You Saved Me

Breeze moved in with her boyfriend trey to find that he was a son of a bitch to her. She would be hit,beaten and smacked. She tries to run but always gets caught. But this time she's more than determined to get away. But what happens when she ends up living with Niall Horan. Will true love blossom or will the friendship she have fall apart.


3. Chapter three



Unfortunately, he soon realised what he was doing, and pulled back, blushing.
"I-um-" he stammered, looking down at the floor. I decided not to make the situation any more awkward and said:
"I can't wait to come on tour with you!" Which made him smile. He seemed grateful that I had lifted the awkwardness, which didn't really surprise me. 
"It's gonna be fantastic love, do you fancy going shopping with me tomorrow? I need some new tops." He mumbled, still red with embarrassment. What? Niall, asking me to go shopping? He hates shopping! He hates it even more when I'm there! 
"Um, yeah, sure..." I reply, surprise hinting in my voice. 
"You-you don't have to! I mean, I'd like you to but- I can go alone!" He stammered, making me laugh. 
"Oh hun. Come here." I giggle, pulling him towards me for a hug. He released a sigh in my hair, it amuses me just how frustrated he is. 


"Breeze would you hurry up please?" Niall hissed into my changing cubicle. So far, we had been in one girls shop, and what seemed like five million boys shops, and Niall hasn't bought anything. 
"Ok, ok! But first, what do you think of this?" I asked, stepping out of the small room in a little black and red dress. It had thin straps, a red and black pattern up to my rib cage, were there was a strip of silky fabric. It then had a plain back silk like fabric, which floated just above my knees, however you couldn't see the silk like fabric because it was covered by a black net. It was stunning. 
"Yeah, looks great." Niall said, not looking up from his phone.
"Niall!" I yelled, making him look up.
His draw literally dropped. 
"Wow. You look... Wow." He gasped, lost for words. I felt my skin heat up as he complimented me. 
"Thanks!" I giggled, and went back into the changing room. 
Well. Definitely buying this one! 
I stepped out of the cubicle to see Niall totally concealed in his phone. I tiptoed over to him, and jumped on his lap, startling him. 
"Ready to go?" He asked.
"Yup!" I replied, popping the p. 
"Finally!" He said, jumping up with me in his arms, causing me to let out a squeal. 
"You are-um-buying that dress right? You looked-beaut-really nice-I mean beau-" he stammered, making me giggle. His face flushed deep red, making me laugh even more. I love embarrassing him.
"Yes Niall, I am buying the dress, that is, if you put me down!" I joked, and he immediately returned me to the floor. 
Within ten minutes I had paid for everything I had liked, and we were heading over to a jack wills shop. I knew Niall hated shopping, but he loved getting new clothes, and I could tell he was going to splash his cash in here. 


"What do you think of this one?" Niall asked me as we stood in the deserted dressing room. 
"It's exactly the same as the last one, but blue!" I laughed. This was probably the bazillionth polo shirt he had tried on. 
"Let me find you something!" I screamed, running into the shop before he had time to argue. 
I hunted down the ugliest shirt I could find, which was difficult because jack wills is just so fashionable. Eventually, I did find an ugly top though. It had a mosaic pattern, and used the dullest colours in the world. I ran back to the dressing room, giggling to myself like an idiot. I whipped open the curtain to Niall's changing room, and was stopped in my tracks.
I gulped as I inspected his torso. He was HOT. I tried desperately to peel my eyes away, but my brain clearly didn't want me to look away. 
"Um..." Niall coughed, and I the spell was broken. 
"Oh-I-erm-" I stuttered, as I felt my face heat up. Shit, I was blushing. He'd managed to embarrass me. 
He laughed at my delay, and said:
"Who's the embarrassed one now, huh?" Making me blush even more. 
"When did you get fit?!" I squeaked without thinking. Oh Breeze, did you really just ask him that? You idiot, I thought, kicking myself mentally. He reddened, looking at me in surprise. 
"Fit as in like, in shape, or fit as in..." He trailed off, blushing. I looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish his sentence.
"Or fit as in 'oooh, I want to bang him!' Fit?" He squealed, putting on a girly voice. I collapsed with laughter, and my sides began to hurt as I gasped for air. He had remained calm the whole time, waiting for an answer. 
"Well?" He asked, blinking at me innocently. I gulped. Damn it, he's managed to embarrass me again. I see my cheeks grow red in the mirror behind him.
"Both." I admitted, honestly. I broke eye contact and stared at the ground. He did something that I wasn't expecting, and pulled me in for a hug. 
"I think your pretty fit too babe." He whispered into my ear, so quietly that I almost missed it. I tugged back from the hug, making brief eye contact with him before shoving the ugly shirt into his face. He stared at in disgust, but shoved me out of the way so he had enough room to change into it. Five seconds later, he has the shirts on and I'm dying of laughter. 
"Niall *gasp* it's *gasp* just *gasp* too *gasp* funny!" I shouted, struggling to breathe. He looked at me with eyes saying 'I'm going to kill you.' Oh well, it was worth it. 
He changes back into his regular clothes and we walk out of the dressing rooms, Niall holding a basket in one hand, and with the other he entwines our fingers. 
"Niall, please buy the shirt!" I pleaded moving to stand in front of him. 
"No." He replied bluntly. 
"Please! I'll do anything!" The words escaped my lips before I had the power to stop them. Last time I promised to do anything, he made me go on a boat ride. I hate boats with a passion. There is a mischievous glint in his eyes as he links our pinkies and says "deal." Shit. 

-three hours later-

We had finally gotten home from our shopping trip, and I was relaxing in the bath while Niall was playing on his x box. 
"Breeze! Cover yourself up, I NEED TO PEE!" Niall yelled, violently knocking on the door. 
"Go outside!" I yelled back, covering myself up because I knew he wouldn't. 
"No! I'm coming in!" He responded, pushing the door open. He stops, seemingly glued to the spot as he sees me in the bath. 
"Niall?" I asked
"Hmm?" He mumbled in response.
"Pee!" I told him, which makes him avert his attention to what he should be doing. 
As he is washing his hands, a flick some bubbles at him. It's not my fault that I accidentally flicked a bit of water as well, which splashed his face. 
He marches over to me, seeming to forget that I am in the bath, and flicks some bubbles at me, revealing my pale stomach. He reddened, spun around and left quickly, leaving me to chuckle to myself. 


It's a warm night for the UK, so I drag my pyjama shorts up my legs and pull my vest top over my head. This top shows quite a lot of cleavage, but it was only Niall. I throw my blonde hair over my back, deciding to let it dry in it's natural waves. 
I step out of the bathroom and walk through to the living room, where Niall is playing his x box. 
"DIE!" He yelled, startling me. 
"Um..." I coughed, distracting him from his game. He glanced up and down my body, and his eyes got stuck on my chest.
"Up here love." I sighed, giggling slightly when he blushes. I throw myself onto our comfy sofa and watch him kill zombies for a while.
Eventually, he switches his game off and puts a movie on. Twilight: Breaking Dawn part two. This is my favourite film, and he knows it. He sighs as a squeak a little. 
"Why did you put it on if you don't like it?" I asked him. 
"Because I know how much you love it!" He replied "plus, it's not that bad." 
I scooch over to him and give him a quick peck on the cheek, before resting my tired head on his comfortable shoulders. 
We woke up like this some hours later; we had obviously fallen to sleep, as the DVD menu was showing. Niall looks so cute when he's sleeping, I just wanted to kiss him. Wait, no. I ignore my thoughts and gently lay him down, lifting his feet onto the sofa. I lay down next to him, but get a slight shock when he subconsciously wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I pull the blanket that we keep on the back of the sofa over us, and settle my hands into Niall's soft hair, dropping to sleep almost instantly. 


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