Why You? Why Now?

*Rosalyn POV*

I walk downstairs into my living room, my answering machine light comes on. I have 2 new messages. I click the play button and the first one is about beauty products. I ignore that one, it's not important right now. The second one catches my ear though.

"Rosalyn....this is mom. I don't know where dad is but something bad has happened. Your father was eaten or something...I don't know." I turn around quickly and run the answering machine."I just want you to know that we both love you very much." Then I hear glass breaking. "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! AHHHHHH!"


25. guys...

Guys, there is a problem. My sister thought it would of been funny to throw my phone onto the floor. Sadly, the whole front I cracked and now some of the keys won't work properly. It's affecting me from writing the chapters. Like everytime I write, Siri comes on and all the things I just wrote her erased. (It took me 8 times to write this and now the S key isn't working right)

Sorry but It may be a while until new chapters come out. Thanks for your understanding and if your mad don't blame me. Blame my sister.

(It took me 8 times to write this and now the S key isn't working right)



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