Why You? Why Now?

*Rosalyn POV*

I walk downstairs into my living room, my answering machine light comes on. I have 2 new messages. I click the play button and the first one is about beauty products. I ignore that one, it's not important right now. The second one catches my ear though.

"Rosalyn....this is mom. I don't know where dad is but something bad has happened. Your father was eaten or something...I don't know." I turn around quickly and run the answering machine."I just want you to know that we both love you very much." Then I hear glass breaking. "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! AHHHHHH!"


6. Lesson Time

Rosalyn POV:

I finish the clothes and give them back to Ashton. He doesn't acknowledge me as I come in. I don't want him to anyway. I tip toe the spot he had this bag of clothes before.

"You know I can hear you right?" He turns around to look at me from just the side of his face. I can't see his full face.

"No, I didn't actually."

"Your gonna have to be more quiet than that if you don't want a walker following you."

"What's a walker?" He shakes his head and smirks.

"Another word for zombie. You seriously don't know anything do you?!"

"Well, I guess not!" His whole body turns so quickly that it made me jump. He gives me these evil eyes and I back up against the wall.

"I'm gonna teach you how to use a weapon today." He opens the closet beside him and there are weapons against the door and walls. It looks like something a secret agent in a movie would have.

"Which do you prefer?" I notice that there are more things than guns. I see shovels, bats, hammers, even bricks. I just stand there in shock.

"Fine, I'll pick for you." He grabs a rifle, bat and a brick.

"Follow me." I do as I'm told. He takes me behind the motel where there are trees. The trees have targets on them. There are also poorly put together dummies infront of the trees.

"First thing we'll do is the rifle." I look in shock as he hands the rifle to me. In haven't handled a gun in years. I used to go hunting with my dad but I missed everything I tried to shoot.

"Try to shoot the target." I tried and I missed completely. I closed my eyes and tensed up when I heard the bullet bounce off the tree.

I tried a couple more times and I missed again. The closest I got to the target was the corner. He sighed and took the gun away from me. He took a shot and got it right in the middle. It didn't surprise me. He held the gun right and everything. He gave me the bat.

"Run up to the dummy and try to hit the melon clean off the stick."


"The melon is the head. Do that and the walker is good as dead." He smirks.

I run up to the dummy and take a swing. It sounded like I hit a baseball. He walked up to me and took the bat. He took a swing and the melon flew off the stick.

"At least you got the melon hanging off the stick. Another swing and it could of been off completely. You could of hit it multiple times and it would of been dead but hitting it completely off will do the job quicker."

"Last one." He throws the brick in his hand and hands it off to me. "Throw as hard as you can."

I throw and quickly close my eyes. I open one slowly and see a hole threw the straw. The straw was supposed to be the chest are of a walker. I stand back a couple of feet before falling on my butt.

Did I just do that?

"Where did you learn to throw like that?" Ashton asks me. I can hear all the others walk towards us.

"Years of lacrosse really pay off." I rub the dirt of my butt and Ashton walks off.

"You have one good arm." Calum comes over to me and does some little boxing moves. It's cute.

"Thanks. I'm better with a stick." I wink at him and then I notice what I just said. I mentally slap myself in the face.

Really Rosie, stick? I bet Calum took that dirty.

"So, your better with a stick?" Joey gives me this face that makes me laugh so hard. Calum and Luke look over towards us and I see Michael talking to Ashton.

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