Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


6. Trouble in Camp

At the bonfire Percy tells me to come with him and the others to Chiron's "Office". He also said to bring a Hermes cabin member; I chose Celia. Anyway, I stood there in Chiron's "office" and I began to feel cagey; not a good feeling to have when you're having a "meeting". Chiron says, "Three minutes ago I received an Iris message from Luke stating that he had been captured and taken to who knows where. I chose the seven of you to go find him. The leader of this quest is Zoe.".

"I'll do my best, Sir.". We receive book bags of supplies as we leave Chiron's "Office". I'm waiting at the pine tree that protects the camp with Jason and Percy while Annabeth, Celia, Leo and Piper finish giving instructions to their cabins. I see someone running up to us. Percy says, "This is Tyson. He's a last minute edition to the quest.".

Tyson is a Cyclops! I'm going on a quest with six other demigods and a Cyclops! I introduce myself to Tyson, "Hi, I'm Zoe.". He says, "Nice to meet you.". I look at Annabeth, our strategist, and ask, "Where was the Iris message sent from?". Annabeth tosses me a few drachmas and says, "Try contacting Luke, just make sure to use, 'Oh Fleecy, do me a solid', then you give the name and place of the demigod.".

"Um, Annabeth, that's what I was asking, 'Where was the Iris message sent from'.".

"Oh, um, Dallas I think.".

Percy creates a rainbow by using a glass mirror and a flash light. Here goes nothing, "Oh Fleecy, do me a solid, Show me Luke Castellan in Dallas, Texas!" and I toss the drachma in. The image comes up and it's...Luke! I whisper to Annabeth, "Can he hear me if I speak to him?". She nods. I say softly, "Luke, it's me Zoe.". The image of Luke looks around and then says, "Zoe.".

I ask him, "Where are you?". He says, "In Dallas, but I think whoever took me isn't planning on staying long.". That's when I hear someone demand, "Who you talking to prisoner!". Instantly Luke and I both swipe at the Iris messages, causing them to disconnect. I say to the group, "Off to Dallas we go then.". Jason asks, "How are we going to get there?".


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