17 year old Isabelle Rodriguez has home schooled since 6th grade. Now she is at the end of her 11th. Her life is always books and pencils and boring classes with her father. Her mother died whenever Isabelle was 6. She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have a boyfriend. No phone, no computer. Just herself, her father, and her room. One day she over doses and ends up being "kidnapped" by an unidentified nurse who practically hires her to work for a secret company. There she meets a boy who changes her life.. Forever.


1. Pain


Copyright © by Ashton Wilson

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


I sat in the corner of my room with my head resting on my knees. I looked across the ground. A blood stain here, a coffee stain there, then in the corner across from me, it was dark. There was nothing there. No dust, no furniture, no light, no life. That is what I feel like. Like the life has been sucked out of me. I look at my desk and think about opening my secret compartment. I needed it so bad, but I refuse. The sun has just risen to the high sky and was started to peek around my blinds. I stood up and pulled my pitch black curtain shut. Instead of walking back to the corner I was in, I walked to the lifeless one. As I sat down, I start to have flashbacks. 

    Giggling, sunlight, sand, water, my mother, father, and I. Running through the sand on the island we had found whenever I was five. Kicking a soccer ball back and forth. We looked so happy. so… perfect. We splashed in the water as my father swooped me up onto his shoulders. We laughed and hugged and just had a great time. My parents' eyes would meet and lock. I remember always wanting somebody to look at me the way my father had looked at her. I loved their love for each other. I admired it. I craved it. 

     My mother had gotten shot when I was 6 years old. She was sitting in the parking lot of the court house trying to find her speeding ticket. I don't know why she was shot. I just know that the man was caught and executed. The last thing she said to me was to  always be strong. Always know that whenever one door shuts, another one should be open. If not, there are always windows. Always stay low to escape the smoke of the fire. But always be strong enough to be willing to stand up and face your fears. I don't know why she told me it, but I have always tried to follow it, but I ended up giving up. Failed. I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes. I needed her so bad right now. I always have but right now, more than ever. Father was never home, I was here by myself. I have no friends, no phone, no computer. I have nothing. 

     The thought of the drawer came to mind again. I shook out the image and went to my side table, grabbing a rubber band. I put it on my wrist and started to pop it. It was just a little sting but I need it. Some people say friends are their escape. Some are books. Some are the beach or internet. Mine is pain. Pain drains the stress and the feelings. Makes you calm and laid back. It always helps me escape. It's just the pain. 

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