17 year old Isabelle Rodriguez has home schooled since 6th grade. Now she is at the end of her 11th. Her life is always books and pencils and boring classes with her father. Her mother died whenever Isabelle was 6. She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have a boyfriend. No phone, no computer. Just herself, her father, and her room. One day she over doses and ends up being "kidnapped" by an unidentified nurse who practically hires her to work for a secret company. There she meets a boy who changes her life.. Forever.


5. Started From The Bottom Now We're Here

     When the darkness was finally broken by the lights. We walk down the same hall for about five minutes before running into a door where  Blake pulled out a card and scanned it on another pad that resembled the keypad. When the door separated from the wall, I was stunned. I had never seen such a big facility in my life. I never knew that this could be beneath our little town. Blake held his hand in front of him, gesturing for me to go. I shook my head. 

    "Your the one who knows your way around here. Not me." I said. He chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. We walked down the side railing until he turned into a room. When I entered there was a wall the split the room in half. Both sides matched. Black and white, computer, desk, TV, pictures, flowers, carpet and bla bla bla. It was really pretty. I followed Blake to one side of the room. He sat down while I stood up. He clicked on contacts and scrolled down to the I section. When he found the name Isabelle, he clicked on it. 

    "Your the only Isabelle we have. We have your background here, your family, your friends, former schools." Schools? I have home schooled my whole life. 

    "What schools?" I asked.

    "In kindergarten, you went to a school called Monroeville County." Hm..

     "What does it say about my mother?" I asked. He scrolled a little bit down and clicked on Family. Then, right on the screen, was my mother. I felt an excruciating pain in my chest. It was her. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, like mine. 

      "It says that she was killed. Is that true?" He asked. I hesitated a moment and the nodded. 

     "Yes. Um, she was shot in a parking lot. But, I don't talk about it. So. Um, explain to me what  all of this is. Like, everything." I said. He took a deep breath and started talking. He told me about how we are like the FBI. We help with bail bonds and all that but, we are more important. No one knows about us. So, it is more of a secret. The people who work here are the people that are depressed, emotional, self harm, just people with problems. Like me. I guess it's pretty cool. I mean I get to be a secret. No one knows about me. These people will be like my family. My brothers and sister he said. I guess I could live with that. 

        "Okay, let me show you what you are going to be doing. Come on." He said, leading me to the other half of the room. He told me to sit down in my chair, which folded this way and that to fit my body and make me comfortable. It was like memory foam. It was soooo comfortable. "Alright, you will be doing the work that I need done. Like, hacking the FBI and sheriffs bail bonds files. It's easy. Your good with software like this. I have seen it. You will also be given the code to your wall. This wall is full of your equipment and weapons and stuff for when we go on our missions. FBI has an idea who we are. But, they don't exactly know. You know what, let's just let you meet everyone and then we can get started tomorrow. I will let you meet some people and then show you to our apartment." He said, walking out of the door. 

      "Wooaahhh. Wait a minute." I said. He stopped and turned around. "Our apartment?" I asked. He nodded.

     "Every pair of partners share an apartment. We have our own rooms. Just if you were wondering." He said. We walked out and back out of the entrance door. We hopped into a jet black Extera. We drove about a mile or two down the road and pulled up to an amazing glass building that had about ten stories. 

    "Wow." I said. He chuckled and nodded. 

    "Yeah." He said. 

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