You Saved Me

Breeze moved in with her boyfriend trey to find that he was a son of a bitch to her. She would be hit,beaten and smacked. She tries to run but always gets caught. But this time she's more than determined to get away. But what happens when she ends up living with Niall Horan. Will true love blossom or will the friendship she have fall apart.


2. Chapter two


It had been three years since Niall had saved me, and we had gotten pretty close. We weren't a couple, but we were as close as one. 
"Princess?" Niall shouted, slamming the door behind him. 
"Yeah babe?" I called back, trying to concentrate on drying my freshly painted nails.
"Where are you?" He asked.
"Come find me!" I retorted, immediately getting up to find a place to hide. The wardrobe looked like the best option, so I quickly scrambled in, pushing my clothes in front of me. My eyes soon adjusted to the darkness as I tried to contain my laughter. 
"Breeeeeze... You know I'm the king of hide and seek right? I'll find you!" He whispered loudly. I could barely breathe I was trying so hard not to laugh, so when he put on his posh accent i nearly died. Unfortunately, I let out a small giggle, which gave my hiding place away. 
The doors of the wardrobe swung open, but Niall couldn't see me for all of the clothes. I peeked at him through a small gap and he looked confused. I couldn't hold in my laughter any longer and let out a small laugh. Niall pushed the clothes to the side and picked me up out of the wardrobe. 
"Gotcha!" He said, throwing me onto my bed and tickling me until I squealed. 
"NIALL! STOP!!" I screamed between laughs, and his gorgeous little face scrunched up from laughter. 
"Alright, alright! All you have to say is: 'Niall Horan is the sexiest man alive and all I ever want to do is kiss him and rip those incredibly fashionable clothes from his body!' Ok?" He said, grinning cheekily. 
"Niall Horan is the sexiest man alive and all I want to do is kiss him and rip those incredibly fashionable clothes from his body!" I laughed, pulling him down to hug me. His body landed on mine, but that skinny little leprechaun hardly weighed anything, so it didn't hurt me. We stayed hugging on my bed for a while, before Niall decided he was hungry. 
"I want nandooos! Please can we go to Nando's Breezy?" Niall asked, putting on his best puppy dog eyes. I knew that even if we had Nando's, he would be hungry again within an hour. There was no filling this boy! He could eat and eat and never get fat, which was also a pain in the butt. 
"Fine, but after Nando's we're going shopping for some stuff to fill the cupboards, and you're paying, k?" I said, cheekily winking at him. 
"DEAL!" He screamed, almost deafening me. 
"I'M RIGHT HERE!" I yelled back, making him shove his hand over my mouth. I licked it, which made him pull away in disgust. 
"Serves you right!" I laughed, jumping up from the bed. Niall and I had lived together since I had got out of the hospital, in his fancy apartment. I didn't really have many belongings to begin with, so I decided to leave what I had at Trey's, and start fresh. All the money I had was kept in my shoe, where he couldn't find it, so I hadn't lost anything valuable. 
I pulled my tshirt over my head, revealing my black spotted bra. Niall had walked in on me changing plenty of times, and we were close enough for it not to mean anything, but he still ogled me. 
"Hey, eyes on my eyes!" I gasped, acting shocked. He blushed and quickly returned his vision back to my eyes, as I put on a fresh top. He still looked kind of startled as I asked him if he was ready to go, but nodded and rushed out of the door. I love making him embarrassed, it's so much fun. 


"Love, I'm leaving for tour in a couple of months again," Niall told me, while scoffing down his curly chips. "Are you coming with us again or are you staying home?" He continued. Last time they went on tour, I joined them. It was really fun if I'm honest, I love those boys like they're family. It had also helped me make some friends that are girls; Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle. I was really close with all of them, and we made sure to meet up for coffee at least once a week. I had finished college now, so it wouldn't be bad to have a break... However I have a job. 
"I'll think about it." I told him, finishing my wrap. 
"Are you two all done?" A waitress asked us.
"Yes thanks, can I have the bill please?" Niall asked.
"Of course!" She said, clearing our plates and walking towards the kitchen. 
"Thought about it yet?" Niall asked me, smiling mischievously. 
"Niall, you asked me five minutes ago!" I giggled, kicking him under the table. 
"Five minutes is enough time to think!" He retaliated, giving me an evil stare. 
"Well what do you want me to do?" I asked.
"I want you to come along! I'd miss you if I was away from you for too long!" He rambled. 
I squinted at him and inspected his eyes for any form of sarcasm. There seemed to be none. 
"Hmm. If I can get off my job for a few months, i'll join you, deal?" I replied cautiously. 
"Done." He said, linking our pinkies. This was our handshake, seeing as it was one of the first memories we had together. 

-two days later-

"OI LEPRECHAUN!" I shouted as I walked into our apartment. 
He walked out of the living room giving me a sarcastic look. 
"Leprechaun, really?" He joked, making me grin. 
"Well you ARE a leprechaun, why shouldn't I call you one?" I retorted, winking at him. At that he picked, grabbing onto my thighs to support me, and pressed me against the wall. The space between us was almost non-existent, and my heart began to flutter. I gulped as his nose touched mine. 
"Wanna say that again babe?" He growled, in a very sexy voice. 
"Leprechaun." I whispered, barely audible. I was surprised he couldn't feel my heart beating a mile a minute, we were so close. All i wanted to was lean forward and kiss him. Wait, what? I don't like him like that. But his lips looked so perfect, I couldn't help it. He pressed his body further into mine, squishing me against the wall, making me let out a groan.
"Niall you're squishing me you fatty!" I whined, not allowing my blue eyes to leave his. The space between our lips had reduced, so much so that I could feel his hot breath puffing against my lips. I gulped, so ready to kiss him. 
"Leprechaun." I whispered a final time, before he pressed himself against me with all of his strength, but was extremely careful not to hurt me. The only space between us now that between out lips, and I so desperately wanted to close it, but that would ruin our friendship, and I couldn't do that. 
"Say 'I'm ever so sorry Niall, I love you so very much and you are not a leprechaun, and even if you were I would still love you with all my heart, and you have no idea now much I want to kiss you right now.' And i'll let you down." He whispered against my lips, his blue eyes staring intently into my own. I repeated what he said, but it took him a good few seconds to put me down. 
"Erm, what did you want to tell me anyway?" He mumbled, running his hand through his perfect hair. 
"I can go with you on tour! I had to quit my job but... I didn't really like it anyway!" I finished, seeing the concern in his eyes. 
"Why did you do that?" He asked, looking puzzled. 
"I couldn't bare to be away from you for so long!" I responded, and despite the sarcasm in my voice, I really meant it. He looked at me quizzically, then brought me into one of his famous Horan hugs, pressing me against the wall again. Even though he's a leprechaun, he's still taller than me. Most people are, I'm just a short arse. He moved back slightly, and our eyes met. My heart nearly stopped beating as he began to lean in. 

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