Why You? Why Now?

*Rosalyn POV*

I walk downstairs into my living room, my answering machine light comes on. I have 2 new messages. I click the play button and the first one is about beauty products. I ignore that one, it's not important right now. The second one catches my ear though.

"Rosalyn....this is mom. I don't know where dad is but something bad has happened. Your father was eaten or something...I don't know." I turn around quickly and run the answering machine."I just want you to know that we both love you very much." Then I hear glass breaking. "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! AHHHHHH!"


20. no

*one month later*

Rosalyn POV:

Today is the day. It's been four long months without him. I lift my head off of my pillow. I'm sleeping in the back seat of a van. We found this van abandoned. So we ditched the old, cramp truck for this new and spacious van. Man I love this van.

Where is everyone?

I open the door and everyone is sitting in a circle, looking down at the ground. I limp over still unbelievably tired from last night. I probably only got an hour of sleep. All of those walkers really keep you up with their groans and moans.

"Morning babe." Says Ashton. That's right! Ashton said it. To be honest, I don't know how it all started with me and him. I decided it would be best if I forgot Calum and faced the facts that he was probably gone forever. But he'll always have this special place in my heart.

Ashton kisses my cheek and I don't make any happy facial expressions. I don't think the kisses he gives me mean anything. At least they don't mean anything to me. Ashton skids over in the dirt and pats the ground where he thinks is could fit. News flash Ashton! I'm not five, I can't fit in a spot half the size of Joey!

I squeeze between him and Joey. Joey points to a item on the ground

"I found it this morning and I woke everyone up but you. I know you were beyond tired from all the walkers. Trust me hon, it'll get better soon. I promise you." She puts her hand on my thigh. I smile at her. She knows how to make me happy.

I stare at the item. It's a beanie. That beanie looks awfully familiar.

No! It can't me! It's Calum's!

"It's his hon." I hug Joey and frantically jump up and down on in my spot on the ground. I flare my arms around. Maybe he still alive!

Ashton POV:

Rosie starts flaring her arms around. I know she would be happy. I didn't think she would of been this happy though. I grab her arm and she immediately stops moving.

"Can I talk to you in private?" She shrugs her shoulders and stands up. I grab her hand and she tries to shake out of my grip. I hold her hand tighter and she winces in pain. When we get to the back of van where no one can see us, I push her against the van.

"Why are you acting so damn happy?!" She rolls her eyes at me. I push her harder into the van. She closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry I was happy that my friend was maybe alive!" She I let go of her shoulders. She rolls her shoulders around in circles and cracks her neck.

"I know you guys were something more."

"Well you thought wrong." I can't take it anymore. I hit her across the face. I quickly regret it.

"Ashton I can't do this anymore." She holds her cheek.

"What do you mean?"

"All the abuse, last night....." I open my mouth but nothing comes out. Her face turns evil looking.

"You know you liked it."

"No! I hated it! You fucking raped me."

"It's not rape when the other one loves it more." I wink at her and I grab her hands. I move her arms around.

"But it is rape when the other one if forced to do it you fucking dickhead." I drop her arms and they slam onto the back of the van. The van siren starts to go off.

I swear if Calum comes back, he won't be here for long.

Luke POV:

I hear the van sirens start to go off. That can only mean one thing. More walkers. I run over to see Ashton towering over a poor, frightened Rosie. She looks like she's been hit across the face. You can see the out line of a palm and fingers.

"HEY HEY HEY! BREAK IT UP." I jump in front of Ashton. He turns around and starts walking away. I grab Rosie and I put her in the back with Joey and I.

Ashton eventually gets into the drivers seat and we start driving away. I hand Rosie Calum's beanie and she smells it. I smirk at her.

"How long has it been going on?" She looks up at me caught off guard. She sighs and puts the beanie in her lap.

"Ever since the night we started 'dating' as he would call it. To be honest, I ever think we were, at least in my mind we aren't." She whispers to me and Joey pulls her into a hug.

Silent sobs escape her mouth. I see the pain on Joey's face. She looks like she's about to break down in tears. I rub her back in circles just the way she likes it. We stare at each other for what seems an eternity before I make my move. I always feel like another kiss me make is the first one we had all over again.

"It'll be okay." I smile at her so she would smile back. It's just one of the things we do to say we are gonna be okay. It really comforts me. And I guess it does the same for her too. "I prom-"


We all jerk forward and Michael looks around to see what we just hit.

"It couldn't be." He whispers.

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