Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


5. I am the new head of Hermes' cabin

I pack my stuff, and leave Ares' cabin. I walk towards the other cabins and Clarisse steps in front of me. "What's this I hear about a special assignment that Chiron gave you?". "None of your business, Clarisse.". Clarisse tackles me and pins me against the wall.

"Why are you so special, Street Rat? It can't be because you beat your own cabin in capture the flag?". I try to answer, but Clarisse pins me harder, nearly cutting off my air supply. I try to squirm, but it doesn't help. I hear, "La Rue, let her go, or so help me I will get Chiron.". I see Jason standing behind Clarisse.

I almost mouth "Hit her with a lightning bolt", but Clarisse drops me and stares at Jason. "This ain't the last you seen of me, Street Rat." she says and then spits in my direction. Jason says, "I swear on the River Styx, I will not tell her I bluffed.". I say, "And I swear on the River Styx, I am ever in your debt.". Jason asks, "So you'll help with my cabin and the other camp activities?".

nod. I walk into Hermes' cabin after silently praying to Zeus for when Jason showed up when he did, to Hermes for Luke's safe travels, and to my dad for letting me...become his daughter. A guy jumps off one of the top bunks and asks, "Who the hell are you?".

About five or six more Hermes children gather around this guy. I say, "I'm Zoe Brooklyn Reagan Nightwolf, Daughter of Ares, Temporary head of Hermes' cabin while Luke Castellan is away on his quest. Now anymore questions?". One of the girls gasps, "She's the one that beat THE Clarisse La Rue! OMG!".

The guy that confronted me says, "Shut up , Celia!". Celia ignores the guy and walks over and stands beside me as do the other that were surrounding the guy. "Pardon my twin, Joey, he doesn't like...forgive me when I say this...other cabin memebers." Celia says.

"No offense taken" I say to Celia with a smile. We all gather outside around a bonfire, all 12 major cabins and the minor ones too, when I hear Percy walk up to me. "Chiron needs to see you, me, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Leo and one of the Hermes members stat.".


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