiled and kissed again.


 I have cried


Waiting for you

 Darling don't

Be afraid

I have loved you

For a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

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