1. chapter 1


"Honey someone is outback for you." My mom say coming in my room. "Okay." I say grabbing my phone and heading downstairs. When. I get down there I start to wonder who it could be. I go outside and see someone sitting on the swing set. I look and can't tell who it could be. The person turns around and it's nash!

"NASH!!!!" I tell running over to him and wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. "I've missed you so much kac!" He says. "I've missed you more nashtstoe!!" He sits me down and said " so how has my best friend been?" "Awful since my best friend left me for like ever!! Nash I missed you more than anyone could imagine!" "Well let's have a sleepover tonight at my place." He suggests.

"Okay!!" I say laughing. "Gosh I missed your laugh." He says I'm pretty sure blushing. "Is Hamilton Nash Grier blushing?" He smiles and says " maybe." "Awwwwww he loves me!!" "No I hate you!" He says sarcastically. I pretend like I'm hurt and run inside. "Kacie!!! Wait I didn't mean it!" He yells. I run into my room and jump on my bed.

Then moments later he runs into my room and says "Kacie I'm so sorry I didn't mean it!!" I had my face in my pillow and I felt him climb on my bed and hover over me. He starts to tickle me, "HAMILTON NASH GRIER STOP!!!" I say laughing. "No I've been gone for like almost a month I want to hear your laugh. It's funny." I look at him and say " I'm gonna pee if you do t stop!!" He finally stops I look at him and say "thank you!!"

"Anytime boo thang." He's so weird. "Nashty will you turn around so I can change!" I asked. He turned around and closed his eyes. I changed into a white crop top, blue jean shorts, and sandals. Then I say "nash you can look now." He turned around and said "gurrlll that outfit is so fetch!" In his best girl voice.

"Nashley fetch is never gonna happen!" I say laughing. I grab a duffle bag and throw stuff in it when in ready I say "let's rollll!" He smiles and we head to his house.

On the walk we just talk about Magcon. I went to one in New Jersey I got VIP and met the guys they were all shocked when they saw me. It was great and after we hung out like the good old days.

When we got to his house he stopped at the door and said "warning brace yourself." Before I got the chance to say anything someone ran to us picked me up and gave me a massive bear hug. "Kacie!!!!!!" Hayes said. "Hayesshell!!! I've missed you so much!" "I've missed you more." he said putting me down. "Oh my god your taller than me!!" I say standing next to him." I was 5'4 and he was now about 5'6. He smiles and just laughs.

Then. Sky comes downstairs and says "kacie your here!" I pick her up and give her a huge hug. "I've missed you." She says. "And I've missed my little sister too." She just smiles and runs off. The Grier's were like a second family or the family I've never had. I look a Nash and then we head up to his room and put my stuff down. We go I the loving room and I sit down in between hayes and Nash. I hear the door open and shut, I turn around and see will. I getup before Nash and hayes and give him a huge hug. "Will!!! I've missed you!" He laughs and says "I've missed you to k.c." Then he whispered "has he done it yet." "No not yet." He is determined for me and Nash to date. I hop down and then others give him hugs.

I was standing there thinking of how I should tell Nash that while he was gone jake asked me out. He's sweet but Nash is sweeter. I don't want to break his heart or worse i have mine broken and he is taken.. Then chad comes in and gives both will and I hugs and says "since were all here let's go out tonight!" I smile and say "well nash and I were going to hang out tonight if that's okay with you. Oh and I think hayes to." He looks at us and says it's fine.

I go up to Nash's room and fix my makeup we were going to the movies. We pick a random movie and watch it it's so fun we've done it since we were little.

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