My love finally

A 16 year old girl gets bullied all the time at school. She just wants someone to tell her she's beautiful. Justin Bieber feels alone, he want someone to treat him normally. They save each other


2. Meeting

Hi my name is Mia, I am an only child. I am 5ft.3, I have brown hair, and brown eyes. I am going to be turning 17 soon, I've never really liked the way I've looked, I never really thought I was pretty.

Well it's time for me to get up now. I gave got to get these next five hours over with. Aka school. If you can tell I dread going to school I absolutely hate it. I'm not bad in school I'm actually very good, I just don't like the other students. They bully me constantly, I never get a break from the misery. I have this dream where some guy will come save me from this hell I call school.

Ok time to get up now. It is 6 am I need to leave at 7:30 am. So I still have some time. I do my normal routine, I just finished it is now 7:00. Time to eat a bowl of cereal with milk. Yummy, ok grab my school bag and let's goo. It is now 7:25, so time to get in my min copper convertible. I love my car, I have been saving up for it, for a very long time, it is blue. Sorry for my rant I do that a lot.

No I'm already at school I was hopping it would have taken longer. Oh well I guess I just have to get this over with.

*skip school*

Yess school is finally done for the day. Time to go the mall and distract my self for a little while. I don't want anybody from school to see me so time to put my hood up. That's how I usually am in school to. Hmm.. Where do I want to go? I will just walk around till I find a place to go into.

Hmm.. *bump* "oh I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." "It's ok." "Are sure?" "Yes really it's fine." I looked up. This guy was beautiful from what I could see. He had a hood and sunglasses on. Is hair looked brown.

Im Mia."I put my hand out he shook it and said Justin. Oh cool do you love around here? No I don't I'm just visiting. Oh where do you live, la oh cool I wish I lived in la. It seems like such a cool place to live. Ya it is. I got it go before my mom gets mad at me, nice meeting you. Wait I turned my head towards him, yes? He is walks to me can I have your phone number? Oh ya sure of course. We gave each other are phone numbers. See you around...

Time to go to bed of ya by the way if your wondering where my parent are they are away they are always on business trips I barely see them or talk to them anymore.

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