Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


7. The Long Road Trip

Jason justed asked an excellent question.  I reply, "I have no clue.". That's when I hear the all to familiar sound of a Jeep Cherokee and a Dodge truck. Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Leo, Piper, Celia, Tyson and I run down the hill to see...My mom and Jax. "What are you two doing here!" I nearly exclaim with joy. Jax says, "Thought ya'll would need some vehicles to use and your mom has one more present, Zoe.".

Mom tosses me a small piece of plastic, it says; Name: Zoe Nightwolf, Age: 16, and very thing else a driver's license has. "Wow, Momma, this is awesome. Thank you." then Jax says, "Pick one of these vehicles to keep as yours, but I don't know if the Camp will let you keep the one you choose.". I wonder which one I should choose; the Jeep or Dodge, then I ask Jax, "If I choose one, can I still use the other on this quest?".

He nods. "I choose the Dodge." I say. Jax tosses me the truck keys and then tosses the Jeep's keys to Leo. "I read you do have your license, Valdez, so just drive safe and get back in one piece." Mom says. We're about ten miles south of Memphis, Tennessee, when we stop to look at the map. Annabeth and I begin arguing about what roads to take to avoid monsters and traps. I walk into the nearest diner and just sit in a booth and wait.

Jason and Piper come in and sit in the seat opposite of me. Piper can obviously see I've been crying, something I only do if I'm super stressed, and then she says to Jason, "Go and see if Leo or Percy, or Tyson need any help." which I translated into "She's very stressed and I want to talk to her alone, please.".  Jason says, "Okay, and do you want me to go to the gas station to get some more food in case we run out.".

Piper nods. When Jason leaves she says, "Spill it, Nightwolf.". Shocked by the intimidation in her voice I say, "I'm just stressed. I know Annabeth is a daughter of Athena and I'm a daughter of Ares, and that sometimes our parents don't get along." then I mumble, " And I have a crush on Luke.". Piper's head turns to one side and then she says, "Excuse me, but I didn't catch that last part.".

Frustrated, I angrily whisper, "I have a crush on Luke Castellan alright! He's the only other one besides the six of you on this quest that's been a friend to me since I found out I'm a Daughter of Ares! I nearly freaked when Chiron said Luke was captured! And I..." I start breathing heavily and it comes in short kinda gasping breathes. Piper helpls me up and walks me back outside.

Percy, Leo, Celia, Jason and Tyson look at me. "Can't...breathe..." I say in between gasps. Percy asks, "What's wrong with her?". Jason says, "She's having a panic attack. She looked cagey when we we're in Chiron's office, she was cagey when we drove down here too.". After five minutes I'm fine, and Annabeth looks concerned.

She asks Percy, "What happened with Zoe?". Percy says, "After your arguement she went to wait at the diner across the street, Piper and Jason followed her, Piper was talking to her and then in the middle of them talking she started breathing heavily and then gasping.".

"There's something you're not telling me, Seaweed Brain.". "I swore on the River Styx not to tell.". I stare at the map again and then say, "Looks like we won't be hitting Dallas tonight, the farthest we can go is El Paso, without anymore stops, then it's an eight hour and fifty-seven minute drive.". Jason says, "Basically after we get to El Paso we have roughly nine hours to get to Dallas and rescue Luke if he's still there.".

Annabeth says, "He's still there. We talked a few minutes before he disconnected the message.". "Luke sent you an IM?" I ask. She nods. "Was he pissed about us not being there sooner?" I asked. "He was a littler cagey when we talked. Also said 'Tonight's a full moon, take care of Zoe, don't let her get hurt' which I thought was weird being that your a daughter of Ares..." Annabeth said.

"You thought since I'm one of the War God's daughters I can take car of myself?" I asked. Annabeth nods again. We all pile in the Jeep and the truck after we helped Jason with his 'shopping list'. We reach El Paso around 7:30pm, and Celia decides to find us a hotel.

We stay at 'Best Western', which could possibly be a beacon to all the monsters to hurt seven demigods and a cyclops or people who want to hurt 'eight normal teens'. I couldn't sleep so I slip outside and stand on the balcony; I stare at the sky, looking at constellations when that same power I've never felt before returns.

I run back through the room, down the hall and out to the desert. Rage and anger over take my mind, everything goes black and I hear wolf howling.

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