17 year old Isabelle Rodriguez has home schooled since 6th grade. Now she is at the end of her 11th. Her life is always books and pencils and boring classes with her father. Her mother died whenever Isabelle was 6. She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have a boyfriend. No phone, no computer. Just herself, her father, and her room. One day she over doses and ends up being "kidnapped" by an unidentified nurse who practically hires her to work for a secret company. There she meets a boy who changes her life.. Forever.


8. Suspicion

   While we were still about five minutes away, I felt Blake's hand sit on my thigh.

    "Um?" I said. 

    "What? I practically know everything about you. Like, literally. I mean, I had to do a background check." He said. I shook my head. 

   "But I know nothing about you." He looked at the road a minute and then finally opened his mouth. 

   "I love the colors black and white an d then red and black. I love to cook and I have to keep things organized. My childhood was just like this except I thought girls were gross, I didn't know where babies came from, and I stayed with my parents." I laughed. "I am not that big of a flirt. I am not a player, I promise you that. I love action and romance movies. To hold a girl in my arms and cuddle and call her mine and just feel her heartbeat against my chest while our lips are pressed together is the best feeling in the world. I don't believe in love at first sight. I have been hurt before. I have a scar above my left butt cheek." He said while we both laughed. "I have a tattoo on my right muscle." He pulled up his sleeve to reveal a tat of a cross and across it in a flame, the word Faith was imprinted. "How would I describe myself? Well, I was depressed. My best friend got killed while I was in the car with him. I use to cut. Do drugs. Pass out. Go to the hospital. So.. I guess I would say-"

 "Ruined." We said in unison. I looked at him and patted his hand. "Me too." I said. He squeezed my thigh a little tighter. I gave him a smile and then we finally pulled into the "job site". We opened the door and walked down the little, dark pathway. Instead of going towards our office, we went the opposite way. People glanced at us and some stared. "They are staring." I said. 

   "So?" He said, chuckling. He slid his hand up and down my back and then gestured for me to turn into a room. He sat by the door a minute but I didn't see what he was doing. 

    "Hi. How can I help you?"  The front women asked. I went to say something but before I could, Blake butted in. 

   "We are here for her ID" He said. 

   "Name?" She said.

    "Isabelle Rodriquez." She nodded and typed some things into her computer and then clicked some things. 

   "Follow me please." She said, smiling. We followed her into a room with black curtains and a big camera. "Stand on that red X please." I stood right on the middle of the X and looked at the camera. I forgot that I had the white strips on but they were good for another hour and a half. "Okay, now smile." I gave her my best smile, kind of seductive, and she shot the picture. "Okay. Let's get it printed!" She said. We followed her back to the office and she printed out a hard, plastic card that looked just like a drivers license. "This is your drivers ID, your ID for here, and for anything else you need. You could easily pass for 21 so that is what we put you as, just like Blake." I nodded.

    "Thank you so much." I said. She swished her hand saying no problem. I looked at the card with Blake right over my shoulder. 

   "Mmm." He moaned. Once again, my cheeks burned and a laughed, poking him in the stomach with my elbow. We walked back to our offices and I took a seat. He showed me how to work everything. We spent hours on it. It was actually really easy. Once the computer part, the important stuff, was done, he sat down in his chair. We sat there typing and stuff until my phone rang. I looked up at him through the glass wall. He looked at the phone. I took in a deep breath and picked up the phone.

    "This is Swift, how may I help you?" I said into the phone. We have to use our nicknames while using the phone unless the use code saying that they know my name, which is clicking their tongue three times, which this person did not do.

   "Yes, I need to know if there is anyone around that is capable of cleaning up a crime scene." When they call FBI and they ask for special service, they are trained to press a button which switches over to us when they actually think it is going to the manager. 

   "Yes sir. Where is this scene at? I need the city, state, zip-code and street please." I said, pressing the speaker button. I sat the phone down and typed the information onto the computer and hit search. "Yes, please hold on just one second." When I hit search, it showed invalid. "Sir, are you sure that is the place where the crime scene is?" I asked, tapping on the glass and gesturing Blake over here. He pulled up a chair and listened. Every phone call is recorded so since this is suspicious we will run over it to listen to anything giving clues. 

   "Yes ma'am. I just looked on my, uhhh, GPS." He said. That was the first clue. He stuttered and forgot what a GPS was called. I wrote it down on a note pad. 

   "There will be one." I heard someone say in the background. Then they chuckled. I wrote that down too and underlined it. I looked at Blake who had his phone out, tracking the phone I was talking to.

    "Okay sir, I will send a crew your way. They will be about and hour." I said. 

     "That is fine. It will give us time." I head the voice in the back say again.

     "Yes ma'am. Thanks." He said. Before I could reply, the line was dead. 

    "That's another clue. No one will wait an hour for a clean up crew. Second, it's obvious about the background man. Hold on." Blake said. He ran over to his side and pressed an intercom button, calling his mother and father up here. When they got here, we ran through the call again and found more sounds. I car, a trunk, a door, cocking of a gun. We decided to take a SWAT-like team to the destination that came up on Blake's phone when he tracked it. 

     "Does this mean, they know who we are?" I asked. 

     "Not necessarily, it could mean that they think it is the FBI." Amanda said. "You two arm up, we will be going along." She said. We both nodded and stood up. When they exited the room, I opened the weapon wall. Blake picked out the things I need. When I couldn't get the belt on or any of the weapons in, he came around and did it for me. He would caress my stomach at times on "accident" and say sorry. I would of course smile. When he was done he looked up at me.  

     "You do understand that this is very dangerous, right?" He asked. I smiled and nodded. "But, don't be scared. I will be there to protect you. You will just be the decoy. Okay?" He asked again. 

    "Alright, but, first you have to make me a deal." I said. 


    "Next time I fall asleep beside or on you, don't move me. Just let it be. Ok?" I asked. He smile and looked down.

     "Sounds like a deal." We both smiled and then the bell rang, calling us to go to our cars for the plan.

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