17 year old Isabelle Rodriguez has home schooled since 6th grade. Now she is at the end of her 11th. Her life is always books and pencils and boring classes with her father. Her mother died whenever Isabelle was 6. She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have a boyfriend. No phone, no computer. Just herself, her father, and her room. One day she over doses and ends up being "kidnapped" by an unidentified nurse who practically hires her to work for a secret company. There she meets a boy who changes her life.. Forever.


6. Feelings?

   We got out of the car and walked towards the door. A security guard was standing there. 

    "ID, please." He said with a deep voice. Blake pulled out a card and showed it to the man. 

    "She is with me. New partner. She will be getting hers tomorrow." He said. The guard nodded and opened the door. When we got inside, my breath was taken. It was beautiful. Like nothing I have ever seen before. It was just… marvelous. I smiled and shook my head. Because of depression and some cuts, I got here. Wow. Blake chuckled and pulled me along. We walked into the elevator and he pressed the button indicating the 10th floor. 

     "Tenth floor? Thats a long ways up isn't it?" I asked. 

    "Your gonna have to face your fears. I did. That's why I was assigned to this floor. I am afraid of heights. Just like you. I don't like tight spaces. Like you. I take things terribly. Like you. We have very much in common. That's why we are partners. Oh, and your really pretty. So, my mom put us together." He said. He thought about what he just said and probably saw the shock in my eyes and shook his head. When the elevator dinged the doors opened. In front of me was a glass window that went all the way down the hall. We walked up to it and of course, I looked down. My head start to spin and I got dizzy. I felt myself falling to the side. Then, strong, warm, rough hand grabbed by my waist and steadied me. I looked into Blake's eyes as he did mine. We sat there a moment just staring. "You okay?" He asked, breaking the silence. I took a deep breath.

     "I think so." I said. He smiled. His smile was so.. I don't how to say it. But, it sent this fuzzy feeling into my stomach. He helped me steady myself and then we walked to a room with a number on the door, 1110. We both scanned our thumbs on a scan pad and walked inside. It was just like our office. Black and white. Very sophisticated. He sat his keys on a rack and then his coat inside of a closet. I did the same and followed him to the kitchen which had a mini-bar and then an actual kitchen.  

     "Would you like a drink?" He asked. I nodded. "Watcha want?" He asked again.

   "What are you getting?" I asked. He thought a moment. 

   "Sex on The Beach." He said. I jerked my head back and squinted at him, thinking he was making a corny joke until I remembered seeing one of those on a cooking commercial. 

   "Yeah. I will have one of those." I said. He threw some stuff into a silver can thing and swished it around and then very easily and swiftly, poured it into some salted rim glasses. He passed mine to me and I lifted it up to my mouth and took a little sip. My face pinched up and I coughed a little. He laughed.

    "First time drinking?" He asked. I shrugged. I had drank wine once but, it's not as strong. I mean, I am only 17. He nodded and then gestured for me to follow him. He brought his drink so I did too. "This is my room. If you ever need anything, get scared, need company, a cuddle buddy. This is where I will be." He said, giving me a playful smirk. I felt my cheeks burn and little and a jolt of electricity go through my body. The thought of me in his arms gave me chills. Why? I have seen so many hot guys and never got these feelings. What is it? Inside of the room was like some kind of tec stuff. Video games, then his desk and computers, cameras, his huge bed, a music place, a bathroom and a huge walk-in closet. I smiled and then followed him to another bathroom. "Master bath. But you have your own so." We walked to another door. "This is your room." He said. I walked in and looked around. 

   My favorite colors were coating the wall. Darkish purple and a mediocre grey. My bed was the same colors but was down and had darker grey swirls. The was a music shelf with a radio and a CD player. A desk with some computer screen. A reading station I guess. I love to read. And then the bathroom was filled with discuses like wigs and different eyelashes, contacts. And makeup everywhere. My kinda heaven. The closet was huge. About half the size of the room. It was filled with clothes and shoes and all kinds of stuff. It was my dream room. 

   "Who found out this was my dream room?" I asked.

   "Me. I had to do a background check on you, remember? So, I put this together. I hope you like it." He said. 

   "Like it? Hmph. No. I love it! Its amazing! Thank you." I said. He held up his drink and then we both took a couple of sips. 

   "Do you wanna go watch some TV or something?" He asked. I nodded. We headed back to the living room and sat down on the white couch. I sat pretty close to him, which he didn't seem to mind. He turned on This Means War and we watched it. I had gotten done with my drink and felt a little tipsy. Okay, maybe a lot. I could feel myself doze off. I was cold and started to get chills until I felt a warm arm wrap around me. I snuggled up to the body it was attached to and fell asleep.  


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