You Saved Me

Breeze moved in with her boyfriend trey to find that he was a son of a bitch to her. She would be hit,beaten and smacked. She tries to run but always gets caught. But this time she's more than determined to get away. But what happens when she ends up living with Niall Horan. Will true love blossom or will the friendship she have fall apart.


1. You saved me Chapter one


I felt the blood stick my hair to my forehead as I was thrown to the floor. I couldn't stop the tears falling down my cheeks as I pulled myself up. 
"I-I'm sorry" I stammered, quietly.
"Say it louder you bitch!" Trey spat at me. 
"I'm sorry!" I said, louder this time. 
"You'd better be. Now go get ready, sort your face out you look like a state." He yelled, walking away from me. 
I didn't even know what I had done wrong, all I had said was that I didn't want to go to the shop to buy him more booze. As always, he flipped out and hit me. I had tried walking away from this relationship, but it was too dangerous. If I talked to him, he hit me, and last time I tried to run he caught me, and gave me a beating. 
"Breeze you fucking slag are you ready yet?!" Trey yelled from the lounge, five minutes later.
Instead of replying, I just walked into the living room shyly. 
"Hurry up already!" He urged, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the door. I was so glad to be out of that place, he rarely hit me while we out. I tugged away from his grip, but he grabbed my hand and slipped his grubby fingers into mine. I gulped at his touch, wanting him to release my fingers, he laughed, knowing that I didn't like it, also knowing that I was scared shitless of him, so I wouldn't pull away. He tugged me down the stairs, almost making me fall, which made him cackle. 
"You've got blood on your head you idiot," he said, glaring at me as i rubbed the blood from my head. 
Finally we were out in the open, and I could relax a little. Five minutes later we were in central London, in a Topman. 
"Buy me this, whore." Trey said, lowly. 
"You-you took my money..." I mumbled, looking at the ground. 
"You should've gotten more then, idiot." He spat, pulling his wallet out. 
He handed me money and threw the shirt at me. 
"Go buy it." He said, turning to look at more clothes. This was my opportunity. I headed in the opposite direction, my pace quickening as I neared the exit. I dropped the shirt and ran toward the door, not caring if Trey had seen me. The light temporarily blinded me, but my eyes soon got used to it. I turned my head, wondering where to go. The streets were crowded with people, none of them knowing what I was going through. I headed into the crowd, but soon felt a tight grip on my shoulder. 
"You stupid bitch!" Trey yelled, punching me in the stomach, which caused me to keel over, moaning in pain.
"Stand up and look at me!" He shouted, furiously. I managed to pull my head up, trying with difficultly to look at him. He smacked me around the face, hard. I fell to the floor, screaming out in pain. 
Suddenly, I heard arguing from above me. 
"I think you should leave her alone mate!" An unknown voice said.
"You should fuck of, mate!" Trey angrily growled back. 
"I'll call the cops. Go, now." The voice said, calmly. Trey cursed and headed off, but not before kicking me in the stomach. I could feel blood trickling down my forehead as I tried to hold back my tears. 
"Hey, hey..." The voice said, and suddenly a face appeared next to mine. He looked familiar, but I was too dizzy to figure out who it was. The next thing I remembered was whispering 'thank you' through the tears that I had released. 


"Where am I?" I croaked, attempting to sit up, but the pain in my stomach caused me to fall back down. 
"Don't worry love, you're in hospital." And Irish voice replied, comforting me. 
"What happened?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. I still couldn't see the person the Irish voice belonged to, but I recognised his voice. 
"Your boyfriend beat you, I came over and told him to leave you alone, then you blacked out and I brought you here. You've been asleep for a good few hours now... How are you feeling?" He explained.
"I ache. Thank you... Can I see your face please?" I whispered, nervously. 
A beautiful blonde haired boy came into my vision. His blue eyes sparkled at me, and I couldn't help but stare at his perfection. 
"I'm Niall, and you are?" He questioned me. That's where I knew him from. He was in the group One Direction-my little sister was obsessed with them. Or she was last time I saw her, which was a long time ago. I have been scared to go home for so long, Trey never let me out if his sight, and I daren't take him back to my house. I miss my family, they were the only thing that had kept me going for a long time. I knew that if I ended my life, they would suffer, so I didn't, even if it meant me suffering.
"Breeze... I'm Breeze." I murmured, shyly.
"That's a lovely name, Breeze." Niall smiled at me. 
"Um, thanks. You're from One Direction, right?" I asked him, returning the smile. 
"Yes." He replied, bluntly. 
"My little sister is obsessed with you!" I told him, making him flash me his gorgeous smile. 
"Oh, and you're not?" He said sarcastically, grinning at me. 
"Oh of course!" I replied, grinning. 
I tried to sit up again, but my stomach had other ideas. I winced in pain, but kept trying to pull myself up. 
"Hey, hey. You're on the mend, you don't need to sit up. I'm not leaving you." Niall said, calmly. 
"Promise?" I said, almost crying. 
"Don't cry love, I just met you but I aren't leaving you, okay? I promise." He whispered, walking over and stroking my cheek. 
"I have no one. My mum thinks I'm busy in college all the time, and apart from her I don't have anyone else... Trey was the only person that was there, and I didn't want him!" I cried, tears beginning to drip from my eyes. 
"Darlin' I'm here, and I promise you I'm not leaving. That Trey seemed like a dick, and he definitely didn't deserve a wonderful person like you. You've got me now." He informed me, wiping my tears. 


I woke up, some hours later, and there was no Niall in sight. I knew he'd leave me. Everyone always does. I put my head into the pillow and cried, even though it made my sides throb in pain. I heard to door creak open, so I looked up, expecting to see a nurse. 
Niall's eyes went from happy to sad as he saw the tear stains on my pale face. 
"Why are you crying?" He said, rushing over to me. 
"I-I thought you left me." I choked, holding back my tears. 
"Princess, I don't break promises! I was hungry, I couldn't go much longer without food!" Niall said, smiling. "I got you this." He continued, handing me a little box. I smiled and asked him 
"What is it?"
"Open it" he replied. So I did, revealing a beautiful necklace. It was a four leafed clover, with two of the the leaves made of purple jewels, one of the leaves with little silver and purple gems on it and the final leaf just plain silver. I loved it. 
"You barely know me, and this must of cost a fortune!" I worried, stroking the necklace.
"It symbolises the 'Irish luck.' With a bit of luck, your stomach will be just fine." He whispered, ignoring my previous statement. "Put it on then!" He said, grinning at me. I carefully removed the necklace from the box and passed it to him. 
"Do it for me?" I asked, quietly. He in clasped the silver chain and asked me to lift my hair up from my neck. I complied with his request and he placed the chain around my neck. 
"Know you've always got me, from now on. You need fixing love, and I'm gonna help you." He whispered, before I fell into a deep sleep. 

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