Why You? Why Now?

*Rosalyn POV*

I walk downstairs into my living room, my answering machine light comes on. I have 2 new messages. I click the play button and the first one is about beauty products. I ignore that one, it's not important right now. The second one catches my ear though.

"Rosalyn....this is mom. I don't know where dad is but something bad has happened. Your father was eaten or something...I don't know." I turn around quickly and run the answering machine."I just want you to know that we both love you very much." Then I hear glass breaking. "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! AHHHHHH!"


12. Ashton...

Rosalyn POV:

Calum's story brought tears to my eyes. He didn't look at me the whole time he told me. Probably because he wasn't doing so well with holding in his tears. He had so many voice cracks. I just wanted to take him into a hug and just not let go.

He puts his head on my shoulder and I take his hand. I want to comfort him. I can feel his tears go though my shirt. I just feel so bad. Like why Calum. Why this happy go lucky guy have to kill his own mother. I couldn't think about it anymore. Calum saw the pain in my eyes and started to rub my hand with his thumb. It surely calmed me down.

I close my eyes and I feel like drifting off to sleep. Calum looks like he's gonna pass out from all the crying he did. My body goes into this numb feeling and I don't want it to go away. It feels right. Suddenly, Joey comes running through the front door. She stands in front of Calum and I. I let go of Calum's hand quickly and he lifts his head off of my shoulder.

"Guy.....Ashton...tried to shoot...." She broke out into tears.

"He tried to what?" Calum looked more confused than I was. I guess having a lot on his mind made things harder to fully process.

"He tried to shoot me." She fell to the floor with a loud thud. Mrs. Donner comes running into the living room with a spatula.

"What's going on in here?!" She looks way angry

"Nothing. I just tripped. I think i might of twisted my ankle." Says Joey. Her face goes from anger to a saddening look.

"I'll take you upstairs." Luke comes running inside while mrs. Donner takes Joey upstairs. Luke looks pissed off. And I mean pissed. Calum is just sitting there. In shock.

"What happened?" I look at him confused. Doesn't he know that his "girlfriend" was almost shot.

"Well, your girlfriend was almost shot by one of your best friends." I give him an 'that's your best friend right there' face. His face scares me. It looks almost as red as a tomato.

"I'm gonna kill him." Calum stands up and starts to hold Luke back.

"Where's Michael?" I ask.

"He said he went to go look for Ashton. Now I know why. That fucker is gonna kill one of us." Calum finally let's go. Luke stands there with his fists balled up. His shoulders slowly start to relax.

Gun shots go off. I look at Calum who starts to get his gun from a bag in the corner. I grab my bat and pistol. I doubt I'll need to use the pistol. I can't even use the damn thing.

"Are you sure you want to use one of those?" He cocks an eyebrow at me. I shake my head yes.

"Mrs. Donner! We will be back." I yell and we run out and follow the lonely gun fire. I'm runnin faster than I even thought I could. Calum and Luke run faster than I do. We run deep into the woods. I look around as the gun fire continues.

"Shit!" I hear in the background. It sounds like....Michael! "Ash. Hold them back!"

We aren't that far away!

I lead the way to Michael and Ashton. We see all these walkers surrounding something. I wonder what it is. They slowly raise their arms and swing at something in the trees. Michael and Ashton! They're alive! And stuck in a tree. I giggle at them and I see Michael in pain. He holds his arm.

"You boys need a little help?" I say as I swing my bat and put it over my shoulder like baseball players do.

"Yes please." Says Michael and Ash just stares at me. I tuck my pistol lower into my pocket.

Here comes a walker rosa....1...2....3!

I take a huge swing and the head flies. I smile at my effort and I see another. I keep swinging at these zombie. I take out my pistol. I take a shot.

Score! I got one!

I smile at Michael who is smiling back. He looks happy seeing his teaching skills are totally paying off right now. All those practices are really working in my favor. I take a swing and a shot. I continue this pattern for what seems like forever. Soon, I'm surrounded my walkers. I spin in a circle and keep on pulling the trigger.

"Rosie! Your okay?!" Michael and Ashton hop down from the tree branch and Calum runs up to give me a hug. He squeezes me extra tight. I feel comfortable and safe in his hug.

"I thought you were gonna die." Calum has tears. I take I'm over to a tree while everyone else is talking but Ashton wants to be anti-social and not say a word. Typical.

"Cal...." I seriously don't know what to say to him. I've only know these guys for about two months or maybe more. I can't keep track of the days that go by.

"I don't want you to get hurt." He grabs my arm tightly. He stands up and looks at me, eyes full of anger. It's like he just turned into a different person.

"Don't ever pull something like that ever again!" He yells. He grabs my arm tighter, I could feel a bruise coming soon.

"Calum. You hurting me." I whimper. He let's go and notices the mark he made on my arm. He looks scared. He's a whole mess of emotions. I just simply walk away. I don't want to be his therapist. Ashton ushers me over to him. He walks over to a pile of dead walkers.

"Um....." He runs his fingers through his brown curly locks. I roll my eyes. He's probably gonna be like 'your more on you swing.' or 'your shots could of been better'. It's all the time with him. He's controlling.

"You did good out there. Thanks for rescuing us. Especially me." He brings me into a hug. I don't hug him back, I stand there in shock. And this hug is long. I think about this ever happening again and I know it won't so I take the last few seconds of this hug.

Ashton POV:

Michael and I climb up to the tallest branch that could hold us both. Michael keeps on grabbing his arm and rocking back and forth. I look at him confused and he looks like he's gonna cry.

"What's wrong mate?" He lifts his hand up.

No. Anyone but Michael!

My head starts spinning as I see the blood come rushing out of his bite mark. He looks down at the walkers. He takes his gun out and shoots a couple of times. I notice his gun in his hand. It's shaking like crazy. I grab his leg.

"Michael. You need to calm down first." He slowly stops shaking. "Then we will find a way to fix you."

Calum, Luke, Joey and Rosalyn come out of nowhere, shooting in all directions except for Rosalyn. She takes the handle of her bat out her bag. She swings left and right. I stare in 'aw' at how amazing she looks. I see her take her pistol. Michael and my eyes widen.

She takes a shot and makes it right through the head. I wasn't that bad of a shot. Who am I kidding? It was an amazing shot. Everyone kills the little group of walkers. Michael and I hop down and are surrounded by everyone. Michael shows the bite and Joey takes him to the farm.

After Rosalyn finishes with Cal, I take her to this pile of walkers. She looks really upset. I don't like her being sad. Her beautiful face shouldn't be sad. It should be happy 24/7.

"Ummm..." Is all I could say."You did good out there. Thanks for rescuing us. Especially me." I pull her into a really long hug. In the beginning, I knew she was probably freaked out and I didn't mind. Towards the end, she hugged me back.

Best feeling....ever

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