Rileystreet baby


3. New chapter

The next morning on set…

Ryan handed out the new scripts and said "new scripts I want you all to study them in your trailers" everyone left. Amber walked to her trailer and a minute later was inturpped of reading her script by a knock on her trailer door "who is it" she said "it's Chord!" Amber opened the door "what's up?" She said "I thought we could practice the secens we have together." Said Chord " ok that's fine by me." Said Amber. For the next hour and a half Chord and Amber practiced their lines together.

That night…

"Oh my gosh I'm going to kill Lea!" Said Amber "why?" Said chord "this is why" said Amber showing Chord the tweet Lea posted saying omg @msamberpriley is pregnant with @chordoverstreet's baby "oh wow,how could you not know someone was gonna Instagram or tweet the news, Amber?" Said chord "I don't know, maybe because I texted everyone no tweeting or Instagraming that I'm pregnant and Lea freaking ignores me!" Said Amber "ok calm down." Said Chord but Amber was already calling Lea. Hello answered Lea

Hey it's Amber

Oh hey did you see the tweet?

Yea and what the hell didn't you get my text?


So you totally ignored me


Oh my gosh

I have to go bye


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