A Sweet Sweet Newman


1. Carrie Goes Crazy

Lenny's POV

Carrie's being a sociopath! She was even crazier than usual, (calling me a girl, or either not noticing my existence). She started yelling out orders at everyone and demanding us to do what she says. She then calls us in: "Girls" She starts, I hate being called a girl. "We need to come up with a plan that will beat that GARBAAAGEBAND!! You guys neeeeed to listen or ELSE!!!! That stupid band has been ruining our lives, and if I don't get my revenge I'm going to LOSE IT!!!!!" (I think that has already been done Carrie)"Riffin and his ginger bassist Laney-Dyke better get out of our way or they will feel my wrath!!!" She then marched out of the garage and ran upstairs (probably into her room). How could she say that? I mean Grojband isn't THAT bad! Calling someone DYKE (Negative term for lesbian, even though she isn't one) especially cute little Laney Penn and her fire truck red hair. :3 Wait did I just call Laney CUTE? What am I saying? But besides that I think it's true, Carrie Beff has officially lost it, and I don't know what's going on.......


1 year ago

"You know what?" Carrie asked me. "What?" I said. "WE, should start a band!! Like a band where we can sing and play instruments and stuff!" She answered. I was skeptical. "But we can't just be a band with two people." I retorted. "We have OTHER friends you know, like Kim and Konnie they can play different instruments and so can you! So doofas, you in?" She asked me. "Carrie I don't know......Okay fine, I'm in." I respond. Kim and Konnie come over to get in on our conversation. Carrie and I told them everything, they agreed. "Okay what should we name our band?" I asked obviously concerned about the most important detail. "Well, we are a NEW band. And we are all WOMEN!" Carrie answered. "I'm not a women." I mumbled but they obviously didn't hear me. "We are then Newomen's!" Kim shouted. "Nah!" Said Konnie. "The NewMen!" Konnie yelled. "Bleh!" Responded Carrie in disgusted. "The Newmans!" I shouted in excitement. "THE NEWMANS!!!" We all yelled.


I wonder what our supposed to be rivals Grojband are up to?

*Corey's Garage*

Got a band that's really cool!

Stealing words from you know who!

Playing gigs, when we can!

Trying to impress our fans!

Older sister goes berserk,

Her temper is our biggest quirk!

Got a plan that might just work YEAH!

We're gonna rock!

And we're gonna roll!

We are Grojband WOAH!!!!

Laney's POV

"Great job guys we really nailed this one!" Corey congratulated all of us as we finished our last practice before the HUGE upcoming gig. "Thanks Core!" I said. "No problem FELLA!" He responded. My heart sorta shrank, friend zoned once again, and also called a boy once again! "You okay Lanes?" He asks. "Oh....um, yeah I'm fine." I sigh. I think I should just move on from my delusional crush, I'm sure Lenny from The Newmans has moved on from HIS delusional crush on Carrie, he probably likes another girl, not me though. He probably thinks I'm a boy to. But wait what am I saying??? I am not going to try and live up to a NEWMAN'S expectations!!! Gah!!! He's a NEWMAN, he's your rival band!!!! Corey would kill you if you ever liked a Newman, even though that would never happen, I would never ever ever EVER like a Newman!

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