Why You? Why Now?

*Rosalyn POV*

I walk downstairs into my living room, my answering machine light comes on. I have 2 new messages. I click the play button and the first one is about beauty products. I ignore that one, it's not important right now. The second one catches my ear though.

"Rosalyn....this is mom. I don't know where dad is but something bad has happened. Your father was eaten or something...I don't know." I turn around quickly and run the answering machine."I just want you to know that we both love you very much." Then I hear glass breaking. "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! AHHHHHH!"


18. Damn it

Ashton POV:

I see Rosie get up on her knees and pull out her pistol. She has gotten ALOT better with that thing and I'm proud of her. And to think she would be a waste of our time in the beginning. She ended up being a huge help to us. We may of not be here if it wasn't for her.

"Come out now!" She yell at the trees and bushes rustling around. I slowly walk over with my hand gun raised in the air, ready to take any walker down.

A deer comes out of the bushes and Rosie shoots. She hits the deer right between its eyes. It was a good shot but she needs to know when shooting something is right. Like you can't shoot something just because it scared you. I mean now you have this poor dear, dead because of her.

"God damn it!" She yells and throws her gun on the ground. I walk up to her and I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, it was a good shot. But wait until the time is right to shoot. Your wasting bullets." She rolls her eyes at me.

"Of course, we don't want to waste your precious bullets." She air quotes "precious" cause she knows that pisses me off.

"It's not my fault you are always wasting the damn bullets on dumb shit!" I yell in her face. Her face doesn't change to sad cause I yelled at her. Her facial expressions start to scare me. I mean she looks pissed off. She leans down to my face. Her eyes pierce through mine. I can see my reflection in her blue-hazel eyes. I notice how beautiful they are.

"No one asked you for your fucking opinion of damn bullets! Why do you always have to be such a dick?! At least I shot the damn thing! The bullet could of bounced off the damn tree and hit you in your fucking head. Be fucking happy that I got aim or your ass is gonna be dead soon." She turned her head and she looked at Joey.

"Well I'm fucking sorry I'm concerned about you wasting something we barely even have left!" I rolled my eyes and I decided it would be best if I just walked away. I don't want to let the "princess" to be mad.

Rosalyn POV:

I roll my eyes at Ashton as he walks away and Joey smirks at me. She always thinks Ashton and I's fights are to die for. Every time you'll see her hunched over in laughter. She tries to hold in her laughters but it never works. I'm surprised it worked today.

"Well," She point as the deer. "At least we got dinner. Haven't eaten in forever." She smacks her stomach and it sounds like a drum cause it's so empty.

I hop down off of the truck and we start walking over to the deer in case it wakes up a zombie. But the chances of a animal zombie are slim these days. The radio men say that animals are almost immune to this junk. It's amazing that animals aren't affected. I would love to be them for a change.

Joey and I decide to take the deer and put it in the back of the truck. She takes the back legs, I got the front legs. On three, we lifted up the deer and it's tongue comes flying out. It looks like a cartoon. Joey and I drop the deer and we laugh so loud it makes me laugh even more. Luke wraps his arms around Joey's waist.

"Luke.....stop it." She says playfully. He rocks her side to side and kisses her cheek. It reminds me of Calum.

I can feel my face sink into a depressed look of pure sadness. It's been three months of not seeing him. I can't remember the last time I heard him laugh hard. The last time I saw him really happy was when I first met him. He was cheerful and never had a frown on his face.

Calum....where are you?! I need you, I miss you, I love you....

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