Kai and Bella are twin brother and sister, they are the children on Nico di Angelo. Nico is on a quest, but he left his four children Carson, Sarah, Kai, and Bella with their mother, Red. One night in Kai and Bella's room, something happens to Bella that Kai will never forget.


1. Bella: The Window In My Room

"Kai," I moaned, "Get off of me! RIGHT NOW!"

"I'm not even near you!" All he could probably think of is getting some sleep. "Just let me get some sleep!"

I just ignored Kai, if I gave no reaction, he would probably get off. Next thing I feel, is someone's cold breath, breathing on my neck. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Kai jerked himself out of bed, and turned on the light, "HOLLY HADES!"

A man fell off me, and I ran over to Kai's side, he took out his dagger. My pants were so loose, my shirt was halfway up, and there were bloody scars on my arms. What was this man doing to me, and why was he doing it!?

"Don't fear me children," the man sounded like he was in his early twenties. "I'm not your enemy, I'm only your friend."

"Who are you, what are you, where did you come from!?" Kai was angry, I was able to hear a demonic voice out of him, that means he's almost about to form into a vampire, that means trouble! "WHY ARE YOU HERE!?"

"My name is Stanly. I use to live here, and now I live in another cabin, and I can get in your window," Stanly took out a silver key. "And only I will enjoy your soft body, Isabella Drakeson di Angelo."

I gave no response, but I just looked away from this man. I couldn't even look at him, he was something dark, evil, murderous. His foot steps went to the window, and he was gone. Kai held my hand.

"It's going to be ok!" Kai hugged me. "You can sleep with me tonight."

Mom opened the door, with my baby brother Carson in her arms, and my little sister Sarah was behind her legs. "What happened? I heard someone scream!"

"Mom, a man was on top of me," I started to explain. "At first, I thought it was Kai, and then the man breathed on my neck, so I screamed, and Kai turned on the light."

"And then she ran over next to me," Kai took over, knowing I couldn't talk about it without crying. "He said his name is Stanley, and that he use to live here! He says he has a key to open our window in here, and he said to Bella, 'And I will only enjoy your soft body, Isabella Drakeson di Angelo.'"

"Look, it's ok, it was probably just a bad dream. Please get back to sleep, I love you both. Lock that window though, and shut the blinds. Good night." Mom left with Sarah and Carson.

I held Kai's hand, and he held mine tight. We locked the window shut, and shut the blinds. We left the room though, and slept with Mom, Carson, and Sarah. I couldn't step foot into that room ever again.

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