Rileystreet baby



Chord and Amber walked on set together ( they had called a group meeting) "Why did you guys call this group meeting?" Asked Naya "Yeah, is Amber pregnant?" Asked Chris Amber and Chord looked at each other, then Amber said "I'm pregnant." Everybody but Chord's face went 😳

That night Lea texted Amber saying: r u pranking us about you being pregnant 💜 Lea

Amber texted back: no I'm really pregnant ❤️ Amber

Lea texted I told Ryan and he almost fainted ❤️Lea

Haha what did he say 💙 amber

He said omg really 💛Lea

Oh wow 💚 amber

Lol jk he said he'll have to write a scence were your chacter tell everyone she's pregnant with Chord's chacters baby ❤️ Lea

Kk 💚 Amber

Kk 💜 Lea

I'm tiered 💙 amber

Lol go to bed then 💛 Lea

Fine good night ❤️ amber

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