Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


2. The War God's daughter

I am still standing in the kitchen with Mom, Jax and Luke. "You're kidding, right? Momma, Jax is kidding isn't he?" I ask more calmly. Luke speaks up for the first time, "He's not kidding, Zoe, that's why I'm here.". "I'll go pack.". Luke nods and I run upstairs and pack a duffle bag full of t-shirts, jean and other clothes, I also shove in the duffle bag my laptop, my iPad mini, my iPod and their chargers. I'm finishing saying "good bye" to the room I've spent the past sixteen years in when I hear Luke ask. "You ready?".

Mom and Jax meet us at the front door, Mom's in tears and Jax is holding a katana with a shoulder strap type sheath and another present I wanted for my birthday last year, a combat knife. Then I hear, "Hello, Zoe, my dear.". I look at the door to see a man dressed in army fatigues and a green beret. Instantly I say, "Father.". The man nods. Luke salutes the man and then says, "Lord Ares.". "Luke Castellan, are you here to take Zoe to the Camp?" Ares asks. Luke says, "Yes, Lord Ares.". "Zoe, happy birthday." Ares says as he tosses me a bow and two sets of arrows in two different quivers.  

"Th-th-thank you." I stammer. Jax steps up to me ,handing me the katana and knife and says,"These are for your birthday too." then Mom comes over with a book bag, "These are those T-shirts, jeans and other clothes that you picked out a couple weeks ago, but we couldn't buy.". Ares walks out the door and then disappears, Luke and I follow. Mom, Jax and I are saying final goodbyes when I hear something that sounded between a cow and a bear.

"Shit! It's a Minotaur!" Luke and I shout at the same time. Luke and I take off running, with a minotaur right on our heels.

We reach a river near one of the highways leading to Manhattan when the Minotaur strikes. It picks up Luke and slings him causing him to hit a tree. I step in front of Luke, who's barely conscious, and growl at the minotaur. I feel two different types of power rush through me; rage & adrenaline and one I've never felt before. All the training I've went through floods my mind and through my muscles. I climb a tree, notch an arrow, and kill the minotaur. It's body becomes golden dust and the disappears.

I climb down the tree and run to Luke. Again he's barely conscious after hitting a tree, so it doesn't look good. "Luke, come on buddy stay with me." I say. I hear voices so I yell, "Over here!".  Two boys and Two girls run over. "What happened?" one of the girls asks. The other girl says, "I'm Annabeth, and the are my friends Jason, Percy and Piper. What is you-" she stops midsentence when she sees Luke.  

"Minotaur." I say, "We were attacked by a Minotaur. When we reached here, the Minotaur caught up with us, it went after Luke first, taking him and slinging him to where he hit this tree and became unconscious. I'd be like this too if it wasn't for my father's present he gave me today. Oh, I'm Zoe Brooklyn Reagan Nightwolf, daughter of Ares.".


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