Long Lost

Jade and Marcy were separated at birth. They had powers no one had. Jewel had no powers but like their cousin Dick Grayson, she could hack and so martial art. Marcy's powers were unknown and no one knew who's powers she copied. But when they were all needed to defeat all the villains, Jade and Marcy has to group together to have powers more powerful than any of the heroes.


1. Bad Start

Marcy took a long deep breath. She was going to go to a new school. Every school she went to, she always did something peculiar and she ended up being expelled. She had no siblings and she had no parents, and she never belonged in anything so she was always lonely. She slowly walked up the steps of Berlington High. She opened the door and gasped. Inside were teenagers. Correction. Rowdy teenagers. They were stripping, having sex, or things that were VERY inappropriate. One girl that was kissing a boy stopped kissing and looked at Marcy. Everybody wanted to see what the girl was looking at. So everybody froze in place and stared. "Um......" Marcy nervously began. "Hi?" Everyone started to laugh. "Look at her face!" A boy pointed. "She looks constipated!" Cries another. Everybody continuously commented on Marcy. Marcy couldn't take it any longer. She closed her eyes and thought of everybody not having mouths. When she realized how quiet it was she opened her eyes and gasped. Everyone didn't have any mouth. "No!" She screamed and she ran out of the school. "Who did this?!?!" She heard a stern voice inside the school say. A boy opened the door to reveal a man wearing a mask. "You there!" He pointed. Marcy turned. "Come here." He demanded. From far away, she thought she saw pure evil in those eyes. She turned around and ran away as fast as she could. "Hey!" He screamed but Marcy ignored it. She ran until she couldn't see  the school or hear the voice of the mysterious man calling her name.

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