Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


1. Prologue

Everyday for the past two years I've been trained by my mother and step-dad. Every night I train, Everyday I train, I never rest until my step-dad, Jax, or my mother ,Emmaline, make me stop, and by then I am completely exhausted. And everyday for two years I wonder who my real father was. I've never seen any pictures of him, and Mom never speaks about him. If I ask she would say "He was an army man, who died serving his country" and then tell me never to ask that question again. I was fifteen at the time.


*One year later*

I'm doing some chin-ups when I hear Mom holler from down stairs, "Zoe Brooklyn Reagan Nightwolf!".  I drop off the chin-up bar perfectly landing on my feet and take off my fingerless gloves, run to the bathroom and take a quick shower, run back to my room and change into a pair of denim jeans and my favorite The Vampire Diaries t-shirt with "Team Klaus" on it, then I slip the fingerless gloves back on both hands and a pair of red and blue flipflops. I try to run/walk down the steps while pulling my hair in a messy bun and all of a sudden I'm lying on the floor at the bottom of the steps.

I shake my head, hoping I didn't look too clumsy (even though I am sometimes) and walk to the kitchen. "Hello, Mom," I'm wondering if I should call my step-dad, Dad or Jax, so I say, "and Dad" with a smile on my face. "Morning, Zoe." Jax and Mom say together. I grab a granola bar and begin to eat it, until I look up and see a blonde hair and blue eyed boy staring at me. "H-he-hey." I stammer.

"Zoe,  this is Luke Castellan, Luke,  this is my daughter Zoe." my mom says with a smile. Then Luke, Jax, and Mom are staring at me. I'm about to ask "Why" but Mom says, "You're father has claimed you.".  Sarcastically, I ask, "Who is he?". My mom mutters, "Smart ass.".

For some reason it's Jax that answers. "Zoe Brooklyn Reagan Nightwolf, daughter of Ares." He says and then salutes me. "Whoa, whoa, WHOA! You're kidding me right? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!" I say slightly outraged. Oh and today I turn sixteen.

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