Alone - A poem

A poem by me,my mind,my brain


1. Alone I am Forever

I look out the window,

kids play all around.

Here I am where I am found.

I play in the dark

with all these marks.

I get hit and beat,

I always claim defeat.

No one to comfort me.

My parents and teachers don't even care,you see.

I have no one here,

I have so much fear,

all I can do is watch from a few

and there is nothing else left for me to do.

I am bound to be alone forever,

no one wants to play with me together.

All everyone shows me is red,

they all keep telling me that I should be dead.

But I try to hold my head up high,

but I always cry.

Here I am standing alone

I don't even want to go home.

Everyone's scary,

Would it help if I became so merry?

It doesn't matter now,

i'm never going to make friends anyhow.....

Alone I am forever,

I don't want to go out.....NEVER.

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